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April 22, 2018, 09:15:37 PM

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Author Topic: [Non-Con or Bondage, Humanoid, Systemless] Highschool Spanking stuff [NSFW pics]  (Read 532 times)

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Offline kongmingTopic starter

Hello all. Once again I emerge from a long slumber and am nosing around for some nice one-on-one action. This time without a game system, and being more with just specific scenes and perversions in mind rather than a character and a grand adventure. Indeed, because I prefer to be on top for these things, the story/roleplay really would revolve around your character, so I have very little in mind - that's up to you.

Overall, I'd like something set in a highschool, with plenty of spanking content. Certainly there can be regular sex and other things as well, of course, but there's at least a starting point. And these multiple spankings can use a lot of implements, various positions, various levels of undress, and target all sorts of interesting places, not just the buttocks. Also, "schoolgirl" obviously covers a wide range of ages, a fraction of which are acceptable here. I do specifically mean 16-17 for "technically they have no rights and have to stay here" or 18 if that doesn't matter. Here are a few ideas floating around...

1. A Terrible Day of Events: it starts with a 16-17 year old girl being woken up by an angry parent - she's overslept again! So right from the start, she's heading to school with a stinging bottom, but it only gets worse from there: she's punished again for being late. For leaving homework at home (or not doing it at all). For squirming about on her seat too much/generally making too much of a fuss after various punishments. Indeed once or twice per class she ends up getting a sound spanking - all with a variety of implements, in a variety of embarrassing positions, always with an audience of some kind. More than once she racks up enough punishments through the day to warrant being sent to the headmistress, and things are really bad for that! Even when she gets home it isn't over, as her many offences piled up into a rather lengthy discussion with one of her parents via phone, so both of them end up tanning her hide that evening.
Other sexual content that could be included: various fingering and teasing by teachers, full strap-on fucking by the headmistress (or making her go under the desk for a little bit), some friends offering to help rub lotion on to ease the pain and all of them getting a bit caught up together.

2. Wrath of the Student Council: (that was fast! Taken) In a Japanese high school, your character - almost an adult! So close to being able to opt out of this - did something terrible. It was a major wrongdoing, and so the matter falls to the Student Council - a group who outrank the staff of the school, the national government, even the UN. What they say goes. There will be an interrogation, utilising any methods they like, there will be a trial - rather, a Council vote with an obvious outcome - and then a punishment. Some parts of it will even be public, for the whole school to see, and every single member of the SC will have a "turn" at delivering harsh discipline. This can be as serious or comedic, as realistic (aside from the central concepts there of course) or "anime-inspired" as you like.
Other sexual content that could be included: the interrogation could include fondling, orgasm denial and outright fucking. The punishments can include painful fuckings, and if she wronged someone in particular, sexual reparations could be required.

3. Fall From Grace: (Also taken) a senior student, either a prefect, the head girl, or some other position of authority, commits some terrible act. She is stripped of her status, but stripped of her clothing as well. And she must face her former peers and underlings for fierce retribution, and the headmistress herself has something to add.
Other sexual content that could be included: when the actual official side of things is done, I could see some of her former peers subjecting her to all sorts of abuse in private.

4. Magical Girl: (Taken as well) yes, a Sailor Moon-style magical girl, but a bit older. You play as the magical girl, trying to balance school and friends and also saving people from weird sexy BDSM monsters. Feel free to go crazy with her power source, powers granted, costume, transformation sequence and so on. Mostly, various people in positions of authority will be finding reasons to punish her (because it turns out she's not that good at balancing these things) and her friends will be encouraging her to engage in industrial-strength lesbianism with them, and then when a weird monster attacks... well, she wins in the end, but generally not before suffering in some manner at its hands.
Other sexual content that could be included: fill your boots, all kinds of crazy stuff can happen.
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