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Author Topic: Updated Ideas (M for F)  (Read 804 times)

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Updated Ideas (M for F)
« on: December 04, 2015, 07:35:02 am »
New to this site but not to role playing. Here's some of my ideas I'd like to play out with someone. If something interests you, send me a PM. And females only. I'll play through private messages, e-mail or forums only. If you wish to make some changes or suggestions, or have an idea about a role play, do tell. I don't mind playing sci-fi or modern settings as long as the idea/story is interesting.

Updated a rule: Since I have lost 5 role plays in less than a month, I feel a need to write this down here. Two of these role plays were suddenly dropped without a word. Even after asking if they are interested to continue, I received no reply. It takes around 30 seconds or less to login to the site and write a reply...if you are unable to do that because you are "busy", then do not message me. I am sick of excuses and people being sorry. Either do it or don't. I lose interest in role plays where I only get a reply in about once every other week or so. It is annoying to go back to read your own post and look what you have typed to the other person and then start replying, just because it has been so long that you have forgotten some parts. So if you are able reply at least once or twice a week, good. I would prefer more often of course, unless you manage to write a lot. I don't want to read a book's worth however.

And the most important thing: If you are unable to reply within 7 days, inform me about it. If you don't inform and I still don't hear from you, I'm done caring. I won't send you reminders or anything. Why? Because it tells a lot if you do not remember the role play. Which in turn means that it is not interesting enough for you, even if you said so. Wouldn't be the first time someone who has "loved" the role play suddenly disappears without a word. That's it. Inform me if you cannot reply within a timely manner and be active within a week. Don't think I'm requiring too much. On to the plots:

Demon & The Nun:

My character would be a demon who was sent on the mortal plane to harvest souls for his boss. He however discovers something else of interest (your character) and starts to unfold a plan of his own, which is to take over the mortal plane and make it his own. For that, the demon needs few select women who will breed him some powerful offspring. If you don't wish to play multiple characters, we can just use the one woman and make it happen over a longer period of time. There would be of course some problems along the way. Specialized demon hunters, someone trying to take the demon's woman away and so on.


Your character would be the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Either an anthro feline or human. You are in power, and you do not want to lose it. Sometimes you feel a bit paranoid as there are rumors going around. To help you further your power, you turn to the help of my character, a demon. You summon him and make a deal with him. However, you are overthrown from your power through betrayal and are forced to flee. Now your only ally is the demon, and with his help you need to gather yourself an army to take back your throne. Can contain traveling to other countries/distant lands.

Pirate queen:

This can either be a fantasy one or a sci-fi one. My character would be a pirate queen (futa) who's next pillaging target happens to be the royal ship which is escorting the princess (your character) back to the mainland. A battle ensues between the two ships, eventually my character manages to claim the princess for herself in hopes for a hefty ransom. But my character grows fond of the princess over the days and slowly they're relationship starts to build, making the pirate queen become a bit more soft in some cases. In the sci-fi version, my character could find your character in a derelict ship which has sailed through the space with only your character as the survivor. My character takes you under her wing and teaches her the ways of the space pirates. Later on, we could add some plot twists, like the alliance or her relatives (brother or father for example) taking contact and requiring the captive back.

Fantasy themed pirate queen:
Space pirate queen:

Pet Shop/Anthro idea:

This would be a future timeline story, or a sci-fi story where I play either a human male or a futanari. Your character would be a female anthro canine (husky). Depending which timeline will be in the story, either a pet shop type of story where I buy you, or a sci-fi where my character could find some sort of abandoned science vessel which was used to test and breed new kind of lifeforms. Perhaps there was an accident on the ship which left it to drift in space and you're the only one inside, able to survive from the food sources left in the ship. My character in the sci-fi one could be either a male human or a futanari (can be combined with Pirate Queen elements).

Picture of the husky anthro:

Draenei Priestess (futa, incest):

I would be playing the local priestess/healer of the draenei (a futa) who also has a daughter who is still looking for herself and not sure what path to travel on. She discovers her mother's secret at some point and becomes more and more interested as she starts to wear more revealing clothing around her mother and so on. There could also be an orc raid for example at some point which would force them to flee. Would be a more adventurous story that way. This could have Warcraft type of races, but you do not need to know the names of all the places and where they are etc. we can just improvise (or check from wiki/lore sites).

The Boarding School (teacher, multiple characters, futa, female):

I would play a female futa teacher at a remote boarding school meant for "bad" girls. Basically, the parents of these girls have tried everything to ready them for an independent life, but to no avail. The last option is to send them on the remote island where the girls will have no communication with the outside world, only once a week or so. The teacher there would have her own methods of making the girls want to improve themselves and find their goals in life, and themselves. Occasionally new girls would come and old ones leave. We both would need to play multiple characters, and there can be romances between the different characters, not just the teacher and the students. Can add some mystical element to the story as well if you wish (like a cult type of thing).

Character I would play (just an example, not set in stone):

Dragons & Demons (multiple characters, fantasy, magic)

The dragons have ruled the other beings on the mortal realm (including humans) for centuries, their might unchallenged. The humans rebelled back in the day, but now there is at least some form of peace. Some dragons require a sacrifice occasionally, others are more kind. Their rule was challenged however, when a demon lord managed to create a portal to the mortal realm through a contract he made with one human. As more and more demons started to appear in the mortal realm, the dragons also noticed this. A fierce battle started, the humans trying to flee between the two clashing factions. Eventually, the dragons lost their rule and became the servants of the demons. The demons had originally come to the mortal realm to seek more power, as they knew that humans would be great vessels to use in their rituals. But after winning the war with the dragons, the demons noticed that the dragons inhabited much better qualities than the humans did. Especially towards magic. So the demons started to study these creatures, leading eventually to breeding and combining demon and dragon heritage. These offspring were called Drakan. This was done in the Abyss, and as the word started to spread about powerful offspring of dragon and demon blood, the demons started to war with each other, trying to claim the most powerful for their army. The demon and dragon offspring were sometimes almost equally powerful as their masters. Some even managed to escape, which led to some using a binding magic on them should they try to escape. Once they learned how to control these creatures after combining the heritage, they suddenly became a very prized possession to slave trading. A slave that wielded power and could be controlled.

As time went by, one day a unique offspring was born. This female offspring showed much greater potential in magical, mental and physical abilities than ever seen before by any of the others. Which led to her escaping her captors, and managing to go all the way to the mortal realm. It had been hundreds of years by now, and the mortal world had changed. The humans were the ruling race once more with their advanced technology. Confused and alone, the escaped female must survive the unknown world to her, and hopefully make a few friends as well. But that is not the only threat, for a demon is sent after her to bring her back at any cost. A specialized hunter and tracker who knows the Drakan thoroughly. Their strengths and weaknesses. Will the female be captured by the humans first or will she be dragged back to Abyss by the demon to serve the demons?

This story can have multiple options as to how it will go. The girl and the demon who hunts her could eventually become allies and lovers, she finds a human as her lover who also offers her protection. Or she could go back to the Abyss with the demon, but start to use her powers to create a dominion of her own in there and starting to free the captive Drakan, turning the tides. I was thinking that the date on Earth could be somewhere between 1870-1910, just when electricity has emerged it's head and people start to know about bacteria and such. The story could also be, that the escaped female has a daughter or a mother back in the Abyss, which would give her a reason to go back. We can discuss these things, nothing is set in stone. I could play a demon lord at the beginning who owns a few Drakans, and as the rebellion begins, then the hunter. We can also create second main characters for us both back in the Abyss if you wish. Or occasionally just tell what is going on in the Abyss.

Some examples of the Drakan:

Borderlands (futa, multiple characters, sci-fi)

If you haven't played, or do not know the characters of Borderlands 2, then do not ask me to do this idea. If you know the characters and what a vault or a clap-trap is etc. but haven't played, we can still do it. So I would be playing either Mad Moxxi, Lilith or Maya. My character would be a futa. If I play one of the sirens, you would need to play Mad Moxxi. The characters would meet in Moxxi's bar. My character would have a job of taking back a wanted murderer (dead or alive). After a bit of persuasion, your character joins to help for some quick money. After the job is complete, the two find a map from the murderer's possessions, marking an area which should be desolate. After a bit of searching, they eventually find an entrance to either an Atlas armory, Hyperion or alien bunker, which would contain a piece of a key to a vault. The two start to look for the missing pieces together and of course they run into troubles along the way, and might also hire some help as well.

The story is not set in stone and if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell.

Mad Moxxi:

My little pony (futa, female, multiple characters)

Trixie got sick of always being defeated by Twilight in magic, so she sought out someone who would give her more power, queen Chrysalis. However, Chrysalis also gave her something extra as she wanted to observe the results and consequences. What Trixie does not know however, is that every time she climaxes from her new appendage, she also loses a small portion of her new powers. So she has to decide whether to remain powerful enough to defeat Twilight or give in to temptation occasionally. Trixie now has more power, but she is unable to control it very well. She cannot seek help from Twilight, so she seeks audience with princess Celestia and Luna instead. Trixie offers them something which they hadn't had in quite a while and they agree to train her with her new powers. However the princesses' needs might make the training last longer than thought.

This story can go many ways. Trixie could stay briefly in the royal castle and confront Twilight. She could win or lose...if she loses (or loses enough power to the royal sisters for example), she would need to go back to Chrysalis, powerless. Which was exactly what Chrysalis had wanted. Now Trixie could not fight her and Chrysalis could do whatever she wishes with her new pet. Perhaps she could use Trixie to some ritual which would further her own power and she would start to conquer Equestria.


Alternate idea for My little pony (male, female, multiple characters):

I would play the prince of the Griffon empire and you would play the part of princess Celestia. The two would have been seeing each other for a while now, and the prince is invited to Celestia's birthday (or some similar party) along with some other guests. Celestia would tease his future husband to be occasionally and they would have done things apart from actual penetration, which will happen after they are married. This could be a slice of life type of story, or a story which leads the prince and Celestia slowly corrupting each other as they indulge more and more in to their carnal desires. This would of course affect how Celestia rules and therefore towards whole of Equestria. Or perhaps the prince gets seduced by Chrysalis who corrupts him? Choices are many.

Shadows of Passion (bestiality, vampires, fantasy, magic):

I would be playing a feral animal (a wolf/exotic wolf type of creature) and you would be the vampire queen who leads her coven. There would be other covens as well. I would first play a hunter who is ordered to kill you while you are on your way back to your coven in your carriage from a meeting. This hunter would have a unique pet wolf, who you would spare and take with you, as the life of a vampire queen can get lonesome. You would take your newly acquired pet with you to the meetings with the other covens and the nightly adventures. As the wolf is trained to hate vampires, you would need to teach him to be loyal now towards you which would not be easy. And there could be for example a betrayal of the queen, forcing her to run away from her coven and then start to plan how to get her throne back, as her only loyal companion right now is the wolf, who is not always so cooperative. Also if you wish (so it won't be a monologue), perhaps the queen could communicate with the wolf through a primal link (kinda like telepathy), so the wolf could speak his thoughts directly to the queen's mind. I would also play side characters along the way they meet and you could play the female side characters. Here's some ideas for the wolf and the queen (not set in stone):



Queen (images not set in stone, you can also look up a picture for your character if you wish):

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