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Author Topic: Affairs of the Heart (M seeking F)  (Read 383 times)

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Affairs of the Heart (M seeking F)
« on: November 27, 2015, 01:21:56 pm »
If you are interested in any of the below ideas, send me a messagge and we can brainstorm some ideas.

Husband / Mistress
Wife / Lover
Father / Daughters Friend
Father / Sons Girlfriend
Mother / Sons Friend
Mother / Daughters Boyfriend
Boyfriend / Girlfriends Mother
Boyfriend / Girlfriends Sister
Girlfriend / Boyfriends Father
Girlfriend / Boyfriends Brother
Married Couple / Teen Girl
Married Couple / Teen Boy
Swinger / Relucatant Swinger
Reluctant Swinger / Reluctant Swinger

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Re: Affairs of the Heart (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2015, 09:59:04 am »
The Helping Hand
Andrew had broken his wrist and hand. Both were in cast - including his fingers - which meant he only had the use of one hand! It was driving him crazy. He needed help with virtually everything and he hated feeling so helpless. He had always been an independent teen and now he had to rely on other people. He couldn't drive, he couldn't play video games, and more importantly, he couldn't jerk off! It had been nearly 3 weeks since he had last gotten off.

Sarah was his mothers bestfriend. She was often over, helping with things or using their pool. She was married, too, and Andrew had always had a crush on her. She had this one bikini that, well, Andrew used the image of her in that bikini to jerk off. She had been helping out with Andrew as well - checking in on him when his mother was out. Andrew had been watching a lot of movies -- to the point that he was pretty much done with watching movies. He wanted to get out, to be more active, and to get the bloody caste off his hand!

Andrew heard the shower stop so gave it a few minutes before heading that way. The door was left open too so Andrew stepped inside and awkwardly began to undress. That was when Sarah walked back in, just wrapped in a towel. She had popped out to let the dog outside to do its business. She got a full frontal of her friends son, her eyes immediately drawn to his package. He was huge, even in his flaccid state, putting her own husband to shame. It was not something she would easily be able to put out of her mind. He asks her to open the shampoo and shower gell before she left (those were hard to do with one hand) and is not surprised to find her waiting outside once he is done.

She asks if she can help him with anything - getting dressed, getting him a drink, doing his laundry, etc etc, until she blurts out 'Can I give you a handjob?'. Neither are quite sure how to react, but for Andrew, nearly 3 weeks of no being able to jerk off meant he really needed a hand. Laying down on his bed, he waits for Sarah, who has to use two hands and lotion on his big cock, helping him in a way no mother ever could.

Over the coming days, Sarah can not get the size of him out of her mind, a handjob leading to a blowjob, leading to a tit-job, leading to...will she really go all the way with her bestfriends son?

Andrew, married for 25 years, had two daughters, the oldest of which was in college. It was spring break and they had gone down to the beach, his oldest daughter and one of her college roommates coming with them. Andrew was looking forward to getting to the beach and destressing though he still had some work to do. Their beach house was relatively secluded as well so it would be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

He had never met his sisters roommate before but when he did, his jaw nearly hit the floor. She was beautiful - supermodel beautiful - every curve of her body perfect. He was smitten. As he got to know her he also realized that she was intelligent as well, something that turned him on even more. Beauty AND brains. And she was very coy, flirting with him. He would find himself staring at her. She would turn and spot what he was doing, giving him a warm smile in response, or jutting her hip out just a little more. The sexual tension began to build.

His wife and daughter decided they needed to go shopping in town, which was an hour away. Lizzie however did not feel like going shopping and would rather spend time at the beach. Her bikinis left little to be imagined and Andrew found himself with hardons around the girl half his age. When his wife and daughter left, he found himself rubbing lotion onto the beautiful body.

Later that evening, his wife called him letting him know that they were having car troubles and would be spending the night in the town. Andrew was fine with that, changing the dinner reservation from 4 to 2. The dress she wore hugged her body and Andrew thought she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Their flirtation continued through dinner and took a turn when asking her about boyfriends. She revealed that she was tired of college boys - all they wanted to do was get in your panties, get a blowjob, and get drunk. But that was okay with her. She had found a website and was dating an older man that she had met on him. He knew how to make love, how to fuck her really good, and had a nice hard cock. She flushed with embarrasment at her words and Andrew found himself with another hardon. She pulled him onto a dancefloor, grinding against his arousal, hands rubbing over each others bodies, before they decided to leave.

On the ride back home, she came onto him, grabbing his erection before giving him a blowjob. He had to pull over into an empty parking lot - the wine and blowjob combining to make him an unsteady driver. Afterwards, he was half distracted as she finger-banged herself the rest of the way home. It was all they could do not to strip each other naked before reaching the bedroom, where a night of fun and lust awaited.

Tuning into the BBC
Sarah was happily married. She had a cookie-cutter life. Everything was as it should be. But not everything was as it seemed. Sarah was having an affair with her husbands brother. They were only able to meet about once a month, but it was enough. He was firm with her, treating her the way she wanted to be treated, being rough with her in the bed. She was a submissive at heart but her husband was a weakling. She loved him but he always seemed to have to jerk himself to get himself hard the one night a week they fucked. And he only seemed to be interested in taking her from behind - half the time fucking her in the ass. She certainly loved anal, but with his average sized cock and his desire only to get himself off, well, it left her with much to be desired. Which is how she found herself in her husbands bed in the first place.

Lately, she had been having computer troubles. Luckily, her neighbor (either her age or in the 18 - 21 age range) was a computer whiz and had fixed things for her in the past. So she called him over. He was in his swimming trunks having been lounging by his pool. It gave her a proper chance to look him over. She had never been attracted to a black person before but his toned abs and cum gutters drew her eyes in. Part of her wondered if the rumors were true...

Andrew found the emails she had been writing to her brother-in-law while fooling around on her computer. He could see the submission in her words and knew that if he wanted to be with his crush, he just had to use a firm hand with her. That and the prospect of revealing her affair to her pussy of a was more then enough to make Sarah submit to her neighbor. And it turned out the rumors were true - after that first time, he really didn't need to threaten her after more.

The Secretary
Andrew was a married man, the CEO of a powerful firm. As a favor to his friend, her hired the mans daughter as his personal secretary. She was cute and beautiful and very eager to start working for him. And he found her surprisingly intelligent and well suited to the task. They conversed freely and started to flirt with each other. Subtle hints at first, then lingering touches when she handed him new papers. Small things, starting to turn into bigger things. Then her style of dressing became more revealing, positioning herself in places where he would always get an eyeful.

Then it started happening. Numbers not quite adding up. She was stealing petty, small amounts all of a sudden. Small in the short term but more in the long term. And she was being careless, like she wanted to be caught. So he confronted her, knowing just what sort of punishment she would enjoy. 
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