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Hi all! New guy here, looking to get started with the search for a great partner (never limited to just one, of course!)

I'm male, and generally play male characters, mainly because I've only had few opportunities to play female characters. I'm switch and am equally comfortable playing dominant or submissive characters, but I'm particularly interested in playing a submissive, male. Or finding a role where the tables are turned on a rude, dominant male character by a strong-willed female, or perhaps someone coming to avenge another character She thinks I've wronged. I like an equal mixture of smut and story, and playing a purely clean/ PG-13 role and scene is rare for me, though there are always exceptions! Of course, smut without story can happen, it's generally less exciting for me.

You can see my profile or F-List for things I'm into on the smut side.

I'm highly flexible as far as scenes and roles, and I'll be adding some specific ideas when I've got a little more time soon.

I can produce anywhere from one paragraph on up depending on time constraints (student, part-time job, home life). Just put your own thoughts, personality, and desires into it, and I'm sure we'll get along great!

These two have me being the submissive one. For F or Futa, however you like to play it.
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He was raised by his family until they could no longer afford it. They knew he would be well cared for if he entered the servitude of one of the wealthy families.
At a young age, then, the contract was drawn and he went to live with a wealthy widow and her daughter(s). The boy was set to task cleaning the house, serving the family, doing labor until he was an adult.
He was now old enough that [your choice of one of the ladies of the house] would finally begin training him for her own, personal, but perhaps not private servitude.

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He was a cocky, arrogant son-of-a-bitch, trust fund baby, spoiled to death by his parents. He had also embarrassed your little sister so badly that she had to drop out of her freshman year of college when he posted a hidden-camera sex tape he made of the two of them on a very popular website.
You, being the protective older sister, were outraged, and had a rather devious plan to get revenge for your sister.
You figured he was bound to be interested in getting to know you, since your family was the only one in town with more money than his, and you're certainly not a sight to be missed.
It was your mission to get some twisted revenge on him, even if it meant having to get him back to your place.

This one is more fleshed out, and would require a more dominant female writer, comfortable with writing several consecutive characters, but not necessarily all at once.

The Jungle
Note: set in the early twentieth century
Nathaniel Reginald Setowski was a young, bright-eyed wandered, and a student of Anthropology, Ethnology, Linguistics, and Geography at a major US university. It was the height of the craze of researchers going out into 'the wild', that is to say, not The West and cataloging, studying, characterizing, and summarizing the lives or what were deemed primitive peoples. Nathaniel would be no exception to this rule. He had studied the ethnographies and ethnologies of many non-Western cultures, but he had yet to come across one that he himself could write about in greater detail.

He was a doctoral student at the University, top of his class, and bound for greatness. If he could only find the perfect subjects of study. One night while he was combing the library Archives for uncompleted works, or out of date publications, he came across a manuscript. Within it's pages were descriptions of a tribe of people that lived in the jungles of South America. Similar to the Amazon tribes, they were matriarchal, with a Queen ruling them all. There were tapes along with the manuscripts, mostly crude recordings of the natives language. The descriptions of the tribe were brief; the explorer had come across them during an expedition, been brought to meet the queen, and spent a couple of weeks studying some of their practices.

According to the manuscript, the tribes men were out on a hunt, and would not return for another month. The explorer did not stay that long, citing 'Some unpleasantness' between his team and the women of the tribe, and also stating that there was a huge language barrier that was only at the beginnings of being breached.

Brilliant! Nathaniel thought, he would listen to the tapes, do a comparative analysis, and once he had a decent grasp of the language, propose his expedition to the department. He spent the next weeks pouring over the tapes, and some photos of their written, glyph-based language. What he learned was not surprising; they held the queen in highest regards, the women never hunted, and the men were prized hunters. Or so he thought; admittedly, the language was subtle and nuanced.

His adviser and the university staff approved him the day after his proposal, and he assembled the needed equpiment. A more modern, smaller tape-recorder; tent, expedition clothing, journals and writing implements. He would take a plane to the nearest city in South America, then charter a boat and a guide. Because of the tribes highly introverted nature, he would finish the last leg of the journey on his own, going to the exact spot were the original explorer had first met one of the tribe.

Little did he know that the translations and manuscripts were a deception. The tribe was all women. They had no men. To perpetuate their society, they would capture men from the outside world, and use them as breeding stock.

TL;DR - 20-something anthropologist aching to get is PhD goes to the jungle thinking he would meet a friendly, but introverted tribe of men and women, but is instead faced by a tribe of solely women, of all sorts. Some might even be Futa and infertile. MC is taken hostage and basically turned into the groups one, single man slave. Doesn't have to be hard dominance, but the idea is that he's passed round between many of the village women who find him as fascinating as he finds them. MC would try to look on the bright side, but the women might be more than he can handle.