There is a house in New Orleans... (M/F or F/F Non-con? Bon?)

Started by RogueLady, November 12, 2008, 08:52:14 PM

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...They call the 'Rising Sun'.

Molly Bouchard had passed by it and stared at it in distaste everyday. The women who worked there … Moll could never do what they did. They were lower then low, ladies of ill-repute. Even when Miss Molly had nothing, she could still turn her nose up at them. Even if she was begging in the street, she was better then they were.

Little did she know …

Moll, as she was sometimes called, had come to New Orleans to seek her fortune and her love. She hoped that the two would be linked. In her imagination, she had conjured wild scenarios of enchanting rich young men into marriage. Then she could pass the rest of her days as a lady of leisure, as she had dreamed about.

Her plans didn’t exactly work out the way she wanted them to. Very soon after arriving in the city, she’d found herself without money and food. A woman, a very kind woman, had taken some pity on her and gave her coins so that she could feed herself. But Molly was horrified to learn that the coins had to be paid back.

How could she? She had no job?

‘Come work for me,’ the woman had offered. ‘I’ll let you work off your debt.’

And that was how Molly found herself in the House of the Rising Sun. Trapped until she could pay back the coins that the Madame had lent to her.

[I'm looking for some to play Molly's first 'client'. I would play Molly.

I pictured the RP starting on Molly's first night at the famous Rising Sun brothel. The girl is still a virgin so, perhaps, the man or woman who uses her for the night had to pay a higher price. I wouldn't mind it if he/she wanted to be rough with her, especially as she'd be nervous and unsure. He'd/She'd have to be rather controlling, I think. I'm very much okay with a rough, non-con style RP if anyone else is interested in such a thing.

The scene could be M/F or F/F, depending on who expresses any interest (if anyone does :) ) I have no preference for IRL genders, either. Anyone can play whatever feels the most comfortable for them. Anyway, if this strikes a fancy in anyone, shoot me a PM or reply in thread. Either way works for me.]