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April 10, 2021, 04:57:32 pm

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Author Topic: M For Dominant F - Hanging From Trees  (Read 422 times)

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M For Dominant F - Hanging From Trees
« on: November 16, 2015, 08:38:20 pm »
Hola. So like the subject says, I typically like to play as a submissive male, and am always looking for a lady to play the role of Domme. I'm generally up for whatever, but have a few ideas seeds in particular that have drawn my interest. Please check my O/O's in my signature; they're a quick read. PM me with any questions, thoughts, ideas of your own, etc.

I generally post 2-3 paragraphs, and can post several times a week easily. I prefer to go no longer than 2-3 weeks without posting, as after a while of idling, my muse tends to disappear pretty quickly, and once it's gone, it rarely comes back. I do understand that RL gets in the way, and should always come first, though.

Don't Go Hollow
Based off of the Dark Souls and Demon Souls game. Two adventurers--one, or perhaps both of them being cursed with Undeath--travel through exotic, crumbling lands, and try to stave off the insanity of going Hollow.

A Tasty Snack
Set in contemporary times, a vampiress finds herself a delightfully delicious mortal morsel to ensnare. This game idea would be pretty heavy on the D/s elements, as she gradually enslaves him.

The Awakening God
More in a medieval time period, with definite fantasy elements. Near the village the young woman grew up in lies a small mountain range, and on this mountain, lay the ruins of an old settlement. The people of this settlement used to worship a fertility god, whose name is no longer known. The locals never go up there, believing the land to be cursed, but that sounds like superstitious nonsense.  But, incidentally, the woman manages to rouse the god from his slumber. Weak from a lack of faith and prayer, he can do little... but perhaps she can change that? Perhaps she can become his new high priestess, and they can bring miracles to the world once more. Less D/s elements in this one.

A sorceress has finally done it! She has captured... well, what HAS she captured? Is it a demon, an angel, some sort of monster... or perhaps something far more alien? Perhaps it is no sorceress at all, but more of a scientist, who has managed to capture something that 'should not exist', and yet, clearly does. Alternatively, perhaps it is more of a humanoid alien who has absconded with a human male for experimentation. The basic premise can be made to fit many scenarios.