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June 19, 2018, 07:27:51 PM

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Author Topic: Nana Chan's mode select (F looking for M characters)  (Read 634 times)

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Offline NanachanTopic starter

Nana Chan's mode select (F looking for M characters)
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:53:54 AM »
I. Character Select
II.Special Modes

Character Select

In this section, i will list the characters i want to play and who i want them to get paired with. Please PM me if you're interested in giving one of these ladies the fuck of their lives

Kunimoto Asagi

Age: 28
Setting: Modern
Occupation: Director of Operations
Hobby: Swimming, Cooking, Watching Movies
Kinks: Big Cocks, Smart Men, Multiple partners
Favourite Sex Position: Paizuri, Doggy Style, Missionary

Young, Succesful and Beautiful, Asagi is viewed by many in her company as the Ideal modern woman. Soon to be married to another person in the corporate ladder, this sex vixen is tempted to fool around one last time, but will she find a worthy partner?

Looking for
-Bussiness Rival of the Fiancee
-Bumbling young junior who never realized how good he is in bed
-Two Colleagues (MMF threesome Scenario)
-Others (Open to suggestions)

Takashiro Hiroko (From Bible Black)

Age: 29
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Occupation: Teacher
Hobby: Reading
Kinks: Demons, Dominant Partners, Exotic cocks, Tentacles, Impregnation
Favourite Sex Position: From Behind

As a teenager, Takashiro was raped by a demon. What was supposed to be a terrifying experience for her turned out to be the best sex of her life. She has found many other sexual partners, but none has ever made her relive the pleasure of sex with a demon. Desperate, she now seeks out partners who can quell her very specific craving: Demonic Cocks

Looking for:
-Summoned Demons
-Half Demons
-Men using magic to transform their cock

Maria McKenzie

Age: 28
Setting: Modern
Occupation: Model, Actress
Hobby: Dancing, Motorcycling
Kinks: Big Cocks, Video taping
Favourite Sex Position: Cowgirl

Maria McKenzie is a big star in Japan for her roles in multiple blockbuster movies. She is a media darling and voted the sexiest woman in the world by various media. Unfortunately, behind the scene, she is an absolute bitch. Not only is she a spoiled brat who is used to being showered with gifts and attention from her boyfriend (equally obnoxious pro boxer, John King), but she has a tendency to look down upon people, especially Japanese men who she claims are 'Girly little boys with small dicks'. Unbeknownst to Japanese man is about to forever change her mind.

Looking for
-Japanese male character with a huge cock
-Someone bullied by her and/or her boyfriend

Xiao Hua

Age: 19
Setting: Modern
Occupation: Cosplayer, College Student
Hobby: Cosplaying, Video Game
Kinks: Big Cocks, Costumes, Roleplaying, Men who can last in bed
Favourite Sex Position: Missionary (So her face is visible)

The ultimate cosplayer, Xiao Hua has received many offers to play in movies, but she rejected them because she did not like the script. Instead, she wants to be a voice actress or a 'Seiyuu'. Popular for her insanely hot body, Xiao Hua is the fapping material for many Otakus..and she likes it that way. A girl with an insanely high sex drive, she's always on the lookout for a well hung partner during conventions.

Looking for
-Otaku male
-Cosplayer male
-Gaijin male

Nakajima 'Chi' Chiaki

Age: 22
Setting: Modern Japan
Occupation: Fashion Model
Hobby: Watching Races, Hiking
Kinks: Big Cocks, Adultery, Threesomes
Favourite Sex Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Chiaki, or Chi for short, is dating a street racer. Lately, there has been a trend where a street racer would bet their girlfriends in races. The winner of the race, gets to fuck the loser's girlfriend for one night only. Unluckily for Chi, her Boyfriend lost. Luckily, it was to a man she has always wanted to ride anyways.

Looking for:
-Racer and a second girl (threesome scenario, may use one of my other girls)

Ms Red

Age: unknown
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Occupation: Demon Hunter/Mage
Hobby: Unknown
Kinks: Big Cocks, Magic
Favourite Sex Position: 'The Jackhammer' (google it)

Ms Red is an infamous demon huntress who has been around for quite a few years. No information is known about her background but the demon hunting community sees her as somewhat of a legend in the bussiness. Somewhat of a Nymphomaniac, she is known to fuck any hunter who she happens to work with. Rumors even stated that she has slept with demons and that she uses magic to enchance sexual experiences.

Looking for
-Fellow Hunter (has to be married or enggaged to another woman)
-Demon King (married to a demon queen)

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

Age: 22
Setting: FF7
Occupation: Bartender
Hobby: Training, Adventuring
Kinks: Big Cocks, Netorare,
Favourite Sex Position: Anything that doesn't involve a bed

Tifa Lockhart is sexually frustrated. Her boyfriend Cloud Strife is both emotionally distant and useless in bed. She -needs- a stud to satisfy her, someone with a nice thick cock, someone who isn't an emo little wishy washy punk like Cloud. She has a plan now, she'll make sextape and dump Cloud through it, but can she find the right stud?

Looking For
-OC Male
-Don Corneo/Don Corneo Jr
-Crossover FF male of your choice (Dissidia style)
-Crossover Canon of your choice

Valeria Von Elspeth

Age: 28
Setting: Victorian Fantasy
Occupation: Noblewoman
Hobby: Reading, Magic
Kinks: Orgies, Magic, Big cocks
Favourite Sex Position: Double Penetration

Enggaged to a young and influential nobleman, Valeria von Elspeth maintains the facade of a ladylike woman. Behind closed doors, she is a deviant of the highest order. A cultist of the Rose Eaters, Valeria frequently engages in debaucheries such as orgies, arcane sex rituals or even intercourse with summoned creatures/homunculis.

Looking for
-Young Cultist Stud
-A partner with two cocks
-Orgy scene
-Veteran Cultist Mage

Evangelica 'Eve' Anderson

Age: 30
Setting: Cyberpunk
Occupation: Secretary
Hobby: Working out, Shopping
Kinks: Bishounen, Big Cocks
Favourite Sex Position: On her feet

Ms Anderson is an employee of the Terran Megacorp, a company that practically controls the planetary colony she lives in. The tyranical corporation holds control over the planet's terraformers, therefore dictating the season and weather. A small group of rebels is trying to get access to the mainframe, and only two people have the neccesary access for it. The head of the Corporation, or his lovely girlfriend-slash-secretary. Now, the resistance group sent their most well hung member to seduce the secretary, will he enjoy his work far too much?

Looking for
-Well Hung Bishounen Resistance member

Anastasia Volkova

Age: 31
Setting: Warhammer 40k
Occupation: Commisar
Hobby: Target Practice, Regicide
Kinks: Submission, Big Cocks
Favourite Sex Position: Bent Over

Anastasia is a commisar in the Imperial Guard (Or Astra Militarum if you wanna go by the new codex). She is often attached to certain regiments in order to enforce discipline. Despite being a commisar, Anastasia is a sexually insatiable woman who enjoys a thick rod inside of her. Now, she is sent to a new regiment, will an alpha male step up to conquer her while war rages around them?

Looking for:
-Grunt soldier
-Slaneesh cultist/sorcerer

Mode Select

Here are a few special modes of roleplaying you can try, each one has their own requirements.

Stud Mode

Stud mode involves one super stud and up to 5 of the girls in Character select becoming his -very- willing sexual partners, forming a harem for him. The stud might be a celebrity, or a great powerful king, an interdimensional demon with tentacles, or simply a bumbling young man with a giant cock and an insane libido. He is so gifted in sex that these ladies will do anything he asks. This is of course a very special service i don't just bestow on any partner, i need someone who can provide interesting posts and fascinating, well thought out characters with detailed background. If you want to try this mode, link me to a few sample rp threads (if you have them) or a sample post involving  your stud and one of my characters.

Custom Mode

Another fun thing i want to do is let you customize one of the girls on the roster. Perhaps you want to play with Ms Lockhart as a maid girl in a Romantic Comedy Echi Anime? Can do, Ms Asagi as a highschool teacher? Sure!  All you have to do is send me your idea and a picture and i'll consider it

Create a Slut

Perhaps you have a character you want to fuck nice and hard, but no one would play them for you? Well, here you can submit your design and if i like her, i will play her for you to creampie over and over. Here is the simple template.

Kinks: (Big Cocks is a default)
Favourite Sex Position:

Backgound: (A brief background on who he is)

Partner: (who you want to play opposite of her)

Tournament Mode

An entity of lust has gathered many people from many dimensions to see who is the ultimate lover. The rule of the contest is simple: who cums first, loses. The winner will be given a gift that will make him the greatest sexual performer in the multiverse.

In this mode, you will have to go through 5 encounters with randomly selected girls from the list above, and if you are victorious, you will meet one final boss, my favourite character who I do not list here. If your character conquers even her, then you win the tournament. Any type of male characters are accepted here.