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August 12, 2022, 11:12:30 pm

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Author Topic: Come play with me! [M for F]  (Read 697 times)

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Come play with me! [M for F]
« on: November 10, 2015, 04:07:50 pm »
Hello everyone and welcome to my little topic of some role play hooks that I hope will catch some of you interested ;) I will try to update this with more stories as they come to me :)

Boring stuff
Let's get through that part quickly, as I guess nobody likes to read about rules (or maybe it's just me?). Without further ado, here they are:
1. Be active! I don't expect you to post ten times a day, but hey, a post every few days wouldn't hurt. I do understand we all have real life, so if anything takes higher priority than role playing, just let me know.
2. You don't have to write novels! English is not my first language and my skills in it are limited. I'll try my best to post long replies, but I might lack the poetry in my description that some of you are able to bring in - so I won't expect you to post ten-pages long replies.
3. I'm flexible. If you like something I've posted, but would like some parts changed - feel free to PM me. I can't promise I'll go with everything, but it's not my way or no way neither.
4. I'm open to your ideas for plots, so don't be afraid to just PM me!
5. I like long term stories, but can be talked into one-shots.
6. It's highly unlikely that you'll find me playing something else than male for a main character (although I can rp anyone as a secondary characters).
7. It doesn't have to be focused on sex or even have sex at all. Fun > everything else.
8. Please don't reply here, instead PM me :)
9. Respect the rules.

(Hopefully more) interesting stuff
If you made it through to here, I want to congratulate you.

1. Hacking time!
Setting: world of tomorrow, virtual reality, cyberpunk
Keywords: non-con/con, adventure, strong female
Plot: So you've grown in slums and quickly got into the hacking world along with your friends, surpassing them skill-wise in no time. Never liking authority, the underworld was a perfect home for you. It all begun with just having fun with ATMs, then you moved on to destroy some political careers of the right wing rising stars to finally target big corporations to uncover their dirty secrets.

One of your latest achievements got you some fame in the hackers community, but at the same time drawn much unwanted attention to your little person - and that's how you got this guy show up at your door, with an offer you cannot refuse. He was hired by one of your victims and tracked you down, but instead of turning you in, he's got much better idea how to use your talents...
My comments: So, I'd like to have some adventure time here. Let's go on missions as a duo. Stealing or saving a world, there is no limit what we can do together. We can be lovers, I can take advantage of you or we can just remain associates working together - up to you.

2. Rage
Setting: medieval-like
Keywords: brutal, slave female
Plot: Your life was simple, yet enjoyable, but it's not all past tense unfortunately. Your village was attacked and you witnessed your father's death from the hands of a stranger in dark armor. He then took your mother against her will and, after he was done, just beheaded her, as if rape wasn't cruel enough to satisfy him. You prepare to be next, but instead he spares yuor life only to make you his slave.

What will the future hold for you, now that you are at the mercy of your parent's murderer?
My comments: So there is this guy who murdered your family and took you as a slave. Will you submit or will you try to fight him?

3. Happily (n)ever after
Setting: Elizabethan era
Keywords: Intrigue, power
Plot: You're high born and your parents decided that the best for you is to marry the prince of Burgundy. He's handsome, he's got money and power, but he is also infamous for being unfaithful. How will you be able to catch his attention and then make him monogamous? After all, you can't let your parents down.
My comments: A bit of intrigue and romance, up to you how it plays out. Maybe you use blackmail to get your position, or maybe you get there through his bed?