Brother-Sister Incest

Started by PhantomPistoleer, November 18, 2008, 07:42:56 PM

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I have a ridiculous idea to propose to any ladies out there.  I am looking for an RP partner who will roleplay as my character's older sister.  The sister is a sexually experienced woman with a lot of connections in the sex industry (clubs, producers, etc.), while the brother is a recent widow from a two year marriage.  The brother does not have that much experience with sex since he was a virgin when he married his wife and the two shared a very fulfilling, but not experimental, sexual relationship.

The brother and sister have always been close.  The sister always wondered why her friends hated their brothers when she so much enjoyed the company of hers.  In her relationships, she always compared her men to her brother.  Now that her brother's wife is dead, the sister wants to expose him to sex (so that she can finally have what she always wanted).  The game would begin with the sister inviting him to a BDSM sex club under false pretenses.  Ideally, she would be coaxing her brother to do things that he would otherwise not want to do (whispering to him encouragingly as she held out his cock while he gets orally pleased by another woman).

The brother is not highly resistant to having a sexual affair with his sister, since he has always admired her beauty and even married his wife because she had a passing resemblance to her.  And though he will feel initially deceived, he trusts his sister blindly and completely.

Aside from my proposition, I would like whoever plays the character to play a character who wears tight mini-skirts, pumps and bears a Selma Blair-like haircut (maybe a bit shorter, though).

PM me!  Thanks. :)
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