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Author Topic: Tsume seeks...(M/M RP. FemboyXBurly. Current Craving: Romance and Smut.)  (Read 1264 times)

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Hello all,

I'm a long-time RPer, been in the game for over a decade now. I'm always on the look-out for new partners, new scenes, and new ideas to explore. With that in mind, I thought I'd throw this ad up onto this site to see what sort of interest I can drum up. Keep in mind  that none of these ideas are meant to be restrictive - if you're interested in tweaking an idea, or shooting me an entirely new one, please feel free to drop me a line. There are just a few rules: I prefer burlier, masculine males. I tend to lean towards submissive, but I am open. I don't care what gender you are IRL, so long as you can effectively play as a male.  Below, I'll have a sample of some scenes that I would like to see, as well as canon character I would like to play against, if that strikes your fancy.


Public Service: After being falsely accused of a terrible crime, a young man finds himself at the mercy of his world's own twisted justice system. Enslaved by the state, he will spend the next ten years working in a "comfort station" - a spot for free men to receive service and relax, installed at highways across the country. I'm open to this one being just a mildly dystopian modern scene, but a modern fantasy scene or human/furry world could be just as fun.

Home Again: Several years ago, Liam left his quiet hometown for college. He left behind the town, the people that he loathed, and one person who he missed terribly - his childhood friend, a bear anthromorph who stayed to run the family business. Something happened while he was gone. Something bad. Now he spends most of his time in his room, or in the woods on the outskirts of town. Will the two reconnect? Will their unspoken attraction come to anything? (I just want a nice romance scene with a bear anthro. I'm entirely happy to discuss a completely different plot to accommodate it.)

------- PLOT IDEAS ------

Some Breed, Some are Bred: The year is 2035. Fifteen years ago, a cataclysmic event struck the planet and all female humans - children, infants, elderly and adult alike - vanished. Wives were gone. Daughters, sisters, and mothers were gone. For a time, there was a great period of mourning. Then the panic set in. Mankind, now man and man alone, knew that it would die out if something wasn't done. That's when the Ganymede Project was initiated. A worldwide initiative, Ganymede set into motion a new social order - starting with men convicted of criminal activity, the began to take intact men and 'modify' them - removing their manhood and affixing to them artificial, but functional, female anatomy. The world's problems seemed solved - there were breedable options again, and mankind could propagate. But something changed in society, as a result of Ganymede. The desire to hold power over those weaker than you became stronger - when you could not just conquer your foe, but impregnate him. That brings us to North America - where the public school system, now a series of boarding schools where students stay full-time until they turn 24. There they are wards of the state - working assigned jobs and receiving government provided educations. At the age of 18, a reckoning is called. Testing occurs - and those boys that prove superior are considered 'alphas' - real citizens of the new USA. Those that prove inferior have a new place - breeding slaves to their betters. I would very much like to play a young man who, through some twist of fate, is declared inferior - likely due to an emphasis being placed on physical might and obedience to country, over book smarts.

"Our Race is Dying": Hyahm is a talented, gentle young mage, a student at the Arcane University. He also has a secret. A curse had been placed upon him by a jealous rival - making him supernaturally fertile, as well as desirable. Meant to humiliate, the curse ensures that were someone to 'take him', he would almost certainly bear them children. And the second part of the curse ensures that he's never short for suiters. Enter a young, noble Orcish warrior - one of the very last of his kind, who is searching desperately for one who might be able to bear his kin. Looking for kinks like M-Preg, being made a cuntboy, and romance for this one.

Steampunk Fantasy: Liam Halbright is a gifted student at the University of Kilhan, a city by the sea, built on the backs of slave laborers toiling endlessly in the mines below it, ruled by an oppressive government that doesn’t hesitate to make it’s opponent’s disappear, stripped of their name and rank and sent to join the teeming masses below. But, all told, the free citizens of Kilhan live fairly well. And they are happy. But Liam is not. A sensitive boy, and a humanist, he sees the injustice perpetrated below, and decides to write a paper denouncing the evil practice of slavery. This is a mistake. Goons come for him in the night, preparing to make him disappear just the same as everyone else, down to the mines. But lucky for Liam, he has someone looking out for him. A member of the Enforcers, and a neighbor to the young man for most of their lives, this friend has a plan. As an Enforcer, he has the right to demand a slave of his own, from any enslaved by the city, to serve as his house-slave and steward. And he has his eyes set on Liam. Twisted Steampunk Slavery Romance, ho!

 The Hills Have Eyes [EX]: First, let me point out I never saw the movie. I have only the most loose idea of the plot and what happens therein. That said: My character is what they call an "urban explorer." He thrives on old buildings, ghost towns, the remnants of human civilization. So when he hears that there is an entire town out in the middle of the desert, abandoned, and still intact, he can't help but pack up his things and go to investigate it. What he finds, though, are a bunch of visious, psychotic, hideous mutants with long un-satisfied lusts. And he's in their territory now.

Bold= I'm looking particularly hard for someone to play this character.



Dave Karofsky

The Stabbington Twins


The Goon
Again, obvious.




Beauty and the Beast

Fighting Games
Abel (SF4)
Rock (SC)


Dragon Age
Iron Bull

World of Warcraft

His Dark Materials

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Re: Tsume seeks...(M/M RP, monsters, etc. Current Craving: Asgore!)
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2015, 10:16:46 PM »
Current Craving - 10/20/15:

I've got a few things that I'm jonesing for, as of late. The biggest one is Undertale-related scenes, specifically related to Asgore. If I could find someone willing to play this sexy hunk of Goat Dad, I'd be very happy.  I'd also be very happy with a Fate/Zero related scene between Rider and Waver. By far my favorite character pairing in recent fiction.

In terms of non-established characters, I'd love a sweet, consensual scene between a monstrous male and a non-monstrous one. Orcs or Supermutants, possibly even a brutish alien race. Emphasis on the different between the two - a real "beauty and the beast sort of situation." Finding an injured supermutant in the wastes seems like an excellent excuse for romance to blossom, doesn't it?

Last but not least: dwarves. Something really heavy, kinky, and smutty with fantasy dwarves. I know this is a particularly niche one - which is probably why it is so damn hard to find, haha. But if you think you might enjoy it, please feel free to drop me a line!

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Re: Tsume seeks...(M/M RP, monsters, etc. Current Craving: Space Marines!)
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2015, 03:38:10 PM »
Current Craving: 11/01/15. Thanks to Moxy for taking over the Space Marine idea. You dah best. If anyone wants to do another Space Marine idea, feel free to message me - though we might need to cook something else up with similar themes.

Space Marines! Or something similar. A big, hulking brute in a set of power armor. Perhaps a plot somewhere along the following lines:

Humanity is beset on all sides by enemies. Fortunately for them, the sword and shield of the weaker man are held by the Solar Corps: An organization comprised of men and women who have surrendered their humanity to be turned into killing machines. However, the mental stress of the alien horrors they must face and the isolation they undergo as the result of being considered terrifying by the common person puts a tremendous strain on their mental health. As such, the Solar Corps puts out a request: those interested in rewarding and working with these brave individuals as "handlers" - personal assistants who tend to their needs and provide them with sorely needed human contact - should step forward and apply. Of course, while they can't exactly put it in the contract - it is expected, to a degree, that other services will be provided to their assigned marine. After all, they still have needs, even if their bodies have changed. I would play one such recruit. This one would play somewhat romantically - at least, that's how I imagine it going. If you have any ideas, feel free to run them by me.

As before - still looking for Undertale/Asgore scenes, as well as scenes involving Dwarven men. Any other ideas on this page that catch you're eye? I'd love to hear from you.

Offline TsumeTopic starter

Current Craving: 11/07/15. Back from a brief hiatus, still seeing what's out there.

Consensual slavery.

I find myself lately really craving a good, consensual master/slave scene. Now, I'm not saying that both parties need to be 100% onboard for what is happening - but scenes with pointless, unrelenting cruelty kinda burn me out lately. I was hoping for a scene set in a fantasy setting - preferably involving cross-species (my character as an elf, yours as an Orc/Dwarf/burly human) slavery. A simply accepted fact that the dominant party will enslave the inferior race. Your character has the opportunity to gain a pretty young Elvish slave - and gladly seizes upon that opportunity - but without the intent of being overly cruel towards them. Hell, genuine belief that someone will be better off under your thumb is a theme I would love to explore. Especially if the submissive starts seeing things that way as well. The kinkier you're willing to get with this one, the better.  So if you think that a scene with those sorts of themes might appeal to you, please feel free to drop me a line.

As before - still looking for Undertale/Asgore scenes, as well as scenes involving Dwarven men. Any other ideas on this page that catch you're eye? I'd love to hear from you.

Offline TsumeTopic starter

Current Craving - 01/20/16:

Orcish Romance!

I'd really love to play a scene involving a consensual, affectionate pairing between an Orc and a feminine human or elven young man. Things don't have to be entirely vanilla - hell, it can definitely wrap back up into the consensual slavery craving I expressed earlier. But I'd appreciate a scene wherein both characters find one another genuinely attractive and enjoy being with one another. Whatever setting or plot that this is wrapped up in - we can definitely discuss something that works best for both of us.

And as always - I'd love a scene with Asgore, or a scene primarily involving dwarven men.

Offline TsumeTopic starter

Current Craving - April 2016.

Dragon Age:

I've been replaying these recently, and it's reminded me how much I'd enjoying playing a scene in this setting, especially around the time of Inquisition. If anyone would be willing to play a character in this setting - either an OC in an entirely new plot, or The Iron Bull or another burly canon character relating to the proper plot of the third game, I'd definitely love to see that.

Still seeking scenes involving Orcish and Dwarven men, especially consensual and romantic scenes in regards to the former.

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Re: Tsume seeks...(M/M RP. FemboyXBurly. Current Craving: Zootopia.)
« Reply #6 on: January 25, 2017, 09:56:22 PM »
Current Craving - 01/11/17

I'm currently craving a scene set in a modern setting, involving two (of-age) high schoolers/college students. Young men who are nearly opposites - a burly bruiser and a slight, feminine young artist - and the romance that might develop between the two of them. I'd love to play the feminine young man in this one. Whether they're roommates in college, paired in a tutoring relationship, or simply childhood friends that discover another level to their relationship, I'd love to discuss ideas.

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Re: Tsume seeks...(M/M RP. FemboyXBurly. Current Craving: Tribal Scenes.)
« Reply #7 on: March 08, 2017, 02:55:39 PM »
Current Craving - 02/03/2017

I'm currently craving a scene set in a slight re-imagining of Disney's Zootopia. I'd enjoy a scene that questions whether or not that world has humans, and in what state they might live. A sister city to Zootopia, a land hidden behind a wall, where humanity is sequestered away from the world of walking and talking beasts. What happens with a human ends up on the wrong side of the wall, the first in decades? Basically, I'm just looking to play a human in a furry setting - possibly with canons from the film, but also quite possibly with OCs. Let me know if you might have ideas!

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Re: Tsume seeks...(M/M RP. FemboyXBurly. Current Craving: Tribal Scenes.)
« Reply #8 on: March 27, 2017, 09:57:35 PM »
Current Craving - 03/08/2017

After spending some time with Horizon: Zero Dawn, it's left me in the mood for a scene set among a primitive group of people, laden with ritual and ascribed societal roles. Perhaps a soft-featured young man falls for the burly, tattooed warrior of the tribe, and must comply with the social rules that might allow them to be together. Perhaps instead, that same young man is assigned as the tribe's "reliever" - so much weaker and prettier than the others that he's given the position of sexual submissive for the men of the tribe. Anything that involves ritual and duty weighed against the heavy cost of survival in an unforgiving world would scratch this itch just fine.