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April 16, 2021, 07:25:22 pm

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Author Topic: The Cat and the New Year Party (looking for M or F character for my F character)  (Read 781 times)

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Offline AthemTopic starter

"Zip me up."

Melissa stood there, the back of her party costume unzipped almost to the top of her buttocks.
Zip Me Up by Achmed the Mad, on Flickr

(Melissa is my character; YC is Your Character.)

Everything had been fine in the office until Melissa was put in charge. Melissa was the owner's daughter, fresh out of college with a business degree, and being groomed to take over the business in a few years. For now, she was getting experience running an office. Unfortunately for everyone else, Melissa viewed them all as her underlings, at her beck and call to run any errand she wanted. Worse, apart from her poor people skills, Melissa was a competent manager; there was no chance the owner would fire her and return the office to its pre-Melissa tranquility.

Still, the whole office yearned to see Melissa taken down a peg or two (or three, or more). The big Office New Year's Eve party was fast approaching, and YC drew the short straw to do something about it.

Melissa was looking forward to the New Year's Eve party. A chance to show off her sexy side, to preen under the attention, and to taunt her staff with what they could never possess. She'd chosen a sexy cat costume: a black velvet catsuit, to which she'd sewn a long tail; elbow-length leather gloves, to which she'd added claws; cute little cat ears on a band in her hair. With a pair of her highest-heeled boots, she was sure the costume would be a hit. And there was something... stimulating... about being fully covered yet knowing only a thin layer of stretch velvet lay between her skin and everyone else. She'd bought the velvet catsuit too small on purpose, so it would fit her like furry paint, but that forced her to forgo underwear to avoid tell-tale lines.

Getting changed in her private office was a bit of a struggle, though. Because the catsuit was so tight, she left it unzipped at the back while she put on the rest of her costume. The leather gloves were the worst, having to be slowly worked up her arms over the sleeves of the catsuit. Once they were on, she reached behind to zip the catsuit... only to find that the claws she'd added to the gloves prevented her grabbing the tiny tab on the zipper.

She was about to pull her gloves off again when she spotted YC in the outer office. A much better solution; she stepped out from her inner sanctum.

"Zip me up."

YC can be of either sex, and should be out to embarrass Melissa at the party. The tone could go from light romantic comedy (as the mischief continues, our characters start to fall for each other) to something much darker (your character takes full advantage of the opportunity to torment Melissa), and all shades in-between.

I've left the details unspecified: my Ons & Offs have some examples of the sorts of things I'm thinking of (please read them), but I'm open to original ideas too. Other details are also open to discussion (including the costume, if a sexy black cat doesn't appeal).

I'm happy for the other player to also control the environment, and what might be called the 'fickle finger of fate': random misfortune can befall Melissa, either playing into her tormentor's hands, or adding a further complication.

I don't care what gender you are in real life. I'm willing to make this a group roleplay if several people want to play Melissa's 'underlings'.