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December 03, 2016, 02:00:18 PM

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Author Topic: Night Time Cravings (M f F, or two)  (Read 509 times)

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Night Time Cravings (M f F, or two)
« on: November 23, 2015, 11:28:55 PM »
I have been reclusive, in the world of PM and IM roleplay for some time, but I am looking to get back into forum posting. A lot of my best and greatest RP has been over private message, so I'm not knocking it, I just want to do something a little different from what I have been. I will still except roleplay via PM or messenger, but I am primarily looking for forum roleplay via this thread.

A lot of my ideas here are hybrids of other things that have worked for me, specific kinks, or new ideas. I enjoy romance and story, but I like to punctuate it with highly-descriptive smut as well. I can adjust my style to my partner, but one thing I ask is that my partner not be shy about overly descriptive, long scenes when we get to actual sexual content.

I am mostly a dominant player. I like scenes where either I play the dominant role or we have a switch or equal relationship, but I am not a fan of playing a fully submissive character.

I like using avatars/pictures for inspiration in my character descriptions. To that end, I'd like my partner to pick my avatar for me, because I want to make sure it is something that jives with what they are looking for. On the same note, I have looks in mind for the characters they will play. This isn't always the most welcome of ideas, but the basics of it are: I pick who you play and you pick who I play.

Please PM me if you are interested. No plot is set completely in stone.

For length: I prefer 2-4 paragraph responses, but I also understand the necessity of shorter posts to bridge gaps and longer posts to set particularly image-intense scenes. My posts average 3 paragraphs, but my upper limit is probably 6 or 7 if needed. In short, I will generally keep pace with whatever my partner does, but I find 8-10 paragraph long posts more one-sided than story-driven, and single sentence responses far too little to reply to.

Now, to the plots.

Biggest Cravings:

The Uncontrollable Muse
There are too different approaches we can take to this one.  The first is that my character is a modern day artist, and yours is the muse. As a mythological spirit, she manifests to help improve his creativity, and she does so by seducing him with her unnaturally powerful sexual energy. He is drawn in, but she quickly finds that she has grown an addiction to him. She no longer wants to visit her other artists. His daringness in the bedroom has made her fall in love with him, and she hasn't experienced anything like it in thousands of years. As things progress, other mythological entities begin to interfere in the relationship.
An alternative to this would be that yoru character is a pop star, and I play the muse. For the most part many of the plot points stay the same, but the muse stays the more dominant role in this version.
For this you have to be ok with light bondage, being dominated, squirting, and marathon sex. This will still have plenty of plot, but it will be very smut heavy as well.

Other Cravings:

Outlaw Country

In an American West stylized with a bit of a Steampunk element, he's an outlaw that has been on the town's bad side for half a decade now. It started small, and righteous; the lawmen framed him and he had to get out of town. He took a bad turn by seeking revenge on the folk of the dusty little hamlet, robbing their bank on the regular, setting horses and bows loose. Her whole life she's heard stories about him, and in many ways has become enamored with all of the urban legends. There's one small problem: she's the Sheriff's daughter. Now of age, she's the prime target in the outlaw's next caper. This time? A kidnapping to get back at the town's lawmen for good. But her? She's already in love with him. her capture only exasperates her attraction to him, and when he makes the suggestion that he might have his way with her, she's more than willing to let him take her innocence and be dominated by him. What follows is adventure as the two fall in love and become partners in crime.

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Eye on the Prize (M x F x F)
Deadshot and Harley Quinn, recent escapees from the Suicide Squad, don't really have anywhere to go for the time being. Harley wants to get back with Mistah J, but when she learns he's got a new honey, it's time for a little revenge. That's where Ivy comes in. What better way to piss of the clown than film a scene of night-long ecstasy with her former lover, and the new guy? Of course, they might not all agree. Maybe the cameras are hidden. The point though? Their threesome leads to all sorts of drama between them, as well as an antagonist in a not-too-happy Joker.

If we cannot find a third partner, I am willing to modify this into a one on one story, or perhaps have you play two characters if you are up for it.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

To the Top

Two friends decide to challenge each other to a Summer-long hike in the wilderness. Their playful banter underlies an ignorance that each one is attracted to the other. As their hike continues, the sexual tension reaches a high point and they start making taboo moves on one another before at last giving in. In the nights that follow, they get lost and soon realize they were under prepared for the challenges they would face out in the mountains. They have to rely on each other to survive while also exploring their new budding relationship. Days are filled with attempting to retrace their steps back to the trail or find food, nights are filled with carnal, over-the-top sex on the mountainside. Filled with adventure, romance, and smut.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In Progress:

The Vampire Diplomat

In a near-future where vampires and humans have been forced to coexist for their mutual survival, a new vampire leader has risen that seeks more direct dominance over the human race. He sends her, a vampire diplomat, to discuss terms with the humans to make things as painless as possible for them: the vampires intend to take all of the land and leave the humans without a nation of their own, become the new upper class in not just their own country, but the world. The catch is, they want to do it without war, as the losses of human life would surely cut down on available blood sources. She is there to negotiate this transition peacefully. What she didn't count on was that the man she is dealing with, a former soldier and interrogator, has addictive blood. She can sense it through his skin, and it only amplifies an intense physical attraction that she already has to him. She walks into the meeting as the dominant predator, only to find he has a way to subdue her, to make her his. Their relationship and disagreements are tumultuous as they constantly try to gain the upper hand, almost in a love/hate way. They cannot stop their bodies, however, and they never leave a meeting without a marathon of sex and blood swapping that leaves them both questioning the motives of their nations.
These carnal passions make them seek out their basest desires in one another, turning into a primal love that cannot be stopped.
w/ Chantal

Tattooed Innocence (M x F)
He's a tattoo artist that is really good at what he does. All the tattoo conventions, the street cred, and awards don't mean much in the grand scheme; to many being a local celebrity  means a lot of fake friends and a bit of a hollow life. Still, it results in a very active love life, and enough money to be comfortable, even if most of the masses still see the piercings and tattoos and think of him as street trash.
Her? She's the daughter of a celebrity. A music industry snob that has been overly sheltered most of her life, while still being exposed to the bright lights. It's exactly the type of mix that leads to child stars gone wild as adults. She's 20, still a virgin, but looking to get rebellious. For her 21st birthday, she wants a tattoo. She wanders into his shop, and the attraction between them is palpable.
She wasn't ready for what that attraction would bring. He's experienced, dominant, and not above breaking her a little bit.

More to Come...
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Re: Night Time Cravings (M f F, or two)
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2015, 09:26:27 PM »
Added "To The Top" and moved "Tattooed Innocence" to progress.

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Re: Night Time Cravings (M f F, or two)
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2016, 10:50:06 AM »
Returned "Tattooed Innocence" to biggest cravings. Holidays disrupted the thread.

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Re: Night Time Cravings (M f F, or two)
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2016, 12:12:15 PM »
Added "The Vampire Diplomat" to biggest cravings.

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Re: Night Time Cravings (M f F, or two)
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2016, 11:11:05 PM »