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Started by CandyCane, November 02, 2015, 03:19:56 PM

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my thread. First off I would like to take the time to say thank you. For taking the time out of your day, to read through this. I will try to make it as short as I can. But I can't promise it won't be long. A little bit about me. I'm a 33 year old female from the Midwest. I have been role playing since I was 18 years old. It all started with table top. And from that moment I was hooked.

The reason for this thread. Is to find something different. I'm looking for someone to play dominant males in the roles. And they have fell short of that. So here I am looking for a dominant male. Before we get into the plots pairings and such. A few things I would like to put out there. Call them rules or guidelines. Which ever is fine with me.

1. No one liners! I can't go off them, then the next person can. At least 2 plus paras pre reply.

2. Be detailed. I don't want you saying what I said right back back me. If I have nothing to go on. Then I can't give a good reply.

3. Don't just up and leave without telling me. I understand life gets in the way. People have lives. I have a life. I won't hound you for a reply. But just give me a heads up. I will do the same for you.

4. Add to the plot. I don't want to carry the whole rp my self. I will lose interest fast, if that happens. That is when I say bye to the rp. Add drama, put your own spin on it. Makes it more fun for the both of us.

5. Nothing under age.

6. All site rules apply.

7. Don't reply in the thread. Please pm if you would like to rp please pm me.

Ok that should cover everything with the rules. Still with me? Good if you are. I have just a little bit more. Then it is on to all the fun to be had.


Age play: I love younger and older. ( be all young, in this is 18 and up. The older is 10 plus years older. The more the better.) You will have all my love. If you will do this.

Incest: yes it is taboo, but it is oh so fun! I love daddy and daugther. As well as uncle and niece. Oh and can't forget brother and sister as well.

Bondage: I love this, not because of 50 shades of gray either. I love the idea, of being bound. To be bound but yet free at the same time.

Oral: Both to give and receive.

Risk of becoming pregnant. Brings more to a rp. It doesn't have to be in the rp. Just something that I like.

Those are few ofnthentjings I like. If you don't see anything on my list that you want. Please just ask, the worst I can say is no.


Watersports: I can't get past it. I'm sorry, but it is a turn off for me.

Scat: Just flat out gross for me.

Vore: So not eating anyone or having anyone or anything eat me like that.

Rape: Not a big fan of it at all.

That is a few of them. If I don't like something I will tell as soon as I read it. I hope you are still with me. Now it is onto the fun stuff.


Daddy X Daugther
Uncle X Niece
Best Friend of the family X Daugther
Brother X Sister

Those are the ones I can think of right now. As I think of more, I will add them above to the family part. The next set of are non family pairings.

Boss X secretary
Boyfriends father X Girlfriend
Sisters fiance X Sister
Best friends
Boxer X Non fan
Waitress X Coustmer
Waitress X Officer ( military)
Dark fairy tails

More will be added in time.


1. A wild daugther living with her mother. Acting out, hating the rules that her mother has set for her. Wanting to live with her father. But her mother won't allow her to. Even at the age of almost 18. She should be able to say where she lives. She always runs away every chance she gets. But they always bring her back home. On the day of her 18th birthday. She gets to see her father. It is her birthday, she couldn't be happier about getting to see him. It has been way to long. But the thing she didn't know is. That her father, has a new woman in his life. She hates her right off. No one can have her daddy. He was hers and no one elses. Her birthday is all but ruined by that. Days after her party. Her father and his new woman leaves. She acts out even more. Sneaking out, running away, drinking and hardly ever home. Her mother gets to the point she can't stand it. They get into a big fight. But the daugther in the end. Gets what she wants. And that is to go live with her father. Her mother sends her there. That is when the fun starts. She tries to push a wedge between her father and his girlfriend. Her father sees there is only one way to get her to listen. That is to dominate her. He trains her to listen. That is when he starts to have feelings for her. What will they both do, when feelings are told?

2. A father lonely, after losing his wife. He was left with his daugther. Watching her grow into a beautiful young woman. Just like her mother. Nights of her sleeping in bed with him. She knew he was lonely. Wanting to be there for him. She would do anything to make her father happy. He would watch his, 18 year old daugther walk around the house. In her panties and a tank top. Or just a shirt and nothing else. He starts to see her as more then just a daughter. He dreams of dominating her. Making her skin red and plump. Making her beg for him to stop. But he would only stop when he wanted to. He knew it was wrong to have these thoughts about his daughter. But he wanted her.

3. A military officer, coming home from a long war. He was glad to be home. After months home. He suffered in silence, none knew what he dealt with all time. The only way to find some peace. Was to dominate women. To have some control in his fucked up life. And he loved the control he had. He had come into the diner many times. Always to ear alone, one would think. A man of 40 would have someone. But didn't want that at all. He was better alone. A new girl started working at the diner. She was his waitress, she was a sweet young girl. Shy and very sweet. He could tell she was new. She wasn't a very good waitress,but he found his new girl to control. ( I would like some romance in this one)

I have more plots, just ask. I don't want to put everything out here. If you see something you like. Or have and idea, just pm me and we will work something out. I hope to hear from everyone. Thanks for reading my thread.




I'm surprised you haven't received any replies yet. What you're looking for is what I'm looking for, namely, a brother -sister story that incorporates bondage, risk of pregnancy, dom-sub and, hopefully, anal, as that is my eternal craving.

You say you have other plots? I'm open to about anything. How about if we have an older brother and his younger sister looking to make some money. She learns she can sell pics of her in bondage gear and clothing, but she doesn't trust the guy taking the pics, so she asks her brother to take the pictures. The sessions start out innocently enough, but soon they become serious, and the two of them naturally (or unnaturally) slide deeper into the world of dom, sub, and incest.

Just an idea. Would you be interested in something like this?



I have been re-reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Which I love them, I would love to do a rp with it. The parinings that I have are follows.

Wrath X OC
Rhage X OC
John Matthew X OC
Tohrment X OC
Phury X OC
Rev X OC

I'm looking to play the OC in the pairings. I have some plots in mind. Pm me for them. Thank you.