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Author Topic: The Ripper's Apprentice - [FxF, Vampire, Modern]  (Read 356 times)

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The Ripper's Apprentice - [FxF, Vampire, Modern]
« on: January 02, 2016, 08:48:36 PM »
Name: Jacqueline Rimsby aka Jacqueline Ravensdale aka Jack The Ripper
Age: 150+ (DOB - 1871)
Sex: Female
Race: Dhampir
Origin: Historic Murderer/Puckish Rogue
Notable Abilities/Skills:
  • Surgeon: Jack is a 'talented' surgeon. She knows where all the parts go, certainly. Trusting her to put them back where they belong, however, is a gamble. She is far more skilled in taking people apart than putting them together, but in a pinch she can make for a fine doctor
  • Combatant: With training in Baritsu, Fencing, and Boxing, Jack is a fine fighter. She's spent much of her time after the Whitechapel incident reading and learning instead of fighting, so she is a bit rusty, but she can certainly hold her own against many a supernatural entity.
Notable Equipment:
  • Rainmaker: Designed and built by Jack, this specialized umbrella appears to have a fine black canopy and a lovely oak handle with a silver raven's head at the very end of the crook. In actuality, it has an extremely strong yet light metal core which houses a sharp silver fencing blade. The canopy is extremely durable and treated to withstand fire, corrosive agents, small arms fire, and blades.
  • Weighted-Knuckle Gloves: Jack needed a pair of gloves to protect herself from her own silver cutlery and so acquired a pair of black leather gloves. Upon further consideration, she figured that adding some extra 'punch' to her punches couldn't hurt. Called weighted-knuckle gloves or SAP gloves, they have powdered steel sewn between layers of leather just over the knuckles. They add a bit of 'oomph' to her strike and while common enough to not make these stand out, they're unique enough to warrant a passing mention.
  • Throwing Knives: Based off the United Cutlery (tm) brand UC7227 Kunai, Jack carries a brace of throwing knives in her coat. Custom weighted and made of silver.

Appearance: Addt'l Image, Outfit, Outfit (sans coat)
Sexuality: Lesbian
On/Off: Non-sexual
Personality: Talking to Jack is an invitation to either boredom or madness, depending on your personality. She often speaks in riddles, literature quotes, or what seems like utter nonsense. Yet behind all the absurdity lies a keen intellect and one of the sharpest minds that the world has ever known. Would that she could focus on any one thing for more than a moment, for she might revolutionize entire industries. Yet, like a child with ADHD, she bounds from one thing to the next with little regard for anything in her way. Her strangeness can be off-putting to some (most), but those that can hold a conversation with her can find the great wisdom and insight she imparts. Jack is mostly concerned with herself and her own studies, but eagerly protects the things she loves, such as her hometown of London and her precious books. It's hard to wind up in her good graces, but once someone does they have a friend for life. She has a bit of a violent side as well. Jack finds combat an exhilarating change of pace from studying and relishes the chance at a good spar - but not too good. She'd find a challenging fight too exhausting to bother with. Jack fancies women and in a slight bit of hypocrisy, she finds men to quite often be brutish, despite her own penchant for slicing things to ribbons.
Background: One Vlad Dracul III, Prince of Wallachia became known far and wide for his cruel and usual methods of tormenting those that dared cross him. He became known quickly as Vlad Tepes - Vlad The Impaler. His soul was perhaps the darkest in Europe. It is unknown how or when he became tainted with vampirism, or weather the transformation was voluntary or forced upon him. What is known is that his newfound power and immortality made him even more of a terror to Romania than ever before. Terrifying, but not unstoppable. Not when an entire country was ready to rally against him. Eventually the populace started fighting back and Vlad (now going simply by Dracula) decided to move to London, a city teeming with life and growing ever more prosperous. He conducted business with a solicitor by the name of Jonathan Harker and made arrangements to move his affairs overseas.

Arriving in London much later, the vampire and his brides soon took to the city. While the count spent his time planning his methodical takeover of the city, his brides sowed chaos. In the guise of harlots, the brides of Dracula turned other women into vampires and drained men of their life, leaving them as little more than emaciated corpses. In that age the death of the poor was mostly ignored, simply chalked up to over-work, starvation, or the burgeoning taste for opium that the city was developing. One of the brides, however, made the tragic mistake of falling in love with one of her 'johns' - one Regenald Rimsby. Visiting him night after night, the couple soon gave birth to a daughter, which they named Jacqueline.

It is impossible to keep secrets from one of the most powerful vampires in existence for long, however, and Dracula soon found out. He had Jacqueline's mother torn to pieces by the other brides. The sight of it left Regenald a broken man and even though he tried to continue to take care of his daughter, he soon fell into alcoholism and when she was sixteen, he died of liver failure.

With a mind set on vengeance, a young Jacqueline found herself alone on the streets as a six year old girl. Left to her own devices, the girl struggled to juggle making ends meet, discovering her supernatural ability, and developing the skill she'd need to destroy Dracula's brides. As time marched on she grew ever stronger - and crazier. At the age of seventeen she finally felt strong enough to have her revenge and took to the streets, preying on prostitutes, human and vampire alike. The papers called her 'Jack The Ripper' and 'Springheel Jack'. The public were both horrified and intrigued. Yet after a year, the murders stopped. All vampire activity in London seemed to cease.

  • Dhampir: Jack's heritage provides her with much of the powers of a vampire, yet only some of the weaknesses. She has superhuman reflexes, strength, stamina, slow aging, and limited wound regeneration. Holy water, icons, and weapons (unless made of silver) have no affect on her, as blessed objects affect not the physical body, but the unholy darkness in the soul and Jack's is still human. Jack suffers from blood cravings on occasion, but can stave them off with a rare steak.
  • Learned: With over a hundred and forty years of existence behind her, Jack is much smarter than her rather odd personality would let on. She is extremely knowledgeable in world history, language, the occult, medicine, biology, and mechanics. Her quarters hold a vast library of books both common and rare. Jack has almost a fanatical dedication to reading and learning.
  • Undead: She does not burst into flame when exposed to sunlight, but it does make her uncomfortable and staying out of the shade for too long will make her ill. A stake to the heart will kill her and silver will inflict grave wounds upon her that halt her supernatural regeneration and bring it to more human levels. A deep gash from an ordinary blade, for example, could heal within an hour or two and disappear as if it were never there. A similar wound from a silvered or holy weapon, however, will take days or even weeks to heal and leave a scar. Though she doesn't crave blood as much as a full vampire does, the hunger pangs she get can become extremely painful or even crippling if she goes too long without eating rare meat. This can be quelled by blood, of course, but she is loathe to do such a thing. In a bit of a miscellaneous quirk, Jack has a reflection, but not a shadow.
  • Reviled:Jack's personality tends to drive off some people and her reputation as a world famous serial murderer tends to send the rest off screaming. Her reputation and the folklore surrounding Jack The Ripper is a double-edged sword. It causes her enemies to fear her, but her colleagues to shun her. People tend to stay away from her unless they need something and only a select few can see through the myth and stories to find the woman that loves a good read and was close friends with Arthur Conan Doyle. What's more, Jack has plenty of enemies; most other vampires despise her for her half-breed heritage, rich and powerful men have been sniped for rare books by a woman with a bank account over a hundred years old, and the elusive Dracula still walks the mortal world waiting for his revenge. Jack even hates herself, in a way. She loathes her vampiric heritage, despite the benefits it has given her.
  • Obsessive Compulsive:Jack has OCD, if the massive library of books and fascination with learning wasn't a giveaway. She has an obsession for making things even, neat, and orderly. Everything must be at right angles, her clothing must be neat, her hair must be neat. She hates throwing away old books out of fear she'll forget the information it contains and won't have easy access to it. Jack can easily become distracted on an operation if things are too messy and she is loathe to get herself dirty on a job. While she's got her behavior tempered enough in public, she might end up staring at someone for a bit too long if, say, their outfit is lopsided or uneven.
Hobbies: Cleaning, Reading, Fencing
Face Claim: Unknown

I am looking for someone to play alongside my character Jack here. It is 20XX and your character lives in London, England. She is a young woman in her early to mid-twenties and one day she finds a book store called The Black Library, which she swears was not on that street the other day. In the window is a 'HELP WANTED' sign. Interested and in need of work, she goes in. There, she meets the eccentric owner, Jack, and is offered a job. Some time passes and your character is intrigued by the strange Jacqueline; everything about her just feels different, maybe even a little 'off'. Some small admiration and perhaps even infatuation grows in your character for the odd redhead. However, trouble strikes when your character runs afoul of either some dangerous mugger or perhaps someone from her past that confronts her. The situation escalates when your character is mortally wounded in the confrontation. She nearly dies of blood loss, but a familiar redhead shows up just in time. When your character awakens, she is not only alive, but she's become something else entirely...

...a vampire.