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April 20, 2018, 09:53:09 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for a game! (F for M)  (Read 485 times)

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Offline PollydactleTopic starter

Looking for a game! (F for M)
« on: December 26, 2015, 09:40:44 PM »
Looking for a fun, short term roleplay. I am on break from school, and although I may be able to continue when classes resume, it won't be nearly as frequently as what I can do now. So as long as you are okay with that, we are ready to go!

Here are a few plots I have used previously that were always fun. I don't have any new ideas myself, but I am always open to discussing something new with a partner and building from there. Also, any ideas you might have just run them my way.


1. The Academy: This private school is known for turning young women into perfect candidates for basically any college they would ever want to get into. The girls who attend are 16 - 19 years of age and the staff is entirely male; because of the location of this prestigious boarding school this was a challenge at first. The school is far from any town, isolated in the mountains, surrounded by a thick pine forest. At first the men could hardly handle it and it was difficult to keep them there, particularly the younger staff members. They wanted to be near women, but the school didn't want to allow wives, so years ago a solution was found. It wouldn't work in most schools, but this Academy was so far away from anything else and it had friends in high places, so it wasn't difficult to cover something up. The solution was to allow under privileged girls who normally would never be able to afford to attend the school to have all of their expenses paid for, but in return they had to tend to the needs of the male staff. Each girl was assigned a teacher and they weren't informed of what their real duties would be until their arrival, when it would be too late for them to leave. To ensure that they don't live they are given a chip that is a tracker; with the woods surrounding the school as large as they are no student would be able to escape. The teachers could do what ever they wanted with their student and in return the girls were given a valuable education that would be difficult to get anywhere else, they thought it was the perfect solution. (This would could be extreme, too, depending on your preference.)

2. A young woman is in need of a job, she gave everything up to be with her boyfriend but he left her. Her family wouldn't forgive her for leaving them and she didn't have any friends, she was on her own and she needed a way of making money soon or she would end up on the streets. A local restaurant owner sees how desperate she is and he decides to take advantage, taking her on as a waitress, but really hiring her for another purpose. He knows that she won't leave and she can't tell the police, he was in with all of the local authorities and if she quit he could make sure she never got another job. She would be stuck and him and some of his best customers would get to reap the benefits.


1. He has become the dean of a large school, it's a great position to be in and he is thrilled. He learns, however, that there is more to his job than just keeping the students in order. The school receives large donations from members of the board, such large donations that the students themselves have to pay very little for their top notch education. It turns out this isn't because of the boards good will but rather because they get something out of this deal themselves. Every year a girl is chosen by the head of the board to be trained through out the year to be the best sex slave possible, and it is the deans job to do this training. In the school there are specific facilities just for the purpose of training the girl and at the end of the year she is passed between all of the members for her final test then sold for large amounts of money. The girl doesn't have a choice, she is broken down and forced into this life and everything with her family is worked out so that no one would miss her.

Current cravings:

Something Star Wars - I am only familiar with the movies, so my knowledge may not be as vast as some, but I am really craving a game in this universe.