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Started by RolueVasReisa, December 25, 2015, 08:37:56 PM

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Hello and welcome to my emporium of requests! You can find all of my characters in this forum:

I am available for all kinds of kinks as well as nearly any sort of pairings between males, females, and any group style rping

I am available for quick kink fling rping aka some quick fun or some full on romance but keep in mind I would ask to develop the characters and friendship between the rpers. Should things work out maybe we can form a relationship between our characters! But sadly I can never say things will be for certain, it is difficult to predict how a romance will go

Oh and of course Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I am currently looking for anyone looking to maybe have some fun with some little green or some Quarians =P

(Please view her profile to see a bikini pic)

Or maybe you want some Quarian fun? =P

Or maybe you want some black serpent fun? =P
(see her profile for bikini pics)

maybe some Yautja fun?
(See her profile for bikini pic)

and I have many Many MANY more characters in the above link!

I am flexible with rp ideas, incest, I prefer using my own characters but if you have some sexual fetish not for a real character but some quick fling yes i can do that as well.
I can do incest and many other things.

Please PM me for questions or ideas for stories or any kind of rping you want to do =) I do not care what gender you are and I can work around characters
I will say HOWEVER I do have a posting limit. If we rp please try to write, I do not like tiny one line replies i like long detail good replies. I dont require essays but I require at least some paragraphs at least a few.
I am just looking for kind caring fun people who like to have fun and enjoy rping and writing haha =)



I can handle romance with nearly anyone or anyhing but I'd ask for time to see if the romanc will truly happen. Anything can happen sometimes an rper will make a claim and then will vanish for weeks or months sometimes an rper will make a claim and then stop putting any effort in it, it's nearly impossible for me to say for certain how romances will go

I have many characters and I can perhaps make characters based around people's interests so long as they involve using a character creator system basically I can make he character off of a character creator in a game 




I do not do Human characters, I do not like DnD scenarios forbidding the rper from having any freedom, and I do not use other peoples characters. Having dealings with artists, it is considered theft when you use someone else's character and an illegal act punishable on those sites. Hence I never use anyone else's characters because it's like stealing all the hard work the character's creator, put into their work and disrespectng everything they spent hours upon days upon weeks upon months working on. For that reason I will only use MY OWN characters

I will not question or fight with you if you like to use other peoples characters but please dont ask me to do the same