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Author Topic: Seeking Batman  (Read 254 times)

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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Seeking Batman
« on: September 28, 2015, 04:34:20 pm »
Just like the title Says  ((Oh right PM Me if your interested :D))

As usual I'm in a batman type mood, though I want something a little different Saw the idea from someone else and thought 'Wow I did not know I wanted that till now'  You know how that is with some ideas?  Anyway what I'm looking for is an older jaded Batman.  He's seen a lot seen friends die and almost died himself several times He's gotten more aggressive, he's reaching a mental breaking point.

Then someone drops right into his life (either figuratively or literally as you'll see in a moment) and's he's stumped, dose he try and accept someone into his life again and risk having them die at the hands of his ever sadistic Foes, does he risk pushing her away and bearing the responsibility if she does die for one reason or another? It's up to you :), I am looking for story but I have no objection to smut as long as it develops naturally.

Now I have several different characters in mind they can be slightly altered however so if you have any suggestions or preferences let me know :)

Angela/Angel (24):
During a routine Patrol the winged Vigilante making headlines 'angel' Literally falls on Batman while fleeing a fight she wasn't fully prepared for.while the meeting is brief With her flying off before to many questions can be asked she's left an impression particularly as Bats Gt an eye full of her breasts!... Ok more specifically he was fixated on a strange Circle tattooed between them.  No stranger to the Mystical side, he wonders just who this 'Angel' is especially when at a Party as Bruce Wayne, he  meets Angela Gates and he sees part of the same mark on her chest before she can fix her dress and clock the man who fondled her.

Reiki(Possibly 26):  A former Super Soldier built on commission from the military as a US defense program to defend in case heroes like Superman ever go rouge.  Reiki was deemed to unstable but kept fr potential breeding purposes because of her skill.  Managing to escape Reiki has found her way to Gotham city, sights of her have been rare and have spawned a fervent interest in ghosts' which is what many believe she is.  But when Batman stumbles across this 'ghost' Killing an attempted rapist  he's not sure how to approach the Woman  She clearly wants to help, but she's doing it wrong by killing!

Caroline (28): A former Arkham Assylum nurse, Caroline is shocked when she stumbles upon Batman badly injured after a battle.  Taking him home it's clear his wounds are fatal, resigned and almost ready for death Bruce is stunned when he awakens healthy, whole, and mask thankfully still in place.  the apartment is modest and the woman small, but her powers are the only thing that kept him alive.  Caroline is a meta Human, with the ability to absorb wounds but How does Batman feel having been kept alive?

Rose/Papillon (23): Gotham's underground has had a rash of Burglaries!  Batman heard from informants that several crime families have been robbed, Anything from Gambling dens, to seemingly legitimate clubs have been targets, the only things tying them? all of them are run by one of the Gothams Main crime families.  Well that and a strange butterfly shaped card with the words 'Thank you' in scrawling script.  While no one knows whose doing it it hasn't stopped the families putting a price on this Papillon Thief particularly since the money being stolen seems to be resurfacing, in the hands of Various charity organizations under annonomys cash donations!  While the Syndicates have their own people, they don't have 'the worlds greatest detective' on their side. With his resources Batman discovers the thief, but can he stop her before she flutters right into a trap?

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