Snow White Queen (F lf M)

Started by The Dark Raven, November 18, 2015, 09:16:53 PM

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The Dark Raven

Snow White Queen

Option 1 (Historical):  The fate of Queen Anne is unknown.  A whirlwind at court, she charmed the King and made formidable allies and enemies at home and abroad, but with the lack of a male heir to Henry’s throne and his turning interests to other, younger, prettier courtier’s daughters, she must find a way to pique his interest once more.

Option 2 (Fantasy):  Wars have ripped apart the country, leaving peasants and the royal household alike in the grip of the enemy.  As to the army and the King, no one has heard news, but the Queen has been left regent to calm the populace and hope for a redeemer.  Who that redeemer may be is anyone’s guess.

Option 3 (open to plot with interested parties)

Looking for male character counterpart; story kernel loosely inspired by The Open Door (album) by Evanescence.

**Note: If interested, please PM me.

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