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June 23, 2018, 05:28:31 AM

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Author Topic: Darkness's RP Looking for thread  (Read 335 times)

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Offline DarknessEclipsedTopic starter

Darkness's RP Looking for thread
« on: September 30, 2015, 09:28:49 PM »
So this will be the thread I will use to place all RP's I wish to try and set up.

~Attack on Titan
~Yandereish RP?
~Apocalypse RP
~Skyrim RP
~Dark souls/Bloodborne RP
~Warrior Cat
~LoL Nidalee
~Payday [more like using the concept then the actual game maybe?]

~Also open to generic RPs we create based around almost anything.
might have to update a little: F-list

~Skyrim/StarWars/LoL/Naruto RP: Your warrior has been targeted by may assassin character as her quarry for whatever reason is to be decided based on both the Canon and the plot idea. She will stalk him for a bit of time and seeing a 'weakness' she will attack, but either be captured by him; they will be equals and both be gravely weakened, or they both fall into a bad situation and must work together to survive. Either way they will end up as forced partners to live or doa  quest...

~Apocolypse RP [fallout or Uturned/H1Z1 style]: A basic but long lasting RP is my idea: basically we are either bro/sis or best friends and have lived in a group safely for quite some time, but all peace comes to a hault after a bandit raid [or zombie break in] forces us to run away as the rest of our group is slaughtered. Alone, scared, under equipped and maybe naked we must scavenge and form a new home and base to live

~Goddess/Mystical being RP: After a war beaks out in another dimension [hell, alternate reality, heaven etc..] My character [either a goddess or some mystical anthromorphic being] crashes into your backyard, via pool, dirt pile, shed, etc, and upon seeing this you panic. running out you will be half interested and half terrified, but save her non the less to test your fate. I will be grateful and explain my situation and ask to stay a resident in your home as a place to hide and figure things out. As time goes on i will meld with society better and have a more human form to blend in to go out and about. Though he war that lead me here may break through and force my hand to defend you, or help you flee to a safer place..who knows :P

LoL RP: The void is opening and allowing more dangerous creatures and beings into Runeterra, ouyr champions must tred to the dangerous places to stop wars ether by peace or slaughter and bring as many champions together to defend Runeterra or all may perish. Will include wars/issues like: Noxus/Demacia, Ashe/Sejuani, Bilgewater, Shadow Isle, Piltover, Shurima, and any other we can think of.

MLP: Many ideas are good here, but some like: Fallout themed, Zombie apocolypse themes, casual slice of life themed, adventure can work, so jsut pm ideas and we can work it out.

Bloodborne: Would be an RP about 50 years past the game, and time has 'reset' itself basically following the game with any changes we see fit, I shall play the doll [or a female hunter] who assists your character through the game, both in combat and out in any way that will get your character through the seemingly never ending nightmare.

Attack on titan: Ok so this one is a bit more advanced: Basically it will be the fall of America [assuming the canon story is in Europe] and all around our characters, the first titan shifters of the area. Created in a lab we escape burt in the prossess release the titan formula in the air, either killig or mutating most humans into titans. This sparks the creation of smaller but many walled cities, with a 'capital' city that houses the important people. Our characters, angered by the situation attack the city, but overpowered we must fall back and use our human form to enter other cities to gain warriors to assist us in taking down the corrupt capital and forming a normal society within the massive city.

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Re: Darkness's RP Looking for thread
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2015, 03:46:29 PM »
Bump. Still looking really want a Blood borne RP, MTG or skyrim are also fun

Offline DarknessEclipsedTopic starter

Re: Darkness's RP Looking for thread
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2015, 09:09:41 AM »
Still looking for an RP