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Author Topic: Play with a Kitty? (F for any; non-con themed ideas)  (Read 1414 times)

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Play with a Kitty? (F for any; non-con themed ideas)
« on: November 25, 2015, 04:18:33 pm »
Thanks for checking out my thread ^_^

First of all, please check out my Ons & Offs to get a better idea of what I'm looking for, especially in terms of kinks!

Some other things I should probably mention here:
  • I live in Europe (Finland, to be exact), so if you're from the States, there will be some annoying time zone differences - it won't bother me at all if it doesn't bother you, but it does mean that sometimes replying might be delayed because of dumb time differences.
  • I'm quite busy with my work, especially on weekdays. I work long, late shifts and am generally exhausted when I get home. What this means is that there are many days I just can't find the energy in me to write - especially since I like to put a lot of thought into my posts, and they take me a while to compose. For that reason, if you're looking for a really fast-paced game, I'm probably not the partner for you. A post per week is what I can usually guarantee, and I'll always try to get at least 2-3 posts in a week, but sometimes it really will take me the whole week to come up with a post. I hope you'll have patience with me - and obviously, I won't expect any more fast-paced posting from your side either!
  • That said, my posts will be well thought out, probably at least a few paragraphs long (depending on how much action there is in the scene, of course) and proof-read - I'm not super picky about this, but I do appreciate similar effort! Quality over posting speed for me, please ^_^
  • I'll probably be a bit picky with what stories I take on... it's because I know I can't handle too many, and I want to make sure it's the story I really want to write. Please, please don't take it personally if I say 'no thanks'! Lots of OOC communication to make sure we're on the same page is a must!
  • Please contact me via PM if you're interested!

I don't have a preference for male or female (or other) partners, and I don't mind you playing a character of either sex at all either. What I do have a very big preference for is partners who are willing to communicate a lot, flesh out the story details together, make sure we're both on the same page, and overall tell a story together.

A sexy, sexy story with lots of smut, mind you. But always a real story.
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Offline Pink KittenTopic starter

Re: Play with a Kitty? (F for any; NC themed stories)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2016, 08:39:16 am »
I'm currently only really looking for non-con / dub-con themed stories, and I'm quite unlikely to be really interested in a story that doesn't include those themes. (You can definitely ask and suggest, though!)

My go-to characters tend to be young, pretty, willful, strong and talented girls, who are then in one way or another used, abused, publicly humiliated, tormented both physically and mentally... the public aspect of it all is especially a real kink of mine, and if you're willing to play multiple characters (or have a bunch of NPCs incolved), that's a definite plus for most of the stories I'm interested in.

Below are a few story ideas along these lines, ranging from more "standard" to some pretty silly ideas... None of them are completely fleshed out, intentionally. What I'm hoping is to find someone who gets a spark of inspiration and wants to fill in the gaps together with me, so that it's not "my story" that you're taking part in, but it's "our story" that we've planned together and are both invested in.

Also, if you have an idea that has nothing to do with these, but you think I'll like the themes - please, do throw me a PM! Odds are, I'll really like your idea! :-)

Talk of the School
(high school; non-con, coercion/blackmail, public humiliation, BDSM?)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character is a popular high school student. She's a proper "good girl", very well-liked and respected - a great student, and always very kind and friendly with everyone. One of the prettiest girls at school as well, naturally. She should also be quite well-known around school: maybe she's the student council president, or head cheerleader; or maybe she's just "that nice hot girl" who everyone recognizes simply for her personality and looks. Whatever the reason, most people know her, or at least know of her.

But as well-liked as she is, there is someone, or some people, who want to take her down. They want to embarrass and humiliate my character - out of jealousy, competition, or just sheer lust (as she'd no doubt have her fair share of admirers). To accomplish this, they find a way to blackmail or otherwise coerce my character into performing increasingly humiliating, and increasingly sexual, tasks or dares around the school.

The tasks would start off relatively mild, but get wilder and wilder once the antagonist(s) get more confident with what they can get away with: first she'd have to wear a more revealing outfit than normal to school, then maybe lose the panties under her skirt, then maybe wear a sex toy, wear a sex toy when holding a speech, flash someone, and so forth... until she finds herself tied up naked in the school yard, free for anyone passing by to toy with - and maybe she's secretly enjoying it, or at least getting massively aroused by it!

Now, I'd love it if my partner would mostly decide what the dares actually are, while I'd do my best to react to them and steer my way through the situations. My character would definitely try to fight back and struggle if she sees an opening, but ultimately she'd fail horribly, of course ;-)

What the ultimate goal is for the antagonist(s), and what the final direction of the story is, is very much up in the air for me. This can be anything from a relatively light story of exhibitionism, to one where my character ultimately becomes a plaything for the whole school to use and abuse. (Well, I suppose I would personally rather lean towards the latter, but it's definitely up for discussion!)

I'm looking for a partner of any gender for this. It would be great if you were open to playing multiple characters, as I would love the public aspect in this; but you can definitely have one main antagonist that can be your main character. He or she can be anyone you like - a rival, an admirer, a teacher abusing his/her power, why not even a janitor! Or it can be a group of people, something like a "cool kid's club" who want my character down for whatever reason. So, if you want to approach this more like a GM with no specific character of your own, that is more than fine as well!

The reason I like the idea of a high school setting for this story is, it's kind of a special environment - a closed community where peer pressure, keeping up appearances and other people's opinions feel like the most important thing in the world. In other words, there should be ample opportunities for all kinds of sexy and humiliating situations!

The school itself can be anything really - modern world, some kind of an imaginary boarding school, an anime-like setting even; let me know what you'd prefer!

She's Gonna Go Bareslave?!
(high school; non-con/dub-con, peer pressure, exhibitionism, humiliation, public use?)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In one open-minded high school, there is a long-standing tradition that the junior students will throw a massive, semi-official graduation party for all the graduating seniors. It's an official event only in the sense that the students are allowed to use the school premises for their party and the teachers are involved in opening the ceremonies, but they always leave very shortly after, leaving the students to party as they please. Basically, it's the one event absolutely no one wants to miss: a massive party where kids are able to do whatever they want on the school grounds, party their minds out, and all the staff look the other way because it is tradition.

The junior classes are responsible for organizing the event and, most especially, cleaning up afterwards - it's been made quite clear that the tradition will be allowed to continue only as long as the school is sparkling clean and back to normal the following Monday. It's a fantastic party on Friday, and usually a sad, hung-over weekend spent cleaning for the juniors... but they do it because they want their own party in the upcoming years.

However, a handful of juniors are hand-picked for a different task by the senior students. These lucky juniors are the "slaves". In theory, the slaves are literal slaves to the seniors for one night; there to answer to every call and whim of the seniors, making sure their send-off from the school is as prestigious as it should be. In practice, it's a fancy and intentionally provocative term for what are basically waiters and sometimes performers for the night. There's some banter and good-natured mock hazing going on, but usually the slaves get off much easier than their classmates, get to bask in the spotlight as the center of attention for one night - and most importantly, as their classmates spend the next weekend cleaning up at school, the slaves are invited to join the crazy afterparties with the seniors.

Being selected as a slave is usually something reserved for the popular crowd, and almost everyone actually secretly wish to be picked as one. Names aside, it's the most prestigious award a junior year student can get.


My character is a smart, quiet, reserved junior student - certainly well-liked and pretty, but usually one who just blends in with the background (and enjoys it that way). That's why she is very surprised to hear she has been selected to be a slave in this year's graduation party. She doesn't know who it is who picked her, or why, but she is kind of embarrassed about it - as well as flattered, and really excited, of course!

But even more surprised she is when someone starts spreading the rumors:
"Hey guys, did you hear? She's going to go BARESLAVE!"

"Bareslaves" were an ancient rumor, an urban legend at the school. Everyone claimed to know of someone who knew someone who had been a bareslave, but no one could actually name anyone who had done it. The legend was, those cool enough, crazy enough, and especially brave enough, would serve the whole night completely naked. Just to really give the seniors the send-off they deserved; and also to show how cool and brave they actually were. Now the rumor was, my character was going to be first actual bareslave in living memory.

Of course, she had no intention whatsoever to do that. But you know how rumors among high schoolers work... one day it's a preposterous story, the next... everyone just assumes it to be true, no matter how much you try to deny it.

The craziest part? Everyone is actually really supportive of her, going "good for you!", "you're so cool!" and "can't wait to see you pull it off!"

For the first time in her life, my character really is in the center of attention, and probably the most popular kid at school. It isn't a bad feeling, honestly! But they all expect her to pull it off, be a bareslave... surely she isn't going to...?

This is a premise stolen from a story I read on another site a long time ago, and I find it really interesting. I'd love to explore the idea of peer pressure: when everyone assumes you're going to do something crazy, everyone is already congratulating you for doing it - can you really not to...?

And, eventually - when (I mean, we know it's going to be when ;)) she does take off her clothes... how far will the other students go when there's a sexy, naked girl in front of them, calling herself their "slave"? If the others are taking advantage of the situation... surely it's okay for them to take part as well, just a little bit?

Will her school life ever be the same?

I'm really looking for a partner who would love to flesh out, build and explore this story together!

No Girls Allowed
(military/sports?; non-con, hazing, misogyny, public humiliation/degradation)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is one of those ideas I would absolutely hate in real life, but for some reason it feels like a really kinky idea to explore in an RP...

I'd love to play a lone girl who enters a traditionally male-dominated environment. I'm thinking of some kind of a super elite military unit that traditionally has only had men in its ranks, but is now forced to take in a super-talented female recruit for their boot camp. Or maybe a sports team, perhaps like a high school / college sports team, which has school rule that if a female student passes the tests, they have to take her in the team; or maybe the team is simply ordered to become co-ed, with at least one female player having to make the team.

Whatever the setting, the males in the unit / team are not happy at all. They can't simply kick her out, so they try to smoke her out. They want to make her quit. So they start hazing her, more and more openly. My character being a sexy young girl, it quickly turns into pretty blatant sexual harassment, and beyond. My character is too stubborn to quit, and perhaps too naive to realize any lines have been crossed long ago, so she sticks with it... which only encourages her bullies more and more. Ultimately, they maybe couldn't make her quit, but they definitely made her a public plaything for them all to use...

This is very much just a brainstormed shell of an idea - if it sounds interesting to you, I'd love to discuss it more!

For this story, I definitely would like you to play several characters, since the whole theme is "her versus everyone else". There can definitely be a main antagonist and the rest are more or less minor characters / NPCs, though. Alternatively, I would be open to do it as a small group game, but I'm not very optimistic about finding multiple partners for it... but, I mean, if you know a friend who'd like to join, sure I guess?

Gamer Girl, Streamer Girl
(gaming/esports: non-con, public humiliation, BDSM)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I've lately gotten more into online gaming (after some time off games) and gotten a bit into the whole streaming / esports culture. I'd be really interested in an RP along those themes. I'm not completely sure what it could be, but here's one idea:

My character is a teenage girl who loves gaming, and is very, very good at it. So good, in fact, that she's gone pro in one of the most popular esports games, and is doing very very well. She streams her games on occasion, and has become really popular, both because of her skills and because of her looks - she never sells up her sexuality and always simply focuses on the gameplay in her streams, but she is a very attractive teenage girl, and it can't not affect her popularity, really.

What happens next is a bit open, and I'm hoping for your input... ^_^; Maybe she knocks out a team in a tournament who really, really needed the prize money, and in desperation and rage they (or one of them) kidnaps her and tries to make the money off of her. Or maybe she signs with a new, really prestigious team, moves into their "gaming house" only to find out that they or their manager expects her to make a lot of money for their team in ways she couldn't imagine. Or something.

Either way, she's forced to keep playing and streaming, but while her stream used to be totally family friendly and clean, now it's anything but. She's forced to wear sexy cosplay outfits and such. She's "punished" whenever she dies. Donators get to make wishes if they donate enough - and just about all of those wishes have to be fulfilled. And soon enough, her stream is pretty much a porn stream where she's at the mercy of the viewers - and stream viewers are not known to be a very kind bunch...

I see this as a bit of a silly, ridiculous, light-hearted story (if you can believe it, considering the non-conness of it all!) Basically, I'd like to have fun with the whole "Twitch chat" thing of it all; like, what would happen if the viewers actually were in control of what's being done to the streamer... such as, donators can make wishes, strawpolls for "what kind of a bondage predicament should she be today" or "which dildo should we use on her" and so forth... all accompanied with Kappas, LULs and all those obnoxious Twitch memes as much as possible.

Bit of a silly idea, I know! If you think you have a better idea around the same theme, I'd be more than happy to hear about it :)

Sexy Little Scapegoat
(school, non-con, public humiliation, sexual torment, device bondage)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A private school full of extremely talented but also extremely delinquent students decides to take drastic measures to make their students behave: they know they can never catch the culprits when something happens around the school - the students are too bright to get caught. So instead they take the student council president, a bright young girl, to represent the whole school.

At the start of each school week, she's taken to the school lobby and tied up in a ceremony which the whole school is forced to watch. Then they read out all the misdemeanors and commendations that's happened in the school during the past week. For each misdemeanor, the council president is physically punished, and for each commendation, she is given a reward, decided by the student who earned the commendation. The train of thought behind it is that peer pressure and embarrassment would make the students behave better, since no one wants to see an innocent person punished for their actions.

Unfortunately, the students are even more delinquent than expected. One or more of them start earning those commendations and using them to "reward" the council president - by having her be sexually humiliated and tormented in ways they invent! Eventually, it becomes a real competition among the pervy students as to who comes up with the most devious, creative and - of course - sexy ways to torment the poor council president. Predicaments, machines, whatever their commendation affords them is allowed~

The school is shocked, but then again, this system *is* making the students actually want those commendations and behave better, so they decide to just roll with it, and even encourage it. The "once a week" schedule stretches out due to popular demand, until the president is basically tied up and tormented 24/7 - it destroys one bright student's grades, of course, but what is that compared to the good of the entire academy?

A very smutty and very silly idea I've had in my head for a while!... This would just be a smutty little one-off, most likely. If you're interested or have ideas to develop it in a different direction, let me know!

Display of a Princess
(fantasy; non-con, public humiliation, sexual torment, device bondage, BDSM, etc)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I've developed a real craving to play a young beautiful princess who's deviously (and publically) tormented and humiliated ^^;

I imagine a world where the royal family is driven from power: maybe there's a coup and a new king has taken the throne, or maybe a neighboring country, or a band of barbarians or orcs has taken over the kingdom. Either way, my princess represents the old regime, and the new leaders want to make a display of her: use her to show the people how the old king really has no power and his family is worse off than slaves now! Maybe she's tormented in front of her own loving people to kill their morale (or even tempt them to join in and turn on the princess), or maybe she's taken to the conqueror's own land and shown off as a prize.

An alternative twist I find interesting is forcing the princess to become a "gladiator" or sorts, making her take part in battles and challenge courses on the arena in front of the crowds: the challenges of course being of a sexual tormenting nature, and the battles being against beasts trying to have their way with her.

Either way, I'd like this to tread as closely to the Extreme limits as my o/o's allow (no blood, gore, mutilation and the like); would love to discuss the limits in detail. As well as other details - I know this is a very rough shell of an idea, but maybe it inspires someone :)

Allods Online
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Okay, now this is REALLY a long shot, but why the heck not ask, eh?

I used to play this game called Allods Online a ton some years ago. I absolutely love the world, and would love to write a story based in there - with someone who has also played the game and knows the world.

If you're into the themes presented here (non-con etc), all the better! But this is one of those themes where I wouldn't mind writing just a nice romantic story or something, either. Just let me know if you love (or used to love) Allods, and let's discuss! :-)
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Re: Play with a Kitty? (F for any; NC themed stories)
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2016, 08:40:10 am »
Giving this a long-overdue edit and bump.

Very selectively looking for a story or two, which is just about all I can probably handle at the moment... give me a PM if anything catches your eye, or if you have some ideas of your own you think I might like!

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Re: Play with a Kitty? (F for any; non-con themed ideas)
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2016, 03:05:35 pm »
Looking for a story or two for the new year. Revised and added some ideas, hit me up with yours! :)