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Author Topic: LittleWhiteWolfy's Fandom Desires! (Seeking Anyone)  (Read 897 times)

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LittleWhiteWolfy's Fandom Desires! (Seeking Anyone)
« on: October 04, 2015, 07:54:23 PM »
Hey all, this is exactly what it says on the tin - some desires of mine set around various fandoms :) Please PM me if any of them take your fancy!

I go in a lot more for story and drama than just pure pornography - as much as I want to explore various characters getting it on, I also wanna' have the time and freedom to explore deeper into the various fandoms themselves :)

As much as possible I've left the descriptions extremely vague; ultimately, what interests me is the fandoms themselves, and if you want to explore a particular idea within that fandom, feel free to PM me it and we can discuss the details together - I'm happy to go with pretty much anything, once it's within the fandom :) Even in instances where I've outlined more detailed ideas for potential characters or plots, that's simply my own ideas and they're all open to interpretation. So if you see a fandom that you like, please don't hesitate to PM with whatever ideas for it you have on your mind :)

Pretty much any pairing we can think of - story is a big must here.

Captain America x Black Widow
Captain America x Sharon "Agent 13" Carter
The Winter Soldier x Black Widow
Carol Danvers x [ANYBODY]
(And anybody else you can think of to suggest :) )

(I know this is technically covered under "Marvel" above, but, still, just to be sure...) Any combination of existing X-Men characters, comic book or movie variants, interests me - but also, I'd be just as happy to play a game with original characters set in Xavier's School :)

Rogue x Wolverine
Hope Summers x Cable
Mystique x Wolverine
OC x OC (At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters)

Any combination of DC characters has the potential to be awesome :) The Bat Family in particular has loads to offer, but I also really, really dig Supergirl........

Supergirl x Superman (Yes, little bit of incest :P )
Wonder Woman x Superman
Batgirl x Batman
Batwoman x Supergirl
Batwoman x Wonder Woman
Batwoman x Batgirl
Nightwing x Harley Quinn
Batgirl x Joker (...Definitely forced)
Tim Drake x Raven
Poison Ivy x [ANYBODY]

Something that, if I agree to do it, it's because I have absolute confidence my writing partner will be able to do it RIGHT. The story will be set either during the Federation-Klingon War or the Dominion War, and while I'd PREFER to set it around original characters assigned to the station (of any background; they don't necessarily have to be from Starfleet), I'd also be willing to consider actual characters from the show (or other Star Trek shows) as well.

(Somebody who knows their Star Trek lore, please, please, please get in touch!!!)

Jadzia Dax x OC
Ezri Dax x OC
Major Kira x OC/[ANYBODY]

I probably won't be as demanding that my partner be a Trekkie encyclopedia with this as I would be for Deep Space Nine, but I'd still love to write in this setting with somebody who knows what they're doing. In terms of timeline, the story would probably be set aboard the NX-01 Enterprise after the events of the fourth season (which, in the Star Trek timeline, was during the events of the Terran-Romulan War; but whether or not we use this as part of the plot is up to discussion).

Trip x T'pol
T'pol x Travis
Hoshi x Travis
Hoshi x OC

The same rules apply to this as to the DS9 request - I really want to work with someone who knows and loves Battlestar Galactica inside and out on this one. Similar to above, I'd prefer the story to be about two original characters (again from any background - but it'd be more fun if they were fighter pilots or Colonial Marines or something), but at the same time there's a lot to be said for Cylon sleeper agents making for good plots so...this is something that can very much be hashed out, and we may find ourselves playing several characters at a time.

Starbuck x Apollo
Starbuck x OC
Starbuck x Athena
Starbuck x Caprica Six
OC x Any Cylon Model
Boomer x Athena
Cally x Torie
Cally x OC/[ANYBODY]

I wouldn't want to follow the actual plotline of the James Clavell novel, especially seeing as most people may not be familiar with it - the basic idea is good enough for me. During Sengoku Jidai - Japan's longest period of civil strife and war - a Western ship washes up ashore on one of the islands and its crew have to acclimatise themselves to life in Japan. There'll be incredible sexiness, political intrigue, war, and samurai. Lots and lots of samurai :D


By "Star Wars" I really mean one of the settings from the Star Wars Expanded Universe - when there are plenty of Jedi and Sith running around. This would absolutely be original characters only, and would probably revolve around some forbidden relationship between a Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord...

At the moment I'd love to play something between two characters in Jabba's palace; they can be anything from bounty hunters, to slaves, to dancing girls or prostitutes...I really wanna' explore the setting and see what can happen :)

Jedi OC x Sith OC

Jabba's Palace Setting *Crave*

This can go absolutely any way - original characters, characters from the show, any season, canon or non-canon...I'm willing to tear the book right open on this one. Please, please, somebody pick this xD

This pretty much writes itself - English or Irish village gets raided by Ragnar Lothbrok or the Great Heathen Army and...well :P You can probably imagine the rest.

Very low interest at the moment. If you really want to do it, I'll take some convincing.

My vision for this is something actually quite dark - this would likely be set some time before the events of The Hobbit (or, for anyone really into their Tolkein, I would much prefer to set it during the events of The Silmarillion). One of the characters would be a dark sorcerer, probably a Necromancer, and the other would be a gorgeous, virginal elf can probably guess where this is going. Depending on my partner's particular kinks the sex in this story could go to some quite grizzly extremes - orcs, wargs, spiders...what have you.

Conversely, of course, the story could be quite light and not involve an evil character at all - maybe two good characters fighting against the forces or Mordor or Isengard, closer to the events of the movies. It really depends on your own personal preference, if this takes your fancy :)

Elf Maiden x Orc
Elf Maiden x Easterling
Elf Maiden x Warg rider w/ Warg
Elf Maiden x Spider
Elf Maiden (Are you seeing a trend yet?) x Necromancer-style-wizard-person
Rohirrim x Rohan girl (Something a little bit sweeter :) )
Elf Maiden x Balrog (Okay so this is a joke. Or not. If someone offers this I'll totally hear what they have to say)

It should absolutely go without saying that this is SOLELY for people whose turn ons can encompass some pretty icky stuff. Whatever way you slice this story, this is going to get dark and uncomfortable FAST - the idea would PROBABLY be (but as with everything it's open to negotiation) that, some time after the events of Alien (around the time of the events of Alien: Isolation), another egg/batch of eggs is discovered leading to another ship/space station/colony being over-run by an alien, or a hive of aliens. Our characters would be survivors who probably develop a relationship with each other, through all the hell and high water to come...

Amy Ripley x OC
Amy Ripley x Alien
OC x Alien

Taken, and in marvellous fashion too!

I throw this out partially as a joke, partially out of genuine attraction to Tracy de Santa - a story about her and some boyfriend/girlfriend/what-have-you running afoul of Michael and "Uncles" Trevor and Franklin would, actually, make for a really quirky and funny RP :P In my opinion.

Craving ;)

Tracy de Santa x OC
Tracy de Santa x Franklin***CRAVE!***
Amanda de Santa x OC
Amanda de Santa x Franklin
Amanda de Santa x Tracy de Santa (Why not?)
Tracy de Santa x Trevor
Tracy de Santa x Michael (...)

--------------I'm also craving a generic crime drama; your Sons of Anarchy/Sopranos/what-have-you style American gangland set-up. I'm very happy to cast a wide net on this, so if you've any cravings about gangs or crime, hit me up with them, I'd be happy to discuss and negotiate something :)

In that vein, a character I am trying to find a story for is one I'd like to try and pull off in this setting - an Iraq War vet who, having returned home after several re-enlistments, finds himself bored and unsure of what to do with himself and so falls in with a gang (I'm not sure what kind; that'll probably be determined by my partner's character and other preferences) to put his skills to use and earn a bit of money on the side while doing it. I'd very much like to try this character on for size, and while it wouldn't (necessarily) take place in the GTA V universe, I'd like to try it out in some sort of gangland setting in any case.


If you recognise the picture above, congratulations! You're Irish too :P And why not - a Love/Hate RP would be absolutely awesome. Original characters or existing characters...let's feckin' do it. It'll be deadly. Coolaboola Nidgey.

Debbie x OC
Siobhan x OC
Siobhan x Trish

I'm genuinely throwing this out there more as an experiment than an actual request idea - but if I get a taker, who knows, maybe this might actually happen :P

The experiment is simple enough - would it be possible to run an RP on Elliquiy set in and around the hustle and bustle and political intrigue of Washington, D.C.? xD I'm not just talking about, can we do an RP with a Congressman and his hot young staffer - anybody can write that. Could players genuinely write a gripping RP, say, starring a Republican Congressman and a Democratic Senator, fleshing out a believable romantic/sexual relationship while at the same time dipping their toes into the nitty gritty of the political world of Capitol Hill? That would be an RP I would pay money to read, let alone participate in :P If anybody is interested, if anybody feels they would like to attempt to pull this off...please, for the love of God, send me a PM and let's discuss this in depth :D Hahahaha

Republican Rep. x Democratic Rep.
Republican Staffer x Democratic Staffer
Hillary Clinton (D) x Donald Trump (R)
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Re: LittleWhiteWolfy's Fandom Desires! (Seeking F or M)
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2015, 06:54:08 PM »
Added a whole bunch of pairings to each category; all of them are just ideas, I'm happy to hear any and all alternatives you can come up with :)

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Re: LittleWhiteWolfy's Fandom Desires! (Seeking F or M)
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2015, 08:37:39 PM »
Added Star Trek: Enterprise pairings and highlighted the following as current craves:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Grand Theft Auto V (...or any crime drama story, not necessarily connected in any way to GTA or its universe)

Star Trek: Enterprise (Travis x Hoshi or Travis x T'pol)

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Re: LittleWhiteWolfy's Fandom Desires! (Seeking F or M)
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2015, 10:11:57 PM »
Added a craving under the GTA V heading, and added in Shogun as well.