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June 23, 2018, 07:27:19 AM

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Author Topic: Film Noir-Style Supernatural RP - MxM, OCs  (Read 257 times)

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Film Noir-Style Supernatural RP - MxM, OCs
« on: November 10, 2015, 11:23:50 PM »

Hey!  I'm Bibliophilia, and I recently got the idea for a Supernatural-based roleplay set in the 1940's-50's with a film noir style.  The story will follow two original characters, one a hunter and the other a member of the Men of Letters, who've been paired up as a kind of experiment to see if the two disparate personalities can work together to the benefit of both parties.  Obviously, this means I'd like a partner who is fairly familiar with the show Supernatural and especially the 11th season.  Despite the fact that both characters are original, you need a pretty good basis for understanding how hunting works, and how hunters and the Men of Letters view one another.  Given that the style is classic film noir, I'd like at least a passing familiarity with that, as well.  However, since my own familiarity with the style is from other, more modern works, done in this style, it's going to be more of a glaze, than a full homage.  Besides, there's already elements of film noir in Supernatural anyway, so there's not much change needed.

I would be playing the member of the Men of Letters.  My character will be a recent inductee, having just completed the final test to become a full member.  The reason he was chosen for the experiment is his lack of a wife or family, a particular brilliance at retaining esoteric and arcane information, and a, somewhat unseemly, taste for adventure.  In preparation for the assignment, he has learned how to use a gun, and developed some minor skill at boxing, but he's not built for combat.  He's built for research, and his connection with the Men of Letters means that he has access to a great many stockpiles of obscure information and spell components.

Oliver Newton

Your character, the hunter, is completely yours to create.  I just ask that you take into account the various strengths and weaknesses that hunters typically have.  I'd like your character to be no older than 40, since most active hunters don't really live that long, but that's about it.

I'd like to work with my partner to plot out the first, hopefully of many, 'episode' of the roleplay.  Since we're basing the story off of a television show, and it really seems to make for a very useful way of breaking up long-term rps, I'd like each story arc to be somewhat self-contained.  If the first one seems to be going well about halfway through, we can start discussing the second 'episode' and even introduce possible recurring NPCs.  This is also where we can begin to figure out if we want to start incorporating a larger story-arc into the 'episodes', either by introducing a few hints in the first 'episode', or waiting to have a more fleshed-out introduction of the arc in the second 'episode'.

The plotting outline for the 'episodes' shouldn't be terribly detailed, as I'd like to flesh out the skeleton outline in play, with discussion in OOC, via PM, and the two of us working together to create an interesting and detailed story as we work toward the simple plot points we've agreed upon.  I prefer a plot-heavy story, with instances of sex and romance where it makes sense, and doesn't completely derail the story.  I feel that sex is best used to enhance a roleplay, rather than overtake it, and that means I prefer it to come after the characters have had time to become comfortable with one another, have established a relationship of some depth, and have experienced some tension and desire.  I love the build up, and the drama, so two characters jumping into bed at the first hint of attraction, then just immediately being in love, is completely boring for me.  There should be resistance, friction and even possibly regret.  If you've ever seen Supernatural, then you know that melodrama and relationship agony is an integral part.

What I'm looking for from my partner is creativity, a free and fair exchange of ideas and a genuine love of the source material.  I'll give you consistency, at least two meaty, well-thought-out paragraphs, and a boundless well of imaginative ideas.  I can post at least once a week, but I'll likely post more often.  I am only asking for one post a week, at a minimum, though.  I am also asking for at least two paragraphs of six or seven detailed, crunchy, well-written sentences with time and effort put into them and enough for me to play off of, so I'm not forced to scrabble for your character's time and attention.

I am going to review any potential partner's O/Os and past posts to judge our compatibility before making a decision.  I will be pretty particular about my selection, because I am patient and the last thing I want is to make a decision in haste that I'll regret later.  I ask that, before you PM me about this roleplay, you review my O/Os and past posts, as well, and honestly assess whether we would be a good match.