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September 22, 2021, 01:05:54 pm

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Author Topic: Denivar's Role play Ideas -- M for F  (Read 592 times)

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Denivar's Role play Ideas -- M for F
« on: November 27, 2015, 10:22:18 pm »
Greetings and salutations and welcome to my request thread. :)

I love world building, stories with multiple characters as well as GM-driven role plays. You will find plenty of role plays in this style in here.

I enjoy making friends alongside role playing. I can do this over IM, or Elliquiy PM. If I have a fun, casual friendship with you I will feel much more invested in our role play. On the flip side, please understand I am not my characters. So don't be creepy. :)

I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, horror/the supernatural, and will also do modern-day role plays as long as they have a fresh strong theme to them.

Please check out my Ons & Offs to get more of an idea of the things I am into.

Anyhow, without further ado, onto some delicious role play ideas:

Stranger, in a strange land

It was just meant to be a quick stop-over for repairs on this little out of the way planet of Terra. The Galcyan vessel had stopped in a desert region, a place the Earthlings called Nevada while they repaired their engines well enough for a stellar jump.

Terra was a place of fairly little interest. A planet which had developed life on it and which the Shapers had, long ago -- several hundred generations past -- marooned some mutineers. These mutineers had started over, creating a civilization, descending into barbarity. Forgetting their routes. Eventually they had risen up to form a civilization of sorts, and were in the early stages of developing space travel.

It was thought that there were too few resources on the planet to bother with, and the Terrans were too barbaric, chaotic, and disorganized, to develop interstellar travel for many generations still. So they were not to be bothered with. They would most likely end up destroying themselves first.

So, the Galcyan vessel just had to stop for a short time to repair its engines. In the past a few raids had been made on Terra to take females as slaves, but for now the Galcyans had quite enough slaves.

And it was there that Corporal Idaho found himself marooned. His radio strangely malfunctioning, the ship had taken off without him. Leaving him in the desert, in Nevada, Earth.

He makes it to Las Vegas. Wandering around this strange city, he sees you, innocently crossing the road. Right then, a car comes careening toward you. Jumping out he pushes you to the ground, saving you from certain death.

However, under Galcyan law -- and as far as Corporal Idaho is concerned, common decency and common sense -- this now makes you his slave. Doomed to serve him forever.

This role play is meant to be a little bit of a mix of the comic (someone very alien to earth experiencing earth's customs) and the hot and steamy (turns out Corporal Idaho likes to fuck from time to time), with story and character development.

The Mega-Pastor and his family

"I tell you brothers and sisters, the Lord wants you to have that new car. The Lord wants you to have that new house. The Lord wants you to have it!" Pastor James Murphy exclaimed as he trotted up and down the stage. The audience was entranced. Transfixed by the man in the gray suit, the characteristic permed hair, perfect teeth and energetic manner. Every week, more than ten thousand people attended services here at the Cathedral of Light to hear Pastor Murphy's teachings on how if they showed their faith by giving to the Church, God would bless them greatly.

Love, Salvation, and conservative Christian principles were all cornerstones of the teachings doled out at the Cathedral, the great hall able to seat thousands. Bands would play upbeat Christian music. Pastor Murphy and his associate Pastors would teach on all manner of Christian principles. Though of course, prosperity -- and how your personal prosperity was linked to giving to the Church -- was rarely far from a minister's lips.

Submission was a common theme as well. Submission of a wife to her husband. Children to their parents. A congregation to their Minister. Associate Ministers to the Senior Minister. The Senior Minister to God. This, of course, rather conveniently left Pastor Murphy as the person everyone should ultimately submit to.

God blesses those who serve him, and for one who serves as faithfully as Pastor Murphy, those blessings come in the form of a lavish house on a forty acre estate, with private pools, tennis courts, several cars, and a twenty-thousand square foot house. There, Pastor Murphy lives with his wife, and teenage sons and daughters.


This role play would explore what happens behind the walls of the Murphy estate. How does this megachurch pastor live? In particular, he believes women should be very submissive to men and themes of discipline and punishment would feature prominently. I love spanking/whipping/caning/etc (all forms of corporal punishment) and would love to play with someone who is as into it as me.

Adventurers from Lesbos

A harsh world. Maybe it's a dark fantasy world. Perhaps it's a war-ravaged sci-fi future. Maybe it's our world post apocalypse.

It's a man's world. Men are soldiers, warriors, adventurers. Women are not. Women serve men. And women are definitely not lesbians. Typically.

You are the exception. You along with another woman you meet. A woman you fall in love with. The two of you become adventurers together. Partners in crime. Sharing love and lust and all manner of bounties from your adventures. But you are also captured, separated. Enslaved. Tortured. Only to escape from your adversaries and reunite.

This will be an ongoing adventure telling the tales of these two women -- one played by you and the other a detailed NPC played by both of us while I GM the story. The characters might share an 'equal' relationship, or one could be the Mistress of the other.

Will our two heroines be able to overcome all odds to form a life together?

Abusing the Maid in Dubai

But, many feel that foreign workers have too few rights and protections in Dubai. Naturally, those who are the least powerful are the ones who are the most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

My character is an American engineer. Cynical, cruel, finding that American women don't put up with my shit, I decide that Dubai is a perfect opportunity for me: getting a job in Dubai, I travel there, and almost immediately start interviewing women to be my domestic servant.

You are a young woman from a background of poverty who comes to Dubai in the hopes of a better life. Promised a job as a maid, I select you from amongst photos and descriptions of various possible maids. Almost as soon as you start working for me I begin taking advantage of you: firstly I take away your passport, locking it in my safe. Then I make you do whatever tasks I feel you should. Things move on to beatings, and then sexual service. If you complain I beat you and dock your pay. Try to go to the authorities? They'll believe me. After all I'm the one who has the job that's actually valuable to the economy; you're just a domestic worker. Try to leave? Well, I have your passport, and then you'll be stuck in Dubai without a job.

Will you ever see your home again? Will you somehow find a softer side of me? Plenty of possible abuse and cruel exploitation awaits in Dubai!