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Author Topic: The Vixen {Seeking longterm M or F}  (Read 490 times)

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Offline beautifulexhaleTopic starter

The Vixen {Seeking longterm M or F}
« on: November 19, 2015, 11:29:55 PM »
Chapter One: ďCasting OffĒ

By day I live as Nick McCarthy. I float upstream with the rest of the other 9-5 drones Monday thru Friday. I share a cubicle with an obnoxious slob by the name of Randy who insists on eating every meal over his keyboard. Iíve gotten better at blocking it out. My boss is a kiss ass, but he mostly leaves me be. I punch in. I punch out. I go home.

I drive a nice car. Itís leased. Itís a status symbol I suppose. I live uptown in a nice three-bedroom condo. My fiancee Jen likes the luxury of it all. She likes our neighbors too. But then talks shit about them once theyíre out of ear shot. I hate that about her. Jen has an annoying laugh that starts to rake your nerves raw after awhile.

Somedays I just want to scream.

But itís my little hobby that keeps me sane. I travel a lot for my job. New city just about every week. I spend a lot of time alone and living out of hotel rooms. This is where I get to indulge. No one would know or expect, but I have a female persona that goes by the name Paige.

I love being Paige. Sheís edgy, sexy, seductive, and confident. Sheís well spoken, articulate and one heck of a good date. She can be what I canít be as Nick. She can be dark, intriguing, mysterious. She can steal the attention of the room with her jet black hair and pale skin. Just last year I started to welcome the male attention my female persona gets. Itís been hard to look back. When I get to be Paige thereís freedom. Thereís no inhibitions. I love the other travelers that I meet that wine and dine me. I love the weekend romances and of course Ö the smoking hot sex.

The longer I spend as Paige the harder it is to go back to being Nick. I worry about that sometimes. I think about what Jen would think if she knew that I have better sex with the men who take me out. That some of the passion and connection I feel with them can't rival what her and I have. It's a mind trip to say the least.

Tonight, however, Iím a little nervous. Iím going to be heading to dinner in a bit to meet one of my usual dates. But things are a little different this time. Weíre both here in Chicago for the week and heís asked me to spend the week as his fiancee. Itís just for show of course, but thatíll be the longest I have spent as Paige. Iím nervous because Iím afraid how Iíll feel once the week has passed.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read. I know it was long, but my intent was to attract the right kind of writer for a tale like this. I'm hoping this will garner replies. This is just one direction the story can go. Let's figure out who your character is. Let's chat and see what sounds the most fun for this.

I'm looking for something with a slow, intense build up, and something sensual and very erotic. My limits are incest, scat, urine, animals, anything really extreme. Not looking for abuse or bondage. Please be a good writer! Trust me it'll be worth it.

When you message me let's work on some backstory. I'd love to be able to get a long form story out of this.

Simple enough? Awesome. Let's have fun!
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Offline beautifulexhaleTopic starter

Re: The Vixen {Seeking longterm M or F}
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 04:17:09 PM »
Blowing the dust off this and giving it a bump to see if anyone might be interested.