One sky, one destiny ~{1x1 Seeking Males}~

Started by Psycho Serenity, October 23, 2015, 02:23:52 AM

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Psycho Serenity

So, basically I have one BIG rule. For my plots, I prefer story over smut. I love smut, I definitely do, but if I don't have a plot with twists that interests me, then I lose interest REALLY fast. SO! If you're looking for constant smut, just leave now please. I have nothing against it, I just don't want to waste either of our time. Now! Below are just my current cravings, but if you have an idea you'd like to run by me, feel free! <3 PS, I will NOT RP through aim, PM, skype, email, etc. I prefer to keep everything on threads, it's just easier for me. Now, on to my cravings!


Drug Love
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(Ages 18-24) Both of our characters struggle with drugs, they go to a support group and end up becoming each others sponsors. So they often spend time together trying to work through cravings, and trying to avoid lashing out at each other or dealing with the sexual tension. They could be strangers or have been party friends before who went to the support group together, either one!

Married for Health
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(Ages 21-26) My character is a nurse, your is one of her patients. He is in and out of the hospital constantly with some kind of problem that is life threatening but treatable. (Could be an illness or it could be him needing a transplant, whatever you want) It costs a lot for him to have it treated,and eventually he begins to struggle with payments until he begins to lose hope that he'll last. As a last ditch crazy idea, my girl suggests being married so he can use her health coverage. It's crazy, but they agree, trying to play it off like they're just really good roommates who fake it for the government so they don't get into legal trouble. They try to date other people and act like nothing's weird, but eventually it becomes a bit much.

Toxic Love
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(Ages 21-26) These two have dated once before, but her best friend made her break it off when he found out that her boyfriend was being abusive. He was okay when he was sober, but when he drank or took hits of his favorite drug, he became physically and emotionally abusive. A few years went by and they didn't see each other, until now. Running into each other while out on daily tasks, she finds out that he's trying to get clean and she decides to give him another chance. So now they're together, but he still struggles and sometimes lashes out at her still. Lots of chances for drama and character development.


-Any other abusive relationship plot
-Something where one of the two are struggling with cancer (think Fault in Our Stars)
-Shy girl/Popular boy
-Girl/Fiance returning from war


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Caelus is a vast land inhabited by many mystical creatures and communities of people, but it's been ravaged by war. Years ago, the King of Veris rose to power, and with power came the corruption of his mind. All thought he would be a good King, like his father, but he was paranoid and wary of those around him. The paranoia and tension grew until he finally and suddenly lashed out; using his vast army to wipe out anyone with Magic in their veins for he saw them as powerful enemies, not possible allies. Panicked, people with Magical ability fled their homes and villages, taking refuge where they could. But the King seeks to hunt down every last one of them, as well as take over his rival kingdom, Ashlan. This conflict has sparked a bloody war in Caelus. The Just King of Ashlan now fights to save his people, and any who seek asylum in his Kingdom, and knows he must end the other King's vicious and brutal rampage.

The King of Veris has grown cunning in this seemingly endless war, and knows he must have the support of his people. He now sends out his Secret Royal Guard, whom he trusts with everything, to villages around Caelus to slaughter and kidnap the people. With false evidence planted that the attack was issued by the King of Ashlan, those under his rule believe him to be a Just and Holy Man, and are ready and eager to go to war on their King's behalf- not knowing that they are being lied to and used.

There is, however... One magical element to our world that the Evil King has no control over. Oneiroi are two people, connected together through their dreams. Every person in Caelus connects to their Oneiroi at some point in their life, and even the King can't choose who his will be. Any time both Oneiroi are asleep, they meet in the dreamscape; a land where both parties are fully conscious and in control of themselves and their surroundings- away from the wars and politics of their lands.

I'm open for what kind of characters we play, whether they are in the war, villagers, wanderers, whatever. This is something we can discuss.

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Our characters are demi-gods, living tucked away in a safe haven with various others. My character is the daughter of Persephone, and as Persephone is bound to Hades from something of a curse, she was born with something similar. If she ever has skin contact with another, she will instantly be bound to them, forced to obey any command they give without question. Because of this, she's always fully clothes with gloves. Hades plans on overthrowing olympus by unleashing his whole army of the undead. Persephone heard of this plan and leaked it to the outside world. So, the camp sets my character and your character out to fetch a sword that will make all undead, alive so they can choose which side to fight on and no longer have to listen to Hades and hopefully turn the tides of the war.

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Your character is an artist who can create anything. All he does is draw or write about something and it comes to life. Being a rather lonely man, he decides to draw himself a girl, and to accompany it, he writes out a history of their life together. Never having done something like this before, he wasn't sure if it would work. But then, there she was right before him, with fake memories implanted in her mind. Now he must try and find a way to keep this secret from her while the king tries to find him to utilize his skills for his own gain in order to start a war with powerful creatures at his side.

-Vampires and/or werewolves
-Guardian Angel/Charge
-Arranged/Forced Marriage

-Naruto (NO Neji/Hinata)
-Final Fantasy 7 (Zack/Aerith)
-Final Fantasy X (Original characters)
-Supernatural (Dean)
-Kingdom Hearts
-Scrapped Princess
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