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Started by Faustus, November 16, 2015, 11:55:14 AM

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Meeting the Quartermaster
James Bond / Q
Spies  |  Intrigue  |  Action and Adventure  |  Healthy dose of Bond Tropes
Inspired by the James Bond franchise. Does not need to be canon compliant. May use OCs. Seeking MxM or MxF ideas!

There are three things that arguably define James Bond: Explosions, Sex and Q. While this game may certainly incorporate the first two, it will be focusing on the relationship between James Bond and his Quartermaster. The agent can become wholly dependent upon their technical support, and though consistently irritated with their partner. . .the quartermaster often develops a soft spot for the spy.

We have seen this go through many incarnations, many faces and many stories.

Time to write our own.

I am open to approaching this subject in a multitude of ways and come prepared with a sampling of ideas that you can choose from. Alternatively you may provide me your own idea! I want to collaborate on this together and make a Bond-esque story that we can both be pleased with. Below is listed different styles and pairings that I would be interested in using when writing this:

Canon Compliant:

  • What this means, simply, is that we use the pre-set canon characters from the James Bond franchise.
    • If this is chosen, I would prefer Daniel Craig era canon.
    • What this means is: James Bond would be Daniel Craig and Q would be Ben Whishaw.
    • This changes if a female Q is desired. James Bond would remain Daniel Craig, but a female actress or artistic rendition would be chosen to represent Q.
Original Characters:

  • Precisely what it says on the tin. No pre-set canon or characters from the James Bond franchise, but simply inspired by.
    • If this is chosen, the only thing I request is that you still have the Agent character and the Quartermaster character. Titles, such as "007" or "Q" may be changed, if desired.

"007. I'm your new Quartermaster."
"You must be joking."

Breaking it Down. . .

x. Who am I seeking to play? I am looking to play the role of the Quartermaster, in whatever incarnation my partner desires.
x. Who am I seeking my partner to play? Currently, I am seeking someone to fulfill the role of the James Bond/Agent type of character. . . Be this canon or not.
x. Does this have to be Canon? No. We may use original characters.
x. Does the Quartermaster have to be a man? Nope! Even if using canon James Bond, I am willing to change Q into being a woman.

x. I am prepared to play multiple characters. As you, dear potential partner, are taking on the role of the Agent/Bond archetype, any villains/baddies you come across will probably be played by me as well. Just focus on your Bond, I'll take care of more of the rest. The primary focus should be on the Agent/Quartermaster archetype, but, hey, we gotta have some suspense and action in there somewhere. ;)
x. You do not need to be an expert on the material. Did you see one of the movies and like it? GOOD ENOUGH FOR CANON. I won't be quizzing you or anything. Promise.
x. Any ideas you see here are open. And by this I mean PLEASE feel free to request alterations, suggest changes, etc. They are merely barebone workings. I hope to flesh it more with my partner and make something we both like.

Other items of important note:
Posting Amount: I am a multi-paragraph response kind of person. I ask for a good grasp of the English language and grammar system, as well as use of the Spell Check system. If you want examples of my work, please check out my posts here on E! It'll give you an example of what you will be working opposite. :D You do not have to match me point-for-point, but giving me enough to work with would be my preference.

Posting speed: For me, it varies slightly. I am generally spoken-for on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for social functions (I DM Dungeons and Dragons during these hours each week), and I am spotty on Friday's and Saturday's right now. That doesn't mean I'm not available, just not AS present. I am currently job hunting after graduating, so until a snag a position somewhere...expect me to be posting pretty frequently.

Communication: I love communicating with my partners! Anything from simple PMs on the occasion to exchanging outside contact is always good with me. However: I don't mind partners that don't enjoy this. Set your communication boundaries and they will be respected and abided by. However: do expect to receive PMs from me when a response will take longer to write than my average posting speed, because you deserve to be kept in the loop.

IRL vs Online Life: Please remember, I heavily encourage taking care of yourself and your in-real-life items before online. Going to be gone a few weeks on vacation? Excellent! Have a great time and I'll be here! Got sick? Shit, noo! Eat some warm soup and get some rest. I'll be here when you're better. IRL will always come first, and I will never expect my partner to give me and our writing more attention than what is going on in their actual life.

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"And youth is no guarantee of innovation."

Sample Ideas. . .
Please recall, these are just examples and not even fully-fledged. Just something to get you thinking. Just because something here might not be interesting doesn't mean we can't construct something together! If you have an idea, toss it my way! Even if it's just a little tiny idea. We can grow something out of a seed! Seriously -- this is just brainstorming at best.

Canon Compliant

  • Post-Skyfall, pre-Spectre: Bond realizes he knows relatively little about the boffin who put his arse on the line to help him during Skyfall and decides to attempt to get closer to him, one mission at a time. Occasionally he even succeeds.
  • During Skyfall: Q is supposed to be on Bond's side. But what if he was a mole planted there by Silva?

Original Characters

  • A new name in international crime and terror arises, and an old-dog agent is placed with a young and fresh tech. Needless to say, the agent has next to no faith in the tech who is bound and determined to prove the agent that they are valuable to the team, damn it.
  • Attractive, but completely walled-off, the Quartermaster is something that many talk about and even fewer are actually able to get close to. The Quartermaster's agent comes the closest, but even he can't so much as place a hand on his support partner without them flinching away. As attraction blooms between them, can they overcome the obstacle while dealing with the world crashing around their heads? Probably not, but they'll give it a go anyway.
  • Abducted Quartermaster with an agent who must rescue them?
  • Perhaps the Quartermaster and Agent have already worked together on numerous cases and cannot stand one another in the best of case scenarios. Neither really understands the other and their job, and both insist that they have the harder run of it. They decide to switch positions...only for everything to go horribly wrong. Completely, terribly wrong.
  • Please throw some ideas at me. I'm just dropping whatever I have hiding around here, I swear.

Seriously. I would love to hear and see your ideas. ANYTHING to get us talking would be nice, wouldn't it?

Inspirational Images

Canon Male Q

Still Image


Animated GIF
Suggested Female Qs

Actresses and other Images


Drawn Art Renditions


(If you pick an image from here that you like - for instance, one of the actresses to represent Q - please
let me know which one you are interested in!)

Please PM your interest to me so we may get talking~

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12/21 Update: After a hot-minute hiatus from Elliquiy to finish up my Bachelor's studies, I have returned~ This idea is definitely open. If you previously contacted me about it and nothing got off the ground, please feel free to contact again if you are still interested!

(I also humbly apologize if that happened -- Things got more than slightly hectic for many months.)

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