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June 02, 2023, 08:14:31 pm

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Author Topic: The princess's new posts. m wanted.  (Read 1036 times)

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The princess's new posts. m wanted.
« on: November 05, 2015, 07:24:48 am »
Hey y'all it's me again the Princess of this Post Nuclear wasteland, I have been struggling to find partners so I decided to go ahead and come up with some new scenes and see if I can't find me some fun. As always if your interested in one of my scene you should take a peek at my ons O&Os list to see if we are compatible. I never felt the need to specify this before but if something is on my list it doesn't have to be included in a scene especially if it doesn't fit in the scene. Just letting you know, so go ahead and take a gander and pm me if something catches your eye.

To the Losers goes the Spoils (Noncon, gangbang, humiliation.)

Harry, Frank, Jimmy, Todd, and Buck grew up together a tight knit crew, the social outcasts in their high school, the freaks, the nerds, the losers. They heard it all, but it brought them together, after high school was college and while others were doing keg stands the crew was back at their various dorms playing online games. The boys bonded and grew even closer as they played away their social lives. After college they moved all over the country and got lives but they never lost touch and even discovered a new online game to play together. “Conquest of the Elders” was an addictive multiple online battle arena that pitted two teams of five against each other, the guys were well into their thirties when they discovered it and after five years they honed the craft. The team became well known in the forums and fan pages and even participated in last year's world championship. There team was known as DaDirtyWhiteBoyz and this year was their year, the team had made it to the finals and the game developers flew them to new York for the championship. The battle was long and hard each team stationed in the center of separate auditoriums surrounded by cheering fans, neither ever even seeing each other. When DaDirtyWhiteBoyz team fell they were crushed and with a prize of a million dollars for each player the stakes were way too high for them to fail. The celebration was immense and as the champs were crowned the boys felt nothing but rage and shame. To add insult to their injury one of the members of their rivals was a sixteen year old girl. She flaunted her title in their face she called them losers and really rubbed it in. The guys couldn't let it go she was young, pretty, and cocky as a person could be, she represented the everything that they weren't and she played games better than her. DaDirtyWhiteBoyz had to make her pay, so they plotted a revenge to take her down a few notches.

So this is more of a one off but we can discuss makinging it longer. I need someone to play DaDirtyWhiteBoyz crew as they catch the girl at her hotel suite and push their way inside. They use her for a couple days, spending her winnings before going home to their normal lives.

The Warden's Daughter (Noncon or Possible cuckold, interracial, gangbangs, humiliation)

Sandy was a lived a weird life, cheer practice, babysitting, boys, as well as prison bars, full body pat downs, and the occasional eye fucking from a lucky prisoner. Her father was the warden at the state prison and after her mother's long and expensive fight with cancer he was left an only parent. The man worked long hours trying to pay off the debt and still tried to be a father. He didn't like it but sometimes the girl would have to come to the prison and wait for her dad to get off work. She usually used this time to finish her homework but one evening the sound of sirens echoed through the halls of the state penitentiary. Sandy and her father huddled in his office behind closed doors and behind a crew of guards. But in the end it did no good, gunshots rang through the corridors and a group of inmates burst through the door. “Well, well what do we have here the dick head warden and his sexy little daughter.” Said tyrone the leader of a prison gang called the Click.

So this can work two ways either we can go completely non con and the warden can get completely wiped from the game or we can play where the girl dislikes her dad and enjoys the harsh treatment. She mocks her dad as he is forced to watch the gang use her body like a rag doll.

More to cum.