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Author Topic: 🚀 I am Elliquiy's Goddess of Science Fiction, and you may be my next partner  (Read 935 times)

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Offline SariaTopic starter


Greetings, Earthlings, and welcome to request thread of Saria, the self-proclaimed Science Fiction Goddess of Elliquiy.

So, you have come here in hopes of pleasuring a goddess? Quite bold of you, I must say. Very well, if you think you're up to it, this thread will provide you with the information you will need for this task.

Don't forget to check my roleplay preferences page; the top-right corner will tell you whether I am available for games or not. There's also a ton of other information about me and what I'm into there. I also have a O/O thread with even more info. But don't worry, you don't really have to read through all of that stuff unless you're curious.

There are some specific story ideas below, but there are also some vague and generic themes, settings and half-baked ideas that we can work together to flesh out and expand on. Of course, I'm always open to something new, so if you have an idea that is not covered here, feel free to bring it up.

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Offline SariaTopic starter

Plot ideas

These are specific plots that I have either used successfully in the past, or would like to try.

Even though they are somewhat specific, there is still plenty of room for customization, so you can always add your own flavour. Ultimately, it should be our plot... not just my plot.

Honour among the stars

Desire: ★★★½☆   
Genres: space opera.

When a starship transporting frozen criminals and political prisoners to a slave colony stumbles across a mysterious, abandoned alien spacecraft, and loses a half-dozen of their crew to booby traps while trying to claim it, they come up with a clever scheme: unthaw some of the frozen “passengers”, strap them with explosives to ensure their cooperation, and send them over as expendable drones to clear the booby traps. The plan backfires when the victims not only manage to secure the ship, but also find a way to disable the explosives, leaving them free and in command of the most advanced starship in the universe.

But escape is only the first step. With as much power as they have available, the rag-tag crew of criminals and political prisoners aren’t satisfied with merely running, or even simple looting and piracy. No, they’re going to take the whole damn corrupt Federation down, and free all of the worlds from its ruthless, totalitarian grasp.

That is, of course, if they don’t kill each other first. The most advanced starship in the universe and all the power it promises is a tempting prize; more than enough to stab your fellows in the back for, and claim for yourself. You know what they say about honour among thieves....


Inspired by: Blake’s 7, Farscape, Andromeda, and Starship Operators.

The core of this idea is that a bunch of people who don’t trust each other are all stuck together on this super-advanced craft, grudgingly cooperating. In theory, if they work together, they can overthrow the vicious totalitarian Federation that is trying to unite the galaxy by force, and bring freedom to humanity. In reality, just about any one of them might betray everyone else and claim the ship for themselves, given half a chance. It’s a game where every character has their own agenda, and their own secrets, and everyone is left wondering who’s really on their side, and who’s just biding their time and waiting for the chance to sieze it all for themselves.

When I’ve played this idea before, my partner’s character was always someone from our own universe, and our present time, who was thrust into this warped universe without a clue of how they got there or what was going on. They were just innocents – nice guys, really – who ended up prisoner of a corrupt regime, then captain of a super-advanced ship, leading a haphazard revolution... with me playing multiple scheming women (and the ship’s two-faced AI) all trying to trick, seduce, or control him (and by extension, the ship) for their own purposes. That’s not how we’d have to do it, though.

Job opening: Defender of Earth. Benefits included.

Desire: ★★½☆☆   
Genres: action and comedy.

Two ordinary people who are down on their luck and in desperate need of work apply for a job that is short on details and seems too good to be true, but the outstanding reputation of the company lures them in. After a truly bizarre and gruelling “interview” process, they are told that they have been selected to join an ultra-secret, elite team of soldiers, whose job is defend the Earth from extra-dimensional invasions.

Now their lives are punching in for a 9-to-5 that has them slipping into advanced combat armour and battling hordes of alien robots in other dimensions, then going to home to their apartments and everyday lives after work, all the while keeping their incredible jobs and world-saving heroism secret from their friends, their families, and the world at large.


Inspired by: Persona 3, Full Metal Panic!, Gatchaman Crowds, and Zegapain.

I envision this as a somewhat lighter game, with tongue-in-cheek humour coming from the characters’ befuddlement with the ridiculously over-the-top, science-fictional, secret agency and their chaotic jobs, and their efforts to live a “normal” life when off the job. Also, there is plenty of comic potential from having to hide what they do from meddling family, curious friends, and the world in general, and from the frustration at having everyone else think of them as mere dull office drones shuffling paper while they’re bursting from holding back the truth.

And of course there's plenty of fun to be had going overboard in the battles, such as ridiculous or ginormous enemies perhaps with humilating attacks (“I've been slimed”, or perhaps gropy, clothes-ripping tentacles), insanely overpowered weapons that cause massive destruction, or silliness like calling out attacks.

The power to shape destiny

Desire: ★★★☆☆   

When it comes to getting ahead, it doesn’t matter that you’re smart, capable, or even that you do all the “right” things. All that matters is that you’ve got the right family, the right connections, or enough cash that neither of those things are necessary. But sometimes, luck can change the game dramatically.

By a surprising twist of fate, a guy who was destined to a lifetime at the bottom of the ladder, kowtowing to those who’d been born more privileged – but not more capable – than him, found himself with a most amazing partner. (The following are two examples I’ve used in the past for how they met.)

  • He was just going about his business late one night, when he happened to look up. There seemed to be an awfully bright star in the sky... and it was getting brighter. He watched in shock and horror as the light turned into a fiery streak across the sky, tearing overhead through the darkness, and smashing into a remote area only a few kilometres away, raising a mushroom cloud on impact. Driven by curiosity as the only person around, he made his way over to the impact site at the end of a long crater burned into the ground, still cooling down from temperatures that had turned the soil to glass. He could hardly believe his eyes when a nude woman walked out of the steam and smoke at the core of the impact crater, and stood before him, waiting for instructions.
  • He was just a junior scientist (or janitor, or even just a thief who had broken in), and he wasn’t supposed to be in that top secret, restricted area. But somehow security screwed up and there he was, and before him was a strange, sealed sarcophagus, surrounded by a mass of wires and tubes. No one else was around... what harm could there be in taking a quick peek? But on opening the metal sheilding over the sarcophagus, he was astonished to see a nude woman, floating in fluid. He was even more astonished when she opened her eyes and looked at him. Terrified, he quickly resealed the sarcophagus and ran before he could be found out by the guards. But the damage was done; she had imprinted, and now would obey only him. And when she tore the facility apart a few weeks later to escape, it was him she ran to.

Though she has the power of a god, she is a blank slate... and she obeys only him. He can choose to train her to be the greatest force for good the world has ever known. Or the greatest force for evil.


Inspired by: Sekirei, Steel Angel Kurumi, and All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku.

This idea is a bit of a “what if” scenario we can explore. What if an ordinary person – someone at the bottom of the social ladder – suddenly had the power to save, control, conquer, or destroy the world. What would he do?

And the corollary is... what would she become? If he turned her into a hero, would she stay by his side or leave him to save the world? If he turned her into a monster, would she turn on him?

How this all unfolds is up to you! Do you want to train a superhero? Or do you want to create a supervillain? Do you want to use her to make your character rich and powerful? Or do you want to take this supremely powerful being, and keep her as a house pet for your pleasure? The choice is yours! (And if you like, we can always play multiple characters, so you can try out different possibilities at the same time.)

Put on a good show, as if your life depends on it

Desire: ★★★☆☆   
Genres: action, horror, and drama.

An ordinary man wakes up (possibly after dying) naked in a bizarre, futuristic, fluid-filled tube, and is promptly flushed into a strange, spartan room. The only other occupant: a woman who informs him that he has been pulled into a sick game, where the participants are given twisted “tasks”, and forced to hunt down and kill monstrous creatures. The survival rate is alarmingly low.

Every aspect of their lives, in and out of battle, is being controlled, monitored and streamed for the entertainment of a secret cabal of the rich and powerful. They are forced to wear revealing and humiliating outfits, to perform degrading and disgusting tasks, and to engage in dangerous and bloody combat, all at the sadistic whims of the viewers. If they refuse to cooperate, they are tortured, and if that doesn’t work... well, their gruesome and torturous execution can always be broadcast as a special. Their only hope is to play the game, and survive long enough or earn enough “points” to be set free.


Inspired by: Gantz, Series 7: The Contender, and Saw.

Gratuitous sex and violence is what this is all about. We can tune the level and the tone to taste.

We can even use multiple characters to have a revolving door of participants, any of whom can die and be replaced at any time.

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Offline SariaTopic starter

Generic ideas and settings

These are things that I don’t really have a specific plot for. Some are very vague plot ideas, while some are merely settings, themes, or even just “flavours” that I’m looking for.

You could combine one of these flavours with one of the specific plots I’ve listed, though that’s not necessary. Or if you have an idea that kinda fits the flavour, that would be wonderful, too.

Harem anime

Desire: ½☆☆☆☆   

Technically he does have a
legitimate reason to be afraid:
Those girls are supposedly
monsters (vampires and such).

It’s my secret, shameful addiction, but I just love harem anime. The more absurdly fanservicey, the better. I love seeing a gaggle of hot girls with a wide range of conflicting personalities turn some poor boy’s life completely upside down (or a flock of hunks making life crazy for some poor, frazzled girl; or a mob of girls chasing another girl – gender variantions are just fine!). Naturally, just about every room the protagonist walks into has someone either naked, mostly naked, or in the process of dressing/undressing, and every stumble means accidentally yanking off an article of clothing, or planting face or hand in someone’s boobs.

If there were only four girls
he'd have no problem.

As for how the harem actually forms, the details don’t really matter:

  • Perhaps our victim moves into an unbelievably cheap apartment/house/mansion... only to discover the reason it’s so cheap is because it’s inhabited by the spirits of a half-dozen catty, horny ghosts, who aren’t keen on sharing their home.
  • Or maybe he accidentally has some important information downloaded into his brain (à la Chuck) or attached to his body somehow, and now a collection of spies from different agencies gather to “protect” him and make sure other agencies don’t monopolize him, each trying to convince him to work with her and her alone.
  • Or maybe he’s all alone on his space craft/station, and he somehow rescues (or is rescued by) a ship full of women – perhaps they revive him from frozen slumber (or vice versa) – and just like him, it’s been a long time since they’ve seen anyone of the opposite sex (or maybe they never have).
  • Or maybe he helps a hyper-advanced alien who crashed on Earth, and as a parting gift of gratitude, the alien decides to cure his loneliness by giving him the power to create humans that will love him just by imagining them intently... but unfortunately he has some difficulty controlling the power, and ends up manifesting the women he fantasizes about, who are all born with randomized personalities and quirks (some of whom won’t be pleased when they discover he only created them by imagining a hot body too intently while masturbating).
  • Or maybe there’s a computer game company staffed only by women programmers, artists, and so on, which despite creating some critically acclaimed games has just been bought by a powerful coroporation, and the representative sent to whip the anarchic crew into good (and profitable) team players for the corporation is a junior executive just getting started on his climb up the corporate ladder... and now he faces the unenviable task of domesticating the stubborn and belligerent wildcats who were happy doing things their own way.
  • Or maybe some mysterious force is randomly granting superpowers to humans... all of whom happen to be hot girls... and the government/military/secret organization has tasked him with rounding up the would-be-supers and training them.

Whatever the story, I’d imagine any game like this would be somewhat light-hearted and fun. I’d happily play multiple girls for your poor, put-upon boy, or if you want to do it the other way you could play multiple boys for my frazzled girl.

Pulp fiction

Desire: ★★★☆☆   

It must have figured she’d be easy prey
because she’s walking around in
practically nothing,
with no space helmet.
I’m sure the spaceman will
get around to shooting it.
Any minute now.

The heyday of the pulp magazine was a wee bit before my time, but who doesn’t love them old-time yarns? The best part had to be the covers, which routinely featured lantern-jawed men of action holding a scantily clad damsel in torn clothing with one hand, while they use the other to beat back some alien, beast, robot, or other monstrous menace with fist or ray gun, with an atomic rocket to Venus or a villain’s doomsday device filling the background. But the men weren’t all clean-cut hero types, and the dames weren’t all damsels. Pulp had more than its share of rugged hero-without-a-name types, and plenty of femme fatales.

No genre was safe from pulpification. Pulp stories included soaring space operas, Orwellian nightmare futures, swashbuckling adventures on the high seas, smoke-filled clubs run by mobsters with Tommy guns, lost worlds with living dinousaurs or massively overgrown insects, hidden civilizations quick to capture intruders to sacrifice them to some hideous beast or the local gods, and globe-trotting treasure hunts into the most dangerous unexplored parts of Earth. Generally, the pulp philosophy was: “Fuck realism, let’s make this as thrilling as possible.”

Saria want.

The pistol’s just for things
too far to punch.

It’s more about the attitude and the style than the specific setting or story. It’s about letting your imagination just go wild, and introducing action and peril at every turn. It’s about rollicking, sweeping adventure just for the sake of adventure, without worrying about the moral or the message. There is no deep exploration of a concept, and the story shouldn’t dwell for too long dealing with a particular problem or type of problem. It’s all about being kinetic.

And the characters should be dynamic and colourful, too. Pulp heroes are the stuff of legend: Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Captain Future, Buck Rogers, James “Biggles” Bigglesworth, Indiana Jones – not to mention modern incarnations like Lara Croft and Nathan Drake. They were all about being larger than life, not necessarily realistic. For example, Doc Savage was a “physician, surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher, and... a musician” (à la Buckaroo Banzai), and has “great strength and endurance, a photographic memory, a mastery of the martial arts, and vast knowledge of the sciences”. We don’t necessarily need to go that over-the-top, of course.

Quit with the hysterics, doll face.
There’s a motherfucking electrician at work.

(Naturally a lot of these stories were products of their time, so they’re often rife with racism, sexism, and other such icky stuff. We don’t need to replicate that part of the flavour, of course.)

I have dozens pulpy plots already vaguely roughed out, or we can try to pulpify one of the plots listed in this request thread, or we can just craft one from scratch. We can do this far-future science fictional, or we can do it in period (albeit a stylized version of the period). Or we could try to make a modern pulp story – that might be interesting, too.
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Offline SariaTopic starter

Inspirational pictures

These are pictures for which I don’t have any specific plot in mind. Generally, they’re pictures that seem to suggest plots, characters, settings, or scenes I might like, but I haven’t really hashed out the details.

You could come up with an idea based on one of the pictures, or you could simply use the pictures to give you an idea of what kind of things appeal to me.

(If you’re curious about any of the images themselves, each has a link to the Elliuiki page for the image. There you can usually find larger versions, plus all the information I have about it (and any information others have added). Of course, you’re free to use any of these images, too.)

Desire: ★★★★☆   

Desire: ★★★½☆   

Desire: ★★★☆☆   

Desire: ★★★½☆   New! (2016-04-12)

Desire: ★★★☆☆   

Desire: ½☆☆☆☆   

Has she just discovered she might be an android? Or did she already know, but now realizes she is on the verge of being replaced?

Desire: ★★★½☆   New! (2016-04-12)

Desire: ★★½☆☆   

Is she a shipwreck survivor? Or is she a native of this place, seeing strangers coming for the first time?

Desire: ★★☆☆☆   

Desire: ★☆☆☆☆   

Desire: ★★½☆☆   

A slave gladiator forced to fight to entertain her masters? Or a warrior hunting beasts in a ruined world?

Desire: ★★★★½   

Thrown into the wall with such spectacular force it blew all her clothes off, yet she still emerges calmly as if nothing happened. Awesome.

Desire: ★☆☆☆☆   

Desire: ★★☆☆☆   

Is she embarrassed to be a model for these pleasure bots? Or is she one herself? Did she not know?

Desire: ★★½☆☆   

Did she get up there herself? Was she put there as some kind of punishment – maybe even an execution? Does she even know why she’s up there herself?

Desire: ★★☆☆☆   

Is that Earth? Is she from Earth? Has she travelled in time? Far past or distant future?

Desire: ★★★★½   

Everything about this is just hilariously awesome, from the bizarre way she gets to her feet, to the casual hair flip, to the fact that she was under there in the first place.

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Offline SariaTopic starter

Books, film, and other media inspirations

These are books, films, series, webcomics, and other sources that I found interesting, and struck me as having the possibility to base a story on.

Note that I don’t intend to actually play the stories themselves, or even the characters or in the story’s universe at all. I just use them as inspiration for an entirely original universe, with entirely original characters and and entirely original story. I borrow ideas and themes from the stories, but that’s about it.

Also note that this list doesn’t necessarily represent stuff I think is good. There are lots of things I haven’t included on this list that I absolutely love, but they just don’t seem (to me) to have any ideas that can be leveraged into a good game. And there are some things on this list that are pure trash, but somewhere within the garbage is a gem of an idea that might be repurposed to make a wicked game.


★★★★☆   Destination: Void   Frank Herbert   1966   
★★★☆☆   Doomsday Book   Connie Willis   1992   Or any of the other books in her time travel series.
★★½☆☆   Dorsai!   Gordon Dickson   1960   
★★★½☆   Enemy Mine   Barry B. Longyear   1979   
★★☆☆☆   The Forever War   Joe Haldeman   1974   
★★★★☆   Gateway   Frederick Pohl   1977   
★★½☆☆   The Humanoids   Jack Williamson   1949   
★★★★★   Old Man’s War   John Scalzi   2005   
★★★★☆   Rendezvous with Rama   Arthur C. Clarke   1972   
★★★★½   The Running Man   Richard Bachman   1982   Preferably the book version, but the movie version is okay too.
★★½☆☆   Starship Troopers   Robert A. Heinlein   1959   

Anime and manga

★½☆☆☆   Accel World      2012   
★★½☆☆   All You Need Is Kill      2004   
★½☆☆☆   Aquarion Evol      2012   
★★★½☆   Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova   蒼き鋼のアルペジオ ‐アルス・ノヴァ‐   2013   Doesn’t necessarily need to involve naval vessels, though that would be fine.
★★½☆☆   Bodacious Space Pirates   モーレツ宇宙海賊   2012   
★★½☆☆   Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040      1998–1999   
★★☆☆☆   Cat Planet Cuties   あそびにいくヨ!   2010   
★★☆☆☆   Dirty Pair      1980–2007   
★★★☆☆   Fate/Stay Night      2006   
★★★☆☆   Fate/Zero      2010–2011   
★½☆☆☆   Flame of Recca   烈火の炎   1995–2002   
★★★★½   Gantz      2004   Either the anime, manga, or film versions, up to the point before they diverge significantly.
★★★½☆   Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet   翠星のガルガンティア   2013   
★☆☆☆☆   Hyouka   氷菓   2012   
★★★☆☆   IS <Infinite Stratos>      2011–2014   
★★★☆☆   Infinite RYVIUS   無限のリヴァイアス   1999–2000   Obviously with the crew’s ages advanced a bit.
★★½☆☆   Knights of Sidonia   シドニアの騎士   2014–2015   
★★★☆☆   Log Horizon      2013–2015   
★★★☆☆   Lost Universe      1998   
★★★½☆   Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team   機動戦士ガンダム 第08MS小隊   1996–1999   
★★★★½   Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse      2012   
★★☆☆☆   My-HiME   舞-HiME   2004–2005   Either the anime or manga versions.
★★★☆☆   Sekirei   セキレイ   2008–2010   
★★★★½   Starship Operators      2005   
★★★☆☆   They Were Eleven   11人いる!   1975   
★½☆☆☆   Those Who Hunt Elves   エルフを狩るモノたち   1996–1997   
★★½☆☆   Time of Eve   イヴの時間   2008–2009   
★★★★☆   The Twelve Kingdoms   十二国記   2002–2003   
★★★☆☆   Zegapain      2006   


★★★☆☆   Barbarella   1968   
★★★½☆   Battle Royale   2000   It would be better to advance the ages a bit; doesn’t need to be students.
★★☆☆☆   Cat Women of the Moon   1953   
★★★½☆   Cube   1997   
★★★☆☆   Death Race 2000   1975   
★★★½☆   Ex Machina   2015   
★★★☆☆   Exam   2009   
★★★★☆   Flash Gordon   1997   
★★★½☆   GalaxyQuest   1999   
★★★½☆   Gamer   2009   
★★★★☆   Ghostbusters   1984   
★★★½☆   Highlander   1986   
★½☆☆☆   In Time   2011   
★★½☆☆   Kingsman: The Secret Service   2015   
★★★☆☆   Logan’s Run   1976   
★★★☆☆   Men in Black   1997   
★★★☆☆   Monsters   2010   
★★★½☆   Pacific Rim   2013   
★★★★☆   Push   2009   
★★★½☆   Series 7: The Contenders   2001   
★★★☆☆   Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow   2004   
★★★☆☆   Soldier   1998   
★★½☆☆   Stargate   1994   
★★★★½   Tron Legacy   2010   
★★☆☆☆   Universal Soldier   1992   
★★½☆☆   Westworld   1973   

Series and miniseries

★★★★½   Andromeda   2000–2005
★★★★☆   Blake’s 7   1978–1981
★★★½☆   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century   1979–1981
★★★★☆   Dr. Who   1963–
★★★☆☆   Farscape   1999–2003
★★★½☆   Sliders   1995–2000
★★½☆☆   Stargate SG-1   1997–2007


★★½☆☆   Front Mission 4   2003
★★★☆☆   Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3   2006
★★★½☆   Star Ocean: Till the End of Time   2003
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Offline SariaTopic starter

Final notes

So you’ve read through the things I’m looking for in a game, and something has inspired you? Wonderful! Here are a few extra things you might want to know about me, how I play, and so on.

  • Forums and PMs only, and only on Elliquiy. No exceptions.
  • I prefer long-term games, not quickies.
  • I’m a very undemanding partner. I write long, detailed posts, and spend lots of time world-building and character-creating in excruciating detail, but I don’t expect my partners to do the same. (Unless you want to, of course.)
  • I tend to respond less quickly, but I write lengthy responses. 4–6 paragraph posts are the norm for me, with much longer ones for special occasions.
  • I love spending oodles of time and effort on world-building, and on developing detailed back-stories and characteristics for the characters, places, and other things in a story.
  • I also love doing lots of plotting and discussing for games I play. I like partners I can communicate with, and discuss things.
  • I don’t mind sex in a game, or even lots of sex in a game, or even a game being designed with lots of sexiness or to cater to certain kinks. But there must be a story to justify the sexiness; the game should be a game with an interesting and immersive story that happens to have sex, not a sex game that just happens to have a story.
  • The upshot of all of the above is that I want stories, characters, and settings that are complex, deep, immersive and challenging – that are worth exploring, and digging into. If all you’re after is getting your jollies, I’m afraid I am not the partner for you.

There are two more things that I hate to bring up, but experience has taught me that I have to make them crystal clear up front. So please bear with me.

First: I’m into story, not sex. You’ll notice none of my wants are just pairs of characters like “student × teacher”, because to me that means nothing: You have a student and a teacher... so what? (Yes, I know the implication is they’ll have sex, but that’s my point; there’s nothing to it except “... and they fuck”.) I don’t mind sex in a story – in fact I don’t mind tons of sex in a story – but it has to be sex... in a story. The focus is the story; the story isn’t just there to provide an excuse for the sex. (And as a corollary, the story doesn’t end with sex; the characters should have some other goal they’re after.)

Second: I am not my character(s). It might seem strange to be saying this, but I am fed up with people thinking that just because my character falls for their character, that must mean I’m falling for them. Or just because my character is into something kinky or dark, that must mean I’m into it, too. Each of my characters has their own preferences, their own desires, their own ons-and-offs, and their own hang-ups, and none of them are mine. (And as a corollary, that means that if there’s a certain kink you want one of my characters to be in to, or to cater to – even if it’s something I’m personally not in to – no problem. This is why the only things in my ons-and-offs are story-related stuff, not sex-related stuff.)

In summary, I’m a very easy-going partner, who puts a lot into games, but doesn’t really demand all that much from partners, and will never nitpick or criticize. I like to put a lot into world-building, character creation, and writing detailed posts, but I don’t expect the same from my partner. All I ask is that you help make our game interesting, deep, immersive, and challenging, and that you’re not just playing for masturbation fuel (though I’ll happily provide you with some, if you’re making the game enjoyable for me) or just as an excuse to talk or flirt (that has happened far too many times for me not to mention it, frustratingly).

That’s about all I can think to say for now! Questions? Comments? Propositions? Just send me a PM, or contact me via Elliquiy’s IRC channels (just say my name in either channel to get my attention), or leave a message in this thread.
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Offline SariaTopic starter

And now I'm open for bidness!

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Okay, I SERIOUSLY underestimated the response I was going to get to this. :P The request has only been up for ~30 hours and it's not even finished yet, and I've already got more than 30 really good responses. You people are awesome. ❤

Let me first say, I will respond to all messages. It... will just take some time. :P I'm sorry, but I'm absolutely swamped with messages! :-[ And it doesn't seem to be slowing down yet. But I will respond to everyone... eventually. ;D

If you don't get a response from me right away, or even within a day or two, please just be patient! I will respond to everything. (And if I don't, it's because I just missed your message in the flood. But I'm trying hard not to do that!)

By the way, the quality of the responses has been uniformly outstanding. I expected that I'd get only a handful of really good responses, then a bunch of... meh... responses. I was wrong! I have yet to get a single response that didn't make me go "wow". Every single response has been amazing. No exceptions. There is literally not a single one that I can look at and go, "nah, not this one". If I'm going to start trimming down the responses - and I'm really going to have to, because I can't do 20-odd games at the same time! - I'm going to have to be really picky... which is really unlike me, so I don't know how I'll manage. :'(

But I'm not complaining! This is an awesome problem to have.

One question I've got a few times, and that I probably should have made clear above, is that I am open to playing different genders, and I am open to playing same-sex relationships. A few people have asked in particular if I'd be willing to do a harem anime game with a female protagonist and female harem (so a yuri harem anime game, I guess): yes, definitely, I'd be happy to do that.

Oh, and I just have to drop this here - it was a gift from Chronoclasm: a poem for me! I've added some formatting and done some light editing (just changing the quotes and dashes to typographical quote and dash characters), but otherwise here it is as Chronoclasm wrote it. I hope all those I've stirred into seeking enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

        A Goddess of the Stars on High

by Chronoclasm

A goddess of the stars on high,
Her rings are borne round planets;
Where men and women ask her “Why?”
That question? She can’t stand it.

   And so she moves forth from that place,
   To find a new beginning;
   But new people then come to embrace,
   The goddess they see spinning.

She once again becomes their dream,
Becomes their fear and worry;
And “Why?” they once again all scream,
Demanding in their fury.

   Thus the cycle starts all over,
   With her forever flying free;
   The mortals reaching to uncover
   The goddess they can’t see.

One day she finds a quiet spot;
Where the sky is dark and stars don’t shine.
And there she wonders with her heart,
If there’s truly joy in the divine.

   “Of course there is,” soft voices utter,
   While she looks around to find the speakers;
   “You give hope and love to those you stir,
   “And transform them into seekers.”

The words ring true—and stun,
So she gently thanks those unseen faces,
Before leaving for a brand new sun,
A whole new place with whole new races.

   And so she carries forward now
   Bringing light throughout the galaxy;
   A shining shield, a breaking prow,
   A bulwark against entropy.

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Finally finished the long-overdue update! Now the request thread is finally finished (it was never properly finished before), so from this point on I can just update it with content as I please.