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Born Too Slow [Action/Crime Drama]

Started by Le Immortelle, December 01, 2015, 01:17:03 PM

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Le Immortelle

Born Too Slow

Genre: Crime Drama, Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Man
Seeking to Play: The Woman, The Crime Lord
Themes: Redemption, Race Against Time, Past
Inspiration: 2000's Hong Kong Action Cinema, Need for Speed, Big Beat Music

He was a man with a troubled past. A past that he wasn't exactly proud of. It consisted of deeds that he had committed that left him filled with shame. One that he had left behind, thinking he had moved on for good with his desire to redeem himself, to become a better person from the criminal that he had been all that time ago.

He cleaned his act, married a woman he loved, became a civilian. Life was a good one. That is, until something threatens his peaceful life, a tragedy that makes him desperately in need of some serious money [Say, a terminal illness of his wife demanding immediate treatment that is quite expensive, maybe organ transplant or whatever...or maybe he owes money that he borrowed from some seriously nasty people for the treatment of his wife. The trigger can be anything and open for discussion.]; pulling him back in life of crime that he sought to escape.

He approaches the only person he believes would even bother to entertain and actually help him. The woman who he hasn't seen in over ten years, someone who was also part of their little gang of street racers that broke up a long time ago. But she's still racing on the street, having become the racer to beat while occasionally taking an illegal job or two here and there. Someone who isn't afraid of wetwork or even getting her hands more than dirty if situation demands for that. They have a past. They were best friends growing up and could even have been occasional lovers. Having burned all the bridges with his past rather unceremoniously, she's the only one whom he feels he can approach with the peculiar problem that he's been dealing with. He approaches with a gig in mind.

The 'heist' could be anything from a casino gig to an assassination, a kidnapping or even entering the illicit organ trade to secure a transplant, a drug or weapon running operation that can generate substantial income in return [But goes disastrously wrong, sparking all the more action and whatnot]. Either ways, they're gonna be dealing with criminals that are beyond their leagues and above them.

She agrees to help him out on whatever scheme that he has been cooking because no matter how much time it may have been or how much of an outcast he might be deemed to be after his apparent 'betrayal' in wanting to go clean; theirs are ties that go beyond that. Maybe she never stopped loving him after their fling, either ways, he's able to get her on board and action ensues.

I am looking for someone to play the man whose reputation precedes him for the ruthless efficiency he exhibited while he was a criminal while I would handle the former best friend, along with them the crime lord whose gig he has taken, the corrupt cops, the good cops and so on. It's loosely strung and realism is not of overly importance here for I see this as an action driven story with loud explosions and cool moments a la Hollywood blended with a breakneck pace of Hong Kong action films.

Gender of my partner is irrelevant to me as long as you do a good enough job at writing him and are willing to brainstorm extensively in making this a fun yarn. Thank you for reading this and any communication, please direct it to PM's.