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Started by MagicalPen, November 26, 2015, 08:42:03 AM

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The below ideas are related. The first group are based around my  character, Andrew. Each are designed to be played by one person and do not need to be sequential. I am looking for SUBMISSIVE females for all of these.

The Accidental Master
Andrew, at 18, was in his first year of college. He was a nerd, a geek, and usually pretty shy. He was still a virgin too and had had nothing more then a handjob before. While he had the brains in his family, his younger sister had the l ooks. She was the head cheerleader in the highschool and quite popular, other girls wawnting to be her and be with her. Boys too. And she was quite the tease.

Home for break from college, Andrew couldn't keep his eyes from her in her bathrobe.She teased him, said dirty things to him,  and then grabbed his cock. She let him suck her breasts too. Later that evening, she took him to a party - a party he never went to in higschool - where she revealed herself to be the mistress of a feww other girls. She even made him show them his cock before making one of the girls give him his first blowjob - as another girl ate her out!

But Andrew knew something. Her dominant demeanor was just her being a bully. He knew it all to well. So later that weekend when the family had movie night,  he fingered her and made her give him a handjob, starting to take the reigns from her. In the morning, once their parents had left for church, he woke her up by tying her to the bed, making her openly admit that she wanted to fuck him and be his slave. Andrew was more then happy to make his sister his pet and slave, excercising his new, dominant self.

Another Pet
Andrew was now fucking his submissive sister regularly, but now he wanted more. One of his sisters pets as a shy, nerdy redhead that had never experienced a cock before. Andrew was more than happy to help remedy that - especially when it became clear that the girl had an anal fixation!

The Bullys Mom
Andrew had long been bullied in school. When his sister revealed that she had seduced and submitted one of his bullies mothers, Andrew knew he had to have a piece. She set up a meeting and Andrew learns that his bullies mother is a switch and had pretened to be led on and seduced by his sister. She as more then happy to spread her legs for Andrew, submitting to him and his big cock, while also teaching him a few things about sex and pleasure.

These group of ideas follow Richard. Seeking switch/submissive partners for him. He too will grow into a dominant.

Panty Stealer
Richard thought his sister was hot. He would sneak peeks of her in the shower and masturbate. Lately, he had been stealing her panties from the hamper, smelling them or rubbing them along his cock as he jerked off. Little did he know but his sister had seen him in the shower too and was more then impressed by his cock, having more then one fantasy of her owwn about it.

She waited until she was sure he was jerking off in his room using her panties before she walked in 'accidentally'. She had really just wanted to see it up close and personal, but at its sight she needed more. She wanted to touch it...

Mutual masturbation and oral sex soon become a regular occurence for brother and sister - the former starting to fill with confidence and starts to show dominant tendencies.

Richard and his sister continue their relationship. Richard has also been doing things online, on the webcam his father bought each of them for christmas. He had recieved a message one day from someone called HotMILF4U. He had never seen her face but they both masturbated on camera - hers was the first pussy he had ever seen that was hairless. He also saw her fingering her anus when she masturbated - little did he know that it was his mother, who had seen him jerking off into his sisters panties too.

He starts performing on camera with his sister and its the breaking point for HotMILF4U. She wants to meet, to feel hiscock, but because she is married she cant reveal herself. Meeting in a hotel room with a sheet strung across half the bed lets this happen and Richard experiences a mature lover for the first time. And anal sex. Her voice was distorted by a modulator.
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