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Author Topic: The Gates of Valhalla (Metal Gear RP) (M for Any)  (Read 294 times)

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The Gates of Valhalla (Metal Gear RP) (M for Any)
« on: October 07, 2015, 01:46:26 AM »

The Gates of Valhalla (Metal Gear inspired rp)

I originally started writing this up as just another plot in my request thread, but as I continued adding to it and fleshed things out I ultimately decided it was big enough to warrant it's own thread. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in running one of the variations with me, and please forgive any typos or grammatical errors. It's 1 in the morning right now and I started typing this at like 7:00, so I'm a bit too tired to proof read at the moment.  ^^

general info
Experience/Writing Style: I've been RPing more or less constantly for about 7 years now. I consider myself to be a proficient writer, though I would say I excel more at concept and ideas than at technique, so a few spelling/grammatical errors may slip through from time to time. Typically I find the 2-5 paragraph range to be the most comfortable for posts, though mostly it depends on what I have to work with.

RP location: I prefer to keep things either in forum, or over PMs. I don't have any real preference between the two, so long as its contained within the site. 

Post Frequency: On a good week I tend to post atleast once a day, though depending on how busy things become IRL I may resort to checking in every couple of days instead. I almost never go a full week without posting something, and I do my best to keep my partners informed on whether or not I'll be absent.

Pictures: I tend to prefer using anime/drawn pictures when rping, or just none at all is fine as well. I don't do real life pictures at all, because I find it weird to use an actual person's face when rping, especially in a more sexual context.

Characters: I tend to play male, female, hermaphrodite (futa), or cross dressing (trap) characters. My male and trap characters tend to be on the more submissive end of things, while my female and futa characters are typically more dominant and strong willed.  Personally I don't mind anyone playing any gender of character, so feel free to come to me with whatever character you want to play.
This is probably the most story heavy plot I've developed. While it does have plenty of opportunity for smut and sexy times, great stretches of the story will be played as straight action/spy thriller with little "action" outside of flirting and teasing, so this one is very much not for those looking just for sexy fun times. Also while the story is heavily influenced by Metal Gear, and preferably would take place within that universe, none of the existing cast will factor into the story, outside of references, call backs, and certain characters directly drawing inspiration from certain prolific figures in the MG universe. As such a deep understanding of Metal Gear is not required, nor does the story actually have to take place in the MG universe at all if that would be desired as certain tertiary details can be altered.

Militaries Sans Frontieres (MSF for short) a legendary and revolutionary group amongst those who live on the battle field. The first of its kind, MSF was a military force without a nation, without race or ideology. Instead of fighting for a country they fought where they were needed, for the people who needed them most. It was a radical idea, and it was only natural that that such a radical idea would be met by resistance from the world powers. As such it was only a few years after the military nation was established that it was seemingly erased off the map in the blink of an eye, a grim and startling reminder that the world did not take kindly to those who tried to challenge the status quote. For many that seemed to be the end of it, MSF, and the very concept of an army without a nation, was a failed experiment, doomed to fade away into obscurity, forgotten and abandoned.

However it seemed that even in its short life span, MSF had made an irreversible impact on the world, for when it was destroyed a void was left in its wake that needed to be filled. The world called out for wetwork, and one by one people stood up to answer that call. In the early 1980's, almost over night all manner of private forces (PF's) began springing up, involving themselves in battlefields all over the world, each one trying to make a name for themselves, all trying to live up to the original organization, the original ideal, the original legendary soldier...Big Boss.

One such group, the Sons of Odin, have begun really making a name for themselves. Their home base, aptly named "Valhalla" by its leader, sits on the island of Gravdos, a small Grecian island in the Mediterranean, from which the Sons have access to conflict zones in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and other middle eastern hot zones, making them one of the most accessible and influential PFs in the area.

The group draws most of its aesthetic and ideological inspiration from Norse mythology, and no where else is this more prevalent than with their elite special forces unit, "The Valkyries". The Valkyries are an all female group comprised of the Sons' most skilled and dangerous soldiers, many possessing strange traits and abilities that appear superhuman to the naked eye. Between their expert training, fierce loyalty and brotherhood, advanced technology, and their elite Valkyrie unit, the Sons of Odin have reigned almost completely unchallenged in the Mediterranean area, growing larger and larger by the month, to the point were they are beginning to attract the attention of the world's more influential governments.

There are three basic potential plot ideas revolving around this group, each one framing them in a different light and drastically altering the story and perspectives of the characters. All stories are up for variations and are open for a character of any gender to be involved (except for the second, for obvious reasons). In all cases the part of the Valkryies will be played by myself.

(Idea 1) Captured: (NC, Bondage, light sexual torture themes, the shortest and smuttiest of the three plots)
YC is an enemy soldier that has recently been captured during a fire fight against a group of Sons. You have no idea if any of your other squad mates have survived, or if they've been captured and imprisoned as you have. However what you do know is that the Sons believe you to hold invaluable Intel on your most recent client's plans and inner workings, and they very much want that intel, so much so that the Valkyries themselves have decided to take turns overseeing your interrogations. One by one they use their respective methods to try to coax the information out of you, and as time goes on you realize that said methods universally begin to get more and more perverse in nature. Threats of pain and death start to give way to promises of pleasure and a spot amongst the Sons of Odin should you give up what you know. Will you be able to hold out against this tempting trial, or will the whiles of the Valkyries prove too much for you to handle?

(Idea 2) Recruited: Female/Futa only (Lust and military romance themes, some light NC or dubious con. Possible group sex and prostitution as well) 
After scouring the world for new blood, the Sons of Odin have approached you to join their organization. You are an exquisite soldier, faster, smarter, and more tenacious than all of your peers. However, there is more to you than that, something that goes beyond normal human limits, something unique that has drawn the Sons to you, wanting to recruit you as the newest member of the Valkyrie unit. You find the rag tag group of women to be a bit odd at first, but very inviting and accepting of you. You immediately sense a very strong familial bond between them, knowing any one of them would likely give their lives to save another. However, you are not a Valkyrie just yet, and like all other groups there is an "adjustment" period to go through, as well as a fair share of hazing. You go out on several missions with different Valkyries, each one imparting their own wisdom and experience onto you, but each one also having their fun with you in one way or another. At first its subtle, a spank here, a peck on the cheek, maybe a quick grope, nothing you wouldn't just chalk up to normal skinship and "handsy-ness" that comes with being in such a tight nit group. However as one of the Valkyries begins stripping you down on the chopper ride back to base after a particularly stressful mission, you realize that the bond between the group is much more intimate than you first thought. All at once you find yourself passed from member to member, each one wanting to get a taste of the new girl on the block, sometimes you're even paraded out to the lower members of the Sons in order to service the men as well. At first it seems degrading, but as time goes on you start to notice the other members of the Sons no longer see you as an outsider, nor as just a slut to relieve themselves with, but as a true kindred spirit, one who shares an unbreakable bond forged through battle and intimacy that is much closer and stronger than in any other army you've ever served under before. Not only that but you find that having some drinks and a good fuck session after a death defying mission is actually a great way to take the edge off. As it turns out, you do rather like it here in your new home, a true Valhalla on earth.

(Idea 3) Operation Gungnir: (The most plot and story heavy of the three ideas. More of a traditional Metal Gear style story, more akin to a GM'd game than a traditional 1x1 rp)

In the years following the fall of MSF, the United States government (Cipher to be more accurate) has been keeping a close eye on the development of PFs that have begun to spring up in emulation of the legendary military force. For the most part the state has elected to keep from directly involving itself in the affairs of these groups, instead indirectly influencing them by posing as clients to direct their war path. However, recent reports indicate that one of these independent groups, named the Sons of Odin, has begun recruiting scientist and inventors specialized in the field of robotics and chemistry, supposedly dumping millions of dollars worth of funds into their own private research. Two words immediately spring to mind...Metal Gear. It is possible, even likely, that not only has the group somehow uncovered information of such a weapon's existence, but now are planning to try to develop one of their own, from scratch if needed, fully armed to launch a nuclear weapon. With that kind of power in the hands of a nation-less organization, the whole world could be flung into chaos.

That's were you come in. YC, a member of the special forces unit FOXHOUND, have been deployed to the island of Gravdos in order to infiltrate the military complex known as Valhalla. Your mission is to recover any evidence that reveals the Sons' intent to produce nuclear weapons, then eliminate any resources, data, prototypes, and critical personnel they've amassed to prevent them from accomplishing that goal. Be warned, this is a sneaking mission, due to taking residence on a territory of Greece, the United States cannot directly launch an attack against the Sons' base, so reinforcements cannot be supplied, nor can the U.S. acknowledge any relation to you should you be captured. You should also be cautious of the Sons' infamous "Valkyrie Unit", the group has only been around for a few years, and already rumors and legends of their prowess in battle are abundant. Engaging them in direct combat is ill advised, especially as a group, however if you do engage them, do not hesitate to terminate them, they are much to great a threat to be left alive if given the chance.

The Valkyries
A detailed look at the Sons of Odin's most elite fighting force. They are inspired from the Valkyries of Norse mythology, heavenly battle maidens that chose fallen soldiers to raise up into Valhalla. As such each member takes their code name from an actual named Valkyrie from myth, usually carrying a special meaning for them. The unit has been organized so that each member fulfills a specific battle field need, but also has the skills and experience to lead their own personal unit if needed, as well as over see the training of the advanced units pertaining to their specialty.

Samantha Dollihan - Reginleif ("Daughter of the Gods")
Age: 32 yrs old - Size: 5'10  150 lbs - Specialty: Leadership, planning, interrogation - Abnormalities: Electrokinesis 

The eccentric leader of the Sons of Odin. Originally a soldier fighting for the IRA (Irish Republican Army) Sam became disillusioned from the idea of fighting for her country as the IRA slowly devolved from a rebel militia, to a group of splintering terrorist cells. She instead became drawn towards stories of the illustrious Big Boss, and the fabled military he created, an army without a nation, no sense of obligation to any one side, they were free to fight for what they believed was right at the time, something truly noble and worthy of pride. With the help of long time friend Valery Draggo, Samantha established the Sons of Odin. Originally just a dime a dozen mercenary group with a fancy theme, after securing a proper base on Gravdos their operation exploded, quickly growing into one of the most powerful PFs in the area.

Many who know Samantha personally would describe her as "A nutcase hiding behind a thick veil of charisma". It is clear in her eccentric behavior and odd demeanor that she is not entirely all there, but is still dangerously intelligent, and fully capable of maintaining the Sons even as it continues to grow larger and larger. In addition to her well rounded combat skills, Sam was gifted with a rare form of psychic power that allows her body to safely conduct, store, and harness insane amounts of electricity. Reportedly this power manifested during a battle back in Ireland, when she was struck by a lightning bolt in the middle of a charge on a British encampment. However not only did she not die from the freak lightning strike, the bolt seemed to arc off of her body and blast straight through the enemy's defenses, giving them an opening to overrun the base. Ofcourse, only two other people were actually present during the battle that could validate this, Valery and Riley, and it is highly likely that this story has just been fabricated too make Samantha look more impressive.   


Valery Draggo - Sigrdrífa ("Inciter to Victory")
Age: 35 yrs old - Size: 5'11  165 lbs - Specialty: Training and day to day management, Survival, Tracking, CQC  - Abnormalities: None

The most mundane member of the Valkyries, possessing no special abilities nor relying on specialized equipment, but still arguably one of the best. Val is an accomplished soldier and tactician, possessing both amazing strength and dexterity, along with wisdom and insight well beyond her years. As second in command at Valhalla, Valery spends most of her time managing the day to day tasks involved in keeping the Sons running: recruiting, scheduling, handling training regimens and organizing assignments. It is actually rather rare to see her go out into the field, though when she does it is considered a special occasion. Since the establishment of the Sons, Val has maintained a 100% success rate when going out on missions, and too anyone's knowledge not one assignment she's been on has so much as ran into any complications along the way, so efficient she is a soldier.


Elena Summerland - Göndul ("Wand-Wielder")
Age: 28 yrs old - Size: 5'9  105 lbs - Specialty: Heavy Ordinance and Explosives - Abnormalities: Bionic Leg

The smooth and charming pyromaniac of the Valkyries, Elena is in charge of all things that go boom in Valhalla. She is an expert at explosives, both military grade and hand mixed, and is a master at using traps and explosives to control the battlefield and herd the enemy exactly where she wants them to go. Having lost her leg several years ago in chemical accident, she has since had it replaced with a cutting edge bionic leg. Nicknamed "The Gjallarhorn" her robotic leg has been designed to case an assault rifle in the bottom calf (the barrel protruding from the sole of her foot) and a grenade launch housed in the upper thigh (the calf section folding up to reveal it), granting her an additional element of surprise in battle.


Riley Callaghan - Kára ("The Wild Stormy One")
Age: 18 yrs old - Size: 5'8  130lbs - Specialty: Gun slinging, infiltration, scouting, open combat - Abnormalities: Photographic Reflexes, heightened senses

The youngest member of the Valkyries, Riley was actually a child soldier fighting for the IRA back when Samantha made her departure. Having lost her parents a few years prior, she looked up to the woman as a mother figure of sorts, and thus followed with her when she left Ireland behind. Brash, arrogant, and quick to make a sarcastic remark, Riley wears her young age with pride. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your stance, she also has the skill to back up her talk. Possessing something known as "Photographic Reflexes" Riley is capable of perfectly imitating any action after seeing it performed just one time. Because of this she is incredibly easy to train, and retains skills at a higher rate than most soldiers could dream of. A common tactic for her training was to send her to scout out battlefields where highly trained soldiers were fighting, just so that she could watch them and pick up their skills while they fought. With the sheer amount of marksman training she's been able to emulate over the years, Riley is deadly accurate with most known fire arms, even to the point of being able to calculate trajectory and angles to ricochet bullets off of walls and other surfaces. While she is proficient with most guns, she prefers the use of single handed weapons above all, and can usually be seen dual wielding pistols or sub machine guns.


Syri Hung - Pögn ("silence")
Age: 25 yrs old - Size: 5'6  120 lbs - Specialty: Stealth, Infiltration, Chemical Warfare - Abnormalities: Chemical Gas grenades 

Very little is known about the masked Syri Hung. It is said that during missions she never says a word, only gestures and pantomimes to get her point across, and never removes her helmet even when back at base, save for when she's alone in her room. As such very few have seen her true face. However what is known is that she is a master of stealth, capable of making her way through enemy compounds without alerting a soul, much like a ghost. Adding to the ghostly image one of her preferred tactics is the use of smoke grenades to disorientate her opponents, making it easier to slip around them and kill them in close combat. Some have rumored that she has the paranormal ability to give people hallucinations and mess with their perceptions, though in reality she accomplishes this through the use of hallucinatory chemicals she mixes into her smoke grenades, her gas mask both protecting her from the negative effects, and adding to the intimidation factor of having a single pair of glowing red eyes shifting through the smokey fog. Also despite being very cold and serious when on the battlefield, she is reportedly very perky and chipper when off duty, something that has a rather jarring effect on soldiers sent out on missions with her, only to see her bouncing around like a kid back at base.


Brunhilda von Guggenheim - Geirdriful ("Spear Flinger")
Age: 28 yrs old - Size: 6'1  178 lbs - Specialty: Marksmanship, Scouting - Abnormalities: Futanari (increased strength and muscle mass over normal women)

One of the more recent additions to the team, recruited from Germany, Brunhilda is at the same time one of the most physically imposing members of the Valkyries, while also the softest and most down to earth. She is a skilled marksman, capable of out shooting even Riley when using rifles, earning her spot as the unit's sniper. Due to her solid frame and physical strength she tends to use a .50 caliber tank rifle as her weapon of choice, a beast of gun that she touts about with scary ease, capable of moving between positions and re-calibrating herself with stunning speed. Because she spends so much of her time alone and away from the action, she has developed a bad habit of talking to herself in order to fill the void, and can sometimes be seen around base carrying out full conversations with herself aloud.