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M/M Brand New Roleplay Needed! +Now With Plots!!+

Started by FightingFree, November 19, 2008, 07:25:06 AM

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Boi + Boi = Total Bliss

I NEED a boi to RP with!!!!

[Or a girly playing a boi^^]

What I want:

Simple Love
Deep Thought
Light Conversation
Something Longterm
Someone Fun To Play With
Someone More Dominate That Me

Simple Enough?

Dont Break My Heart

Please PLEASE don't PM me without something in mind! And help me with a plot!

All Of My Pairings Can Be Mixed With All Of My Scenes


Jock/Anything But Emo

(Takes Some Convincing)

Cowboy/Bad Boy

Bad Boy/Cop
Bad Boy/Bad Boy
Bad Boy/Druggy
Bad Boy/Bad Boy

Druggy/Good Boy
Druggy/ Anything Really

Vampire/Weird Fairy thingy

~!Suggest Anything Else You Like!~[/align]


Concert/Rave/Club/Strip Club
Rural Town
Rural Farm/Ranch
City Streets
Renaissances Era
College Dorms
Skate Part
Street Racing
Army Field/Training/Homecoming

Character Bios

Surfer boy
Prone To: 'Accidental' injuries steming from deeper subconcious self harm issues / Smiling to much / Laughing and crying at the same time / Falling in love / Getting in over his head

Prone To: Outbursts of rage / Putting up walls / Fighting his feelings / Becoming to attached / Deep undying loyalty / Irrational decisions / Laughing at the wrong time / Being arrested

Prone To: Being Overprotective / Working out until he can't move / Brooding / Wanting to be alone / Denying himself pleasure / Playing with puppies and babies while no one is looking

The Twins

Prone To: Writing about rainbows and burning the pages / Wearing all black (including the makeup) / Dissapearing for days / Refusing to talk / Falling for lies / Trying to hate people

Golden boy
Prone To: Perfection on the outside / Getting lost in sports / Forgetting where he parked his car / Being submissive / Taking chances or risks / Talking  to much / Not trusting people

Smart ass
Prone To: Wild sex / One night stands / Sarcasm / Seriously delayed reactions / Falling in love after the first date / Spontanious PDAs / Bringing home strays / Making you want to strangle him ^^

Deep and Brooding
Prone to: Keeping to himself / Brooding / Taking control / Being pushy / Dissapearing for days at a time / Falling out of love / Denying himself pleasure
-Dominate Bottom

Prone to: Random PDAs / Heartfelt confessions / Water Balloon fights / Partying to much / Getting lost in his writing / Driving way to fast / Staring at the clouds / Leading a crowd
-Discovering, usually a virgin. Whatever his partner is not.

Prone to: Using drugs anytime / Taking control / Throwing people around / Drinking way to much / Chaining people to walls / Loosing touch with the real world / Showing off his new 'pets' by forcing them into sex shows for his friends

Prone to: Spontanious use of the phrases 'Howdy' and 'Giddyup' / Wearing freakishly tight jeans / Laughing to much / Eating like a horse / Being scared of huge cities and elevators / Being broke / Having zero piercings or tattoos / Baseball Player

What you should know about me:

I won't say that I'm submissive or dominate because in the real world it honestly depends on the other person and how I feel in  the moment. Because my characters are very realistic... they are the same!!!!!

Plots: [So far...]


[Involves drug use/violence]
   Both characters in this plot are firemen, one will be new/new transfer to the firehouse and the other will be a pre-existing member and mentor/captian of the unit. Things start out with a generally relaxed tone, the kid works his butt off and proves himself a great fireman, until a few weeks down the line. When it becomes apparent to the mentor/captiain that something is up with his rookie, he decides to force his way straight into the young man's life and find out just what it is that's making the kid miss work, slack off, and generally act in an unpleasing manor.

"Get It In Gear!"

[Involves Completely Sado Character/Football Jocks]
   One character is new to a Callifornia university, the other has been there for a while. Both men are relatively of the same age, and both are on the football team. The pre-existing team member is forced into rooming with the new kid, though he doesn't see it as being forced really. He is the team-trainer. He makes sure all the boys stay in shape, get the right kind of grades to stay on the team, and make it to practice/press confrences/ etc on time. Almost like a big hulking babysitter, only with less of the babysitter mentality. The new kid would be coming from a big city like Chicago, and already have quite the name in football. And the new guy would be my character Kain.

"Welcome Home Soldier"
[Involves Brainwork/An Army Boy and Traces of Nuts^^]
A soldier, who's been overseas for on a four year tour is finally coming home. Wounded though he might be, he's stronger now than he was when he left. And when someone changes as drastically as he has, people talk. Because he's a 'bad-boy' coming home to a small town, people will talk even more. Has he really amounted to more than the drunk his father was, and his father before that? Will he really change the legacy that's been laid out before him? And what's with this new quietness, this new sense of power and poise that just seams to roll off of the man. More importantly, what will he do when he learns that his only living relative, his dad, is dead, has been for two years? And last but not least, who will you be to him?

**!!!NEW!!! Nervous But Craving**
[Includes Anthro/Mythical Creatures and Brainwork]
Behold! There is a magic so great, that no one man can contain it, deep in the jungles of Chicago... Wait, Ok lets start this over. Somewhere, deep in the heart of the concrete jungles of Chicago [there we go] among the wild high-rises and tough street disguises, is a young man with a dark secret. Working the late shift at a bar that caters mostly to the wilder crowd, beneath his signature Mohawk, and under a pair of huge black pants, he's hiding a fairy tail that no-one would believe, even if they saw it. And he knows he's not the only one, he just cant be. The star of our show is a Faun. A fuzzy legged half human, half goat/deer/I haven't decided yet. So maybe they meet at the club, maybe they meet on the streets, whats up to you is who your character is, what persona he takes on in relation to a Faun like my character, and what roll they can play in one another's lives thats beyond the chance meeting. Let's brainstorm together, shall we?

PS: This is my first try at anything remotely anthro or mythical, so give me a bit of leverage as I ease myself into this category, kay?




Hmm . . .I'm looking over your post and I don't know what I want . . . but I can guarantee that I'll be contacting you soon, with some ideas.

Decisions, decisions . . .

It's so hard to find M/M RP around here.   ;)