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June 25, 2022, 12:20:24 am

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Author Topic: Ziggy looking for fun! -M lf F-  (Read 889 times)

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Ziggy looking for fun! -M lf F-
« on: January 04, 2016, 12:51:16 am »

... Take my hand

The GOOD, the BAD, and the ZIGGY

Hello all and thank you for clicking on my search topic! My name is Zigzagger, or Ziggy for short, and I'm here to tell you a little about what I'm looking for at the moment! I'm currently not in any RP's and I would like to fix that as fast as possible. So join me by the crackling bon fire, here is a stick, and the marshmallows are to your left. Get cozy and stay a while! 

First up! A little bit about myself. I've been roleplaying for a very, very long time. I've been around the block a few times and seen some stuff that quite frankly disturbs me to my very core.... But! What do we do when we fall of the horse? Exactly! And so moving right along I gotta let you know that I will only role play with women playing female roles. I don't enjoy playing with males who role play as females. Nothing against them, it's just not something I enjoy. While I enjoy diving right in and getting my knees dirty I absolutely love a role play with a story to it. A role play without any thought to it will most likely never make it to it's third page. It just gets boring and I lose interest. But keeping a story and plot going makes things much more enjoyable. Purely smut role plays are fun in their own ways but that's not usually what I go for. I feel I should mention that this topic will be a work in progress. I'll be adding to the list as I find more things out there that I forgot to add or perhaps take away. I know I'm going to forget so many 'ONs' but bare with me. Anywho! Lets get started.

Dominant/Submissive - I really enjoy dominating over my partners and, in turn, them being rather submissive to my advances. That being said I don't want some spineless little girl that never speaks her mind, is far too shy, and seems like she'll cower in the corner all her life. I want them to have a spark in their eyes! I want a bit of fire behind them! Make things interesting for both of us! At least until I break you, and I will break you... Also I put submissive on there because while not my number one choice, I've always been curious about being the submissive, ya know? It just doesn't seem like a girls preference so it just never happens.
Sexy/Slutty clothes
Anything anthro
BDSM - chains, gags, whips, rope, blindfolds, etc....
Finger sucking
Monsters - This can be pretty much whatever floats your boat. From werewolves and vampires for the classic to a multi-tentacle creature for you curious ladies out there...
Big male/Small girl

Gore/Mutilation - I like a bit of pain and inflicting it too, but come on.

I won't lie. I have not really thought about too many plot lines I would find interesting as of yet. I'd do most of that with my partner as to what the plot would be... However I have thought of some fun ideas! Again these are all just ideas, completely open to change.

-Bad boy // Innocent girl-
The boy has always been a bit of a bad egg. Getting into trouble, riding his bike, smoking cigs behind the gym, and wearing his trade mark leather jacket. The whole 9 yards of a cliché bad boy. He comes from a bad family and never had a problem with picking a fight. For one reason or another his sites are set upon a gorgeous girl that while popular in school has never had a boyfriend. Perhaps the boy finds out something about the girl and begins to blackmail her. Things start to get worse as time goes on and as their relationship progresses the boy begins to pull the girl from her family, from school, and from her friends as he becomes more controlling. This RP can get a little rough and dominating. The boys goal will be to break the girl and make her his own. How hard she wants to fight back is up to you.

-Kings Knight // Female Dragon OR Female Knight // Male Dragon-
Able to switch to either or. The Knight has raised the dragon since it was a hatchling. The dragon has always held strong affection for it's 'parent' and the two have been hired on to the new guard of Dragon Riders for the King's new royal army. The two have always been loners but the King would have taken the dragon from the knight had they not obeyed. In a way the Knight and the Dragon had formed a mental bond with one another to allow them to communicate to one another. However one night the Dragon seems to change and whether it be due to an awakening to the dragons feelings or some sort of epiphany or realization the dragon changes and takes on the form of a human. The amount of dragonistic attributes the human version of the dragon can have is up to the individual. This is an RP about the mutual respect and feelings the two hold for one another as the knight learns that perhaps while their feelings for the dragon were once like that of a family member, perhaps they were becoming something more. It has action, drama, bloodshed, war, sex, and where the two's relationship goes is up to us.

-Boyfriend // Girlfriend-
Starts simple enough. Classic boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios. Lovey dovey and the like. However the boyfriend has a condition where he builds up an excess amount of semen and when it grows to be too much for him he begins to lose himself to the growing lust within him. His girlfriend is the only one who knows about the condition. At which point he may even attack his girlfriend sexually and force himself upon her or anybody else near to him such as his girlfriends sister or perhaps a close friend. This could be open to drama and multiple characters if required. Could add other elements to the plot to make more interesting. Could be rapey, rough, and will most likely involve excess amounts of semen so if jizz aint your thing this aint for you.

-Anthro Male // Female Escort-
This would be a seductive and sexy tale of two individuals... Family members even, what relation they may have is up to us. A man orders an escort for the night and had only seen sexy shots of her from the neck down or black silhouettes of her erotic frame against a lit background. He had been interested in her for a very long time but only recently got the money and the guts to contact her and hire her. Meeting up at a bar or a club they make contact and realize their relationship. It's awkward and they are both shocked, but with the drinks, the way she is dressed, and the long night ahead of them who knows where they will end up in the morning. This will involve incest, sexy outfits, toys, expensive luxuries. (I added anthro for shits and giggles. More because I think it would be fun, if its not your thing its not required.)

I'm incredibly open to new ideas and brainstorming with a partner about ideas or exploring common interests. Again, those are just some random ideas that came to me. If one does not appeal to you please message me with one of your own ideas or if something else interested you. There isn't much that does not excite me. I hope to hear from you soon...

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