The Suit and the Seamstress (F seeking M)

Started by Ayla, November 26, 2015, 07:31:17 PM

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Currently looking for a well dressed mobster for a moderately smutty romantic mystery long term play. Light BDSM theme emphasis on the bondage, please and thank thank you! PM if interested.

It’s at the infamous Deja Vu “HE” finds himself frequenting. A high class escort club. Where the men are dangerous and rich and the women are beautiful, and eager to please for the right price of course, however he doesn’t find himself returning for any woman he could buy for the night. No, he keeps returning for the in house entertainment. He doesn’t know her by anything but her stage name: Delaina, but she’s not an escort, she’s not even a dancer. She’s a part of the band. Beautiful as the rest of women in the club but natural, wearing almost no makeup only a dark or sometimes vibrant red lipstick, sometimes she wears none at all. She’s not tall or model skinny, luscious but not overly so, everything about her is subtle aside from her eyes. They drew people in, what kept most of the clients coming back, frustrated that they can’t have the singer on their arm for the night so they spend more money on the others. But, she didn’t see that.

He never hears her speak other than when she sings, and it always seems like she’s singing for him. Flirting with subtle movements or gestures. Aslynne loves seeing him in his usual spot, on his usual day at his usual time, the way he looks at her thrills her, how his eyes never stray even when she’s singing a piece for the girls on stage as they tease and strip and arouse, excites her.

They both want more, but it’s fun playing this little game.

One day he finds himself in possession of Delaina’s well asked for number or rather he finds himself in possession of a rather interesting text from her number.

But, alluring, sexy performer Delaina is nothing more than an act. A face talented seamstress Alice puts on at night too shy to carry on with it during the light hours. Her day job as demure and feminine as it got, seamstressing was hard work, but it was a dying business, her job at the club at first had just been to pay the bills until he came in and made it all the more fun. He helped her breathe new life into her performances without even trying.

The well dressed man makes her feel sexy, forbidden, untouchable, desirable. He gives her a new height to her confidence, makes her feel more of a woman beside some of the most desired ladies in the city. Eventually she does sing for only him, picking her “freetime” songs to flirt, to tease to arouse. When she’s alone at night in her tiny apartment above her shop she imagines what it would be like to share his bed, she likes to imagine that he thinks of her in that exact same way as he touches himself or as he beds another. That’s it’s her face he imagines or her name he moans. The same way she cries out his, imagines it’s his hands on her neglected body or how his lips would feel ghosting over her skin.

It takes them months before “HE” finally gets her real name, by bribing her boss. Using the information to find her small tailor shop. Finding reasons to see her, get her close by getting hand made suits, but still she doesn’t talk to him beyond what is necessary, only laughing at first at a joke or a shy giggle when he’s bold enough to brush a lock of hair out of her face as he enters her shop almost as much as he does the club.

Alice even allows him to sit with her during the day as she works when he can before she would have to close and get ready for her night of singing at the club. Letting lust and emotion slowly build as they finally get to know one another, but the game they play at the club doesn’t lose it’s appeal.

Still he appears in his usual spot on his usual day at his usual time. Still she sings only for him only this time he knows it for sure and as tension builds he knows that soon he can have what no one else can.

But, Alice has some secrets of her own and as dark as his work is and as much as he’d like to believe she doesn’t know what goes on in his world, she has a past and life as dangerous as his.

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