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May 25, 2018, 03:59:41 PM

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Author Topic: The Story of a Vigilante [Concept building] [LF any]  (Read 188 times)

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The Story of a Vigilante [Concept building] [LF any]
« on: November 15, 2015, 01:29:37 PM »
The Story of a Vigilante

      This story borrows a lot of elements from The Arrow television series. A lot of it is homage to the series, such as the name for my character, and some of it uses core elements of the series to create a new story. My idea is not to recreate that world or that universe but to, instead, use the basic idea the show gave me and build a new story around it while keeping some of the more interesting elements. Nearly everything is changeable as long as it keeps the same feel. So, if that doesn't turn you away carry on!
This is written as a first person perspective. The actual story will be in third person, past tense.

      My story began six years ago on the night that would forever change my life. Before my life was ripped apart I was the daughter to one of the richest families in the northern hemisphere. All I had to do was want something and I got it. It's a life like that you take for granted. I never thought that would change, I would always be the selfish party girl looking for the next man to drag back to my room. I didn't know one night would change everything.
      My father booked a trip to, I don't even remember. I don't even know if I ever knew. I didn't need a reason to throw my life to the curb and hop a plane for an exotic destination. My father, my sister, and myself boarded the plane bound for paradise but where we landed was hell.
      While they were in flight something happened. It all happened so quickly. The plane crashed into the ocean. The next thing I remember I'm waking up on the shore of some island, lucky even to be alive. My father and my sister both survived, but looking back it would have been for the best if we had all died in that crash.
      I'll save you the gruesome details of my stay. The island was one of several secret research facilities for an underground militia. What they saw in us was fresh test subject for them experiments. Their did everything they could to break me, they changed me, and they used me. It was hell.
      I managed to escape, but my family didn't. I saw my father die. My sister, I don't know of her fate. Then, there is my child... while I was there they... I will find my family, and I will make those who did this to us pay.
      As you got from the snippet above, the family is very well off.
      Father: Assumed deceased, was on the island.
      Mother: Back home, she wasn't on the plane.      
      Daughter 1: Status unknown, last seen on the island.
      Daughter 2: Back home, she wasn't on the plane.
      Daughter 3: My character, was on the island, now back home.
         (Daughter): In the process of the experimentation, my character had a child. Whereabouts unknown.
      Son 1: Back home, he wasn't on the plane.
   My character:
      Her name is a homage to the show that gave me the inspiration; Olivia Queen. She is in her mid-20s without much of an education background aside from failing. Before she left ended up on the island she was a party girl who would best be classified as a slut. She didn't care what people called her, she knew they'd never have as much as she did. Yes, she was a stuck up bitch.
      While on the island she was experimented on and was actually the first success of the process. The experiment was designed to create the perfect spy, one who could take on any form and survive things normal people could not. It was mostly a success. As a result Olivia can alter her form, but not extremely. She can change her physical traits such as skin color, hair color, eye color, hair length, breast size, etc. She can't do anything extreme. She can't grow ten feet or shrink to the size of a mouse. She can alter her height by maybe half a foot in either direction. Maybe more with practice. It makes her a good spy, being able to slip in and out by assuming the form of others. The alterations did come with a couple combat options. She can harden her skin. Not like to the point of deflecting bullets, but to the point where her fist can really hurt and offer some resistant to cuts.
      Also while on the island she had a child. The child was born with the abilities that Olivia had been given. As a result the child was taken in and used as a bargaining chip to get Olivia to behave and do as she was told. They did a lot of that to her. They wanted to break her. Their first attempt was an alteration that increased her arousal. The longer she went without having sex the stronger she could feel it. They used it to control her and force her into her job such as the time they locked her in the room with her father and left her. They knew what would happen, that her need would build until she lost control. Once they had her child Olivia became docile. She did whatever was asked of her, without question.
      For several years she was used as a spy, slipping in and getting information on men and women of power, most of the time sleeping with them to get the information. She was used to blackmail people into submission. This carried on for years, until she came to a realization. This was never going to end. She was never going to have her child back. The only way they would ever be free was for Olivia to save them both.
      Her plan failed. The organization got wind of her plan. Olivia managed to escape but her sister and her child remained behind. She vows to find them both and bring them home. For now she has moved back home and tries to live a normal life by day and a vigilante by night.
   Your character:
      Really, it can be anyone; a friend, a lover, a relative, a fellow vigilante. I'm wanting a story that is fun and enjoyable. I can try and make some suggestions if you'd like.
      This is a work in progress concept, and you can help! If you are inspired by this, let me know and we'll talk out some possibilities! I'll add more to this as I think of it. I wanted to get the basics out first.