Umbrella in the Fallout F looking for any

Started by Malgriff, November 11, 2015, 07:01:06 AM

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Yes this is a Fallout rp request. However a few things you should know. 1) I've spent more time trying to debug the game rather than play it, I've only just started playing fallout 3 and have no other experience but enough to get the hint. 2) omg loved it in the first half hour, and it broke my damn heart. 3) I may need to look stuff up or play more to understand a few things so posting may be sporadic but you will get replies often, I'm usually online daily.

Theme can range from pure survival with you as DM (not tried this style of forum rp before) and me as player or as the two of us surviving and just taking on the big ol world out there, romance and heck even companionship optional, rivals could be entertaining here too. I'm all for any sort of story line here so long as it's good. Come at me with a character and backstory and I'm all yours. Speaking of.

(Subject to alterations depending on storyline we go for, I'm just super flex like that)
My character would be Bailey. She is in her late teens/early twenties depending on when we begin, she is or was pretty laid back, not to keen on tech, handy with meele, not the best aim but can handle guns fairly ok. Not much of a talker either, though often that's because her internal monologue takes up a lot of her thoughts. You'll see more of her personality as we play. I'll go with the fallout 3 backstory but with my toon's flavour thrown in. Not the most well liked kid in the vault, was best friends with the overseer's daughter and had somewhat of a huge crush on the girl for years.

Unfortunately when her father left the vault and the guards started coming for her she spotted the overseer interrogating his daughter and jumped in to 'rescue' her. However that ended with the poor guy's melon being smashed with a baseball bat. Amata was mortified, and although she still helped Bailey escape their friendship (and hopes for anything else) died a worse death. So now Bailey is out there and probably needs to find her motivation before she can find anyone else.