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December 18, 2018, 06:14:36 PM

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Author Topic: 60's Gotham, Mad Men Inspired RP...M looking for F to play multiple roles  (Read 264 times)

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Offline Cal1496Topic starter

60's Gotham

Character List:

Bruce Wayne

Barbra Gordon

Harvey Dent

Selina Kyle

Dick Grayson

Vikki Vale


Alright, so this RP is inspired by the pure swank and awesomeness of Mad Men, and applied to the dark gritty world of Gotham.  That being said, what happened in either will not 100% apply to this RP.  Instead, certain elements and implications from each will be used to suit the style I am looking for.

The setting will be Gotham City, circa 1963.  Kennedy has just been shot and everyone is more or less pretty freaking sad.  Batman has been working the city for almost twenty years now, he's been around so long most people don't even bother thinking of breaking the law any more.  Many of the main villains have already been killed, or put away.  These include the Joker, Scarecrow and Penguin.  Suffice to say, Batman has been very successful and Gotham has gotten better for it.  Which is what everyone wants.  Except Bruce.  Without villains to fight his mission has become bland.  Till he met the wild and very unhinged Selina Kyle.  She steals from the rich and keeps it.  She tried to steal from him, but it resulted in the two becoming involved and using her and his skills to curb all the white collar crime that still takes place in Gotham.  In fact, crime by the rich is the only sort of crime these days.  Which makes Justice all the harder to enforce and why Bruce uses Selina.

He used to have another partner, one Barbra Gorden, or as she was known to the public, Batwoman.  It was together, twenty years ago, they had first taken on the fight against Gotham.  And threw many dangerous times they had made it out together.  Lovers, comrades, hero's, Barbra had looked to hang up the cape.  Bruce never did.  It was that reason they never married and are now no longer together.

Bruce eventually took on an apprentice, Dick Grayson, but they too fell out as Dick saw Bruce's obsession for what it was.

Vikki Vale is an old fling, Harvey Dent is the current DA of Gotham, and currently dating one Barbra Gordon.  Being that Bruce and Harvey are friends and work together against the corrupt businesses of Gotham, this has made something of a problem for the Dark Night.

What I am basically looking for is someone to play multiple characters along side me.  Myself playing, Bruce, Harvey and Vikki, my partner playing Barbra, Selina and Dick.  I am open to other combinations just so long as I at least play Harvey and Bruce.  More details on how I view each character and how I have built there personalities in my head once someone has shown interest.  So please feel free to PM or leave a message here with any questions.  Posts length wanted is above 400 per post and as far as frequency, I am patient person with my own busy life.  I do not expect more than one post a day, or every day.  Two or three a week is perfectly fine with me, and if it takes you one week I will totally understand.  Just so long as we both come back and keep the other in the loop.


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