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Started by Mydearnevermore, November 18, 2008, 10:02:05 PM

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Well I have several ideas for roleplays, all negotiable. I would like them to be around these premises. I only have one at the moment because well, I want to word my next few carefully. I am dying to try this one and really don't mind what era it is set in, this is just a basic outline of what I would like. My ons and offs are in my signature and pm me with questions.
The Man in the Mountain
Time period: Early 1800's, after the revolutionary war but at the beginning of push west.

Plot: It is early in the push westward, the land is only beginning to be explored by the few who press away from the east coast into the unknown. The native inhabitants of the area live in the valleys, rarely venturing into the mountains which they see as dwellings of evil spirits. The mountain is only inhabited by animals and a single Mountain man, he has been dwelling in the mountains for nearly 5 years. Careful to avoid the natives, he is the first Non- Native man in the area and would surely frighten the natives if he were to be seen. But a slight longing dwells within him for companionship among other things, a women.

Directions I am thinking:
1.) This can go kidnapping, with noncom that leads to consensual with a Native American girl and him.
2.)This can also go stalking, with an element of seduction on the part of the mountain man.
3.)This can go along the lines of her coming upon him and he can't let her go back, telling others he is here. So she has to stay with him and it would develop from there.
4.)This could go she is stealing and he catches her in the act or the other way around.

If you are interested send me a pm. Thanks