Godhood (freeform games)

Started by Iwaslion, December 24, 2015, 11:06:18 AM

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Content: Freeform Games

Scenario: Powerful being creating a world from clean slate, and then seek pleasure of flesh among themselves or with the sentient of their creations.

Setting: Most rules can be discussed. I will be played both as the referee and as one of the gods. The game moves with 1 post per round, and a round usually take a day. I will accept 2 players with at least 1 who would play a goddess.

Requirements: short but interesting post for replies, not more than approximately 3~4 lines.

Other info: We should agree on what kind of mood/concept we're looking at. Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc

How to create a character:
First of all you pick a name, then you decide 2 domains that you controls. These domains will be called as Spheres, and they will be the source of your power and you will benefits from it as the foundation of what your god character is all about and you gain acts through it. I will explain more about this later on

Name: Bastet
Spheres: Protection, War
Background stories: Son of Ra, born as a humanoid with a head of a cat.

What are Spheres and Acts?
Sphere are domains in the universe that you controls. It acts as the source of your power, and you gain benefits from it when sentient either worships you or interacts with your domains. These benefits are known as Act. It's basically a currency where you spend to perform miracles, either from making the rain falls, splitting the continent in two and more. Its all are limited to your imagination. You'll gain new Acts once per round. The, total based on how many are worshiping you and/or interacting with your domain A round is aproximately once per 24 hours, Singaporean's time. we all will start with maximum Acts, 40 Acts.

for example:
Sentient tilling the soils to create a wheat field. Tenma is the god of the mountain, he gains benefit from this and gained an act on the next round.
Act Costs:
Terascore 0: No atmosphere: 3
Terascore 1: Capacity of 3 plants, 2 herbivores, 1 carnivore, 1 sentient race. 5 Acts
Terascore 2: Capacity of 6 plants, 4 herbivores, 2 carnivore, 2 sentient race. 7 Acts
Terascore 3: Capacity of 9 plants, 6 herbivores, 3 carnivore, 3 sentient race. 9 Acts
Small: Capacity of 2 planets. 7 Acts
Medium: Capacity of 4 planets. 9 Acts
Large: Capacity of 6 planets. 11 Acts
Single cell organism: 2 Acts
Multi-cell organism: 5 Acts
Multi-cell sentient: 7 Acts
Multi-cell sentient+Intelligent: 11 Acts
Intelligence cost for sapient beings: 7 Acts
Demigod Powers: Requires a sapient being, artifact rules
They can have effects similar to an artifact
Your millage may vary on the price. pm me, to ask first and depending on how bit it is, what it does, etc, I will determine a price cost.

general rules:
Keep IC out of OOC and vice versa.

Don't grief, flame, or bully.

1 sapient species per God.

Ancient-Renaissance technology and theme.

Use common sense! The most important rule besides..

Have fun!


so far we only have 1 player and 1 referee. We're looking for 2 more players.


I'm interested. Do the divinities have to be based on Earth's pantheons?


Not at all! Your domain is what makes you!


I'm interested too if this lives