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Author Topic: LaCroix's Story Ideas  (Read 308 times)

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LaCroix's Story Ideas
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:10:15 PM »
I figured I would start an updated thread with a few of the cravings and a few new plots that have been really pulling at my Muse lately. As you read further on know that these will contain some but nor all of the following elements. Varying by the plot itself.

    Mild to Extreme Non/Consensual

By this I mean forced encounters. It can be as varied as Kidnapping to a more brutal encounter. My tastes lately lean towards the milder Non/Con, or 'pseudo-non/con' as some of us call it. That sort of Non/Con involves, for me, a slower, more sensual, erotic form of torment and assault. Imagine his hands on you, running over your body, you're bound so you squirm and writhe, but his hands keep moving. You wish it wouldn't feel so good, God, why does it feel so good and so terrible at the same time! The thought runs rampant through your mind like an errant, unstoppable locomotive.It's a slow, measured, careful assault, as much on the mind, the soul, as it the body. Wonderful stuff when done right, by both parties.

    Sometimes Naive/Innocent characters

Read further, I -love- naive, innocent partners. This does not mean stupid, it does not mean a mind blowing imbecile. It means that she is naive, gullable, sometimes tricked by her lack of knowledge in certain situations. It can be reasoned out quite simply, from an Elf Maiden wandered into a human settlement on her own, having no ideas of human laws, customs, and traditions. Lecherous guards notice her, she looks shy, timid, staring around at the towering stone buildings with wide eyed awe and wonderment. The approach and begin to accost her, accusing of breaking some law that they more than likely made up on the spot and haul her off to some unknown, dark prison. Further things await, what will happen? -That- is the sort of scenario that I mean. I reiterate, Naive, innocent, but she does not need to be played or perceived as stupid, merely cast of her element, out of her comfort zone where she is prone to the cunning desire of lecherous men.

    Buxom, Busty, Curvy Women

I like my women with curves that you'd need a sport's car with a fine tuned steering system to navigate properly. This can range to the plumper side, quite easily, but all I really ask for here is a decent sized bust, shapely hips, a rounded, almost heart shaped bottom. Think Jessica Rabbit here, for the general shape, to varying or lesser degrees, as per -your- own tastes. Not a requirement, just something I enjoy as part of my fantasy play.

For a more detailed list and a deeper look into what I enjoy, look into my ons and offs which are listed under my RP preferences here on the site as well or just ask me personally.

Now onto the plots themselves. Past this point you'll find plots containing, as mentioned above some or all of the following: Mild to Extreme Non/Con, Incest, bondage elements, kidnapping, seduction, dom/sub play, master/slave play, lactation, pregnancy, forced pregnancy, breeding, possible harem play.

The Reluctant Librarian
(Mild non/con, slow burning seduction, lots, and lots of tease play, dom/sub/bondage play)

This idea came about from an image I found on the internet a few weeks ago. This image.
Now this idea can be either modern or a fantasy setting where either an eccentric billionaire playboy, or a wealthy noble lord with influence, wealth and powers discovers this luscious little treat one day during a book signing or searching the local archives for some long forgotten tome. At any rate, she is so shy, so timid, and clearly clueless about what an amazing body she has or how sexy she -could- be that he is obsessed with her. Most men overlook her because she wears her hair up in a bun, hides her eyes behind cute little glasses, dresses in timid, rather, meek, mouse colors and layers. But our male lead see's through that instantly. He see's that stripped down, dressed in the finest silk gowns and jewelry, hair done, make up done, completely made over that she would be an absolute Goddess, and he wants to -own- her. He wants to possess her, to control her completely, to break through her timid shell and force her to come to terms with her sensuality, her sexuality, and twist them with his own base, kinky, lewd desires and mold her into his little Doll. His plaything, his companion, something to keep him entertained and enthralled.

What I am most interested in here is how does this naive, innocent young woman handle this? How does she deal with it? Once she is his, the contract signed, she's bound by his rules and there is no turning back. How does she deal with these new sensations, his intense, never ending lust, obsession, desire and passion for her as he forced her to explore all of these, to her mind, kinky, lewd, dirty sensations and situations with him. I want to see that struggle between 'I want to be a good girl, to, but oh god it feels good when he -makes- me be naughty' and the shame and humiliation burning hotly on her cheeks, twisted up with her arousal and the things he makes he feel over and over again.

If you're interested in this plot, please be literate. I don't mind playing with anyone but this one will require a deft touch, someone who understands, adores, and see's the nuances at work here behind the scenes. More important than the smut to me, I want to see her conflict, that internal struggle, the bright red cheeks, the humiliation and utter shame warring with her intense arousal that leaves her a wet, gushing mesh between her thighs and makes her squirm in anticipation and mingled fear just at the 'sight' of him, the mention of his name.

Faith or Fallen

This will most definitely be a noncon set up. The general idea for this thread is a Paladin, a female holy warrior who by her oaths and her faith, is chaste, celibate and shuns all forms of self pleasure and gratitude in her quest to better mankind. She will have set out on a quest to destroy a creature of great evil that haunts the small villiage where she has been posted.

The creature, at the moment, I'm thinking will be a vampire, but it could just as easily be a lust demon, or really anything that we want to come up with together. Ancient and aged, immensely powerful and twisted after such long existence. There will be some conflict, which would result in the Paladin ending up captured and held captive at the hands of this beast. He will take his time degrading, tormenting her with her lack of faith, the futility of being in a 'God' that cannot make her strong enough to overcome him.

There would be some light bondage, noncon as I mentioned, humiliation I imagine in the form of him tormenting her relentlessly about her faith, her weakness, in his raping of her ruining her vows of celibacy and chasteness, dark seduction naturally as he forces her to enjoy things she's sworn never to take part in (sex, evil acts such as blood drinking, hurting people, bloodplay things of that nature) he will be attempting to twist her and pervert her around her own faith. To use it as a weapon against her as he forces her to endure all sorts of terrible things. In short it is a power play, a slow, forceful, sensual domination and corruption that he is attempting.

I'm very open to suggestions and I'm looking for someone to take up the role of the paladin or cleric (or really whatever sort of character you might imagine here, if you have ideas, I'm open to discuss it) lead. This person can take full control of the character's appearance and general attitude (within the guidelines I've laid out according to her faith and so on) as well I'll be happy to take advice, suggestions and tweaks to the general story as well. The character of the vampire will based to some degree off a longstanding Vampire character of mine from WoD rules, of Lasombra clan. He is a prideful, arrogant, cruel bastard who feels that it is his right to do as he pleases simply because he has the strength and power to do so. In his mind, his bloodright gives all the power he needs to wield dominion over the kine (mortals).

If you can handle that, if that intrigues you as much as it does me, feel free to shoot me a PM and lets discuss the idea.
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Re: LaCroix's Story Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2015, 11:09:46 PM »
Updated with 'Faith or Fallen'.

More plots to come soon.