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Author Topic: The Kitten's general wants and desires! (M lf Any)  (Read 400 times)

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The Kitten's general wants and desires! (M lf Any)
« on: September 27, 2015, 08:57:11 AM »
Hello All and thanks for stopping by my post and reading my ideas.  A few things to get out there before you get into the meat and potatoes of the thread.  I may have specific ideas listed here but I am ALWAYS up for discussing something that is not on my list of approved ideas.  The only thing that I ask is that they don't violate the list of No themes that I have.  (For now they will list here, but will be moved into the On and Off post soon enough.)

I can play any gender myself or play with any type of gender as well.  This includes Shemales, Herms, Tentacle creatures, fembois or anything that you can think of that combines them.  I will literally play just about anything for the right story line.  In the vein of dominant and submissive, I can also play wither of those roles.  I excel in a switch type of roles with submissive being my second, and dominant being the third.  If you are looking for the dominant type that will be cruel and well...rapey....then I am sorry to disappoint.  I am much more of a mental dominant than anything else.  I can be rough, demeaning, and a few other things, but cruel is not one of them.  Also I should note that I am more comfortable playing characters that aren't human as my go to.  Furries, demons, aliens, and all things in this vein will almost always be preferred over regular humans.

Now that the logistics are out of the way, lets get to the ideas shall we?  This list will likely be fluid as I get responses or lack there of.

1.  The Sweetest of taboo.  This idea itself is rather simple, incest.  Brother/Sister, Mother/Son, Brother/Brother, Sister/Sister are the pairings that I am looking for at this time.  I know that it sounds strange but I don't like including anything a father.  I am also willing to play something with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.

Themes/kinks that are required:
Relationship being a secret to EVERYONE else
Risk of getting caught/possible pregnancy risk

Themes/kinks that would be amazing to add:
Multiple partners to play with/love triangle
Herms/Shemales/Strap-ons (Femboy or female characters for me only)

2.  Traveling Priest(ess).  This is an idea that I have been trying to get off the ground for Rio (My femboy character) for a rather long time.  This is an idea that is less flexible but still has some room for input.

Plot line:  Rio is the fated Priestess that has been sealed up within the Jade Convent on top of the mountains of the east.  The Jade order has been responsible for care taking Mystic and healing aspects of this land for centuries.  This year marks the fiftieth moon of the Mystic Calendar and a sacrifice is needed align the energies of the vast continent.  The chosen priestess for this task is Rio.  However there is one deep and somewhat dark secret that the Jade priestesses have been keeping about their sacrifice...he is truly a male.  On the surface, his appearance is nothing but female...which is why he has become such a successful and popular priestess to the surrounding townsfolk.

The story would start on Rio's twentieth birthday, or perhaps a few days before hand.  Your character (or possibly characters) would be hired to guard the convoy or simply Rio himself as he needs to travel across the continent to his final resting place within the Jade Covenant's head quarters and main temple.  They would meet as a business relationship as first, however as they begin their travels...things would change between them as they get further and further from the temple.  Having never seen the outside world, Rio is very naive and innocent.  He would not believe in the rather scary parts of the world and likely often need to be rescued at first.  This would cause him to grow a strong connection with his guard or guards, meaning that he would want to be close...and perhaps too them.  He is foreign to the idea of flirting or sex, so he would likely push boundaries by accident. 

Ideal Partners: Honestly this idea was crafted for a female or female type (Herm/Shemale) but I am open to any really interesting partner that wishes to take it on.  Any questions, please feel free to ask as I want this one to work more than ANYTHING else.

3.  My Little Pony Fandom plays!  I have actually started a separate thread for this one, please see the link here.

4. Post Apocalyptic Play!  (My most recent craving!!!)
- Two ideas here.

a.  The first idea would be in the most common type of Apocalyptic setting, Zombies!  More to come on this one as I sort things out but if you have anything in this arena that you would like to include, please do not hesitate to send it over

b.  The second idea is more in the biblical sense of the term Apocalypse. The anti-christ, King of the Demons, or anything other sort of title that one might like to use has come to earth with their hordes of demonic and nightmare creatures.  Just as one might expect, the combined human and furry population was not prepared for this and quickly were routed.  The world itself is now controlled by these forces, each part of the world having its own nightmarish brand of dominant species.  The war is lost and the remaining humans/furries have been scattered to wind...but do still try the best that they can to remain free.

The formerly grand cities are now run down and falling apart despite the demons inhabiting them.  Much of the world is a wasteland type of place with very few forests, lakes, and generally green areas surviving any longer.  When the nightmare creatures appeared, it also released magic into the world as many demonic types either use or feed off such forces.  However I do not wish there to be any master mages or super powerful wizards on the human/furry side.  Magic has just appeared within their world a decade ago and these species just would not have the understanding necessary to become such a thing.

The plot line itself here is fairly open, however I am looking for a few themes to be included.  The first and most important would be fighting back against the nightmare creatures for control of the planet.  Beyond that, the themes are more general.  Romance and/or strong bonds, multiple characters on both sides (optional), near death instances, are just a few to name.  Kink wise for the naughty bits are mostly open, but at some point pregnancy would be desired for some extra fun.

5. Pirate crew.  This can be set in a traditional pirate setting or a space pirate crew, the idea really works for either.  The main idea that I had was an all or almost all female/herm/shemale crew of a ship, the most feared ship of its type in the seas or galaxy.  The idea would center around a new member of the crew joining and how they would interact along the many missions, legal and illegal, on their way to an ultimate goal of some kind.  Ideally, I would love to play the new member but can also play the crew if needed.

6.  Guiding hand.  (Naruto Verse).  While upon a journey of some sort (Patrol, traveling between villages, or something else of your choice), a ninja comes across a child within a remote area. The child sits within a burnt out area, completely alone and apparently in some sort of catatonic state as the damage in the surrounding area seems to not be effecting him in the least.  However as the passing Ninja attempts to get his attention, the child ignores the prompts completely.  Being a ninja of virtue, they cannot leave him there unsupervised in such a place.  Little do they know the secrets and powers that he holds within...

I realize that this is slightly cliche in nature but honestly I do not care.  It is a starting point after all.  Ideally I would play the lost boy and you would play the Ninja that stumbled upon him.  What I have envisioned for this story is that there is a time that we play out while my character is still young, though that can be moved through in less detail if not desired.  As my character ages and his abilities become more prevalent, he would need a teacher.  Despite the Hokage trying to assign many other skilled ninja to him, he will only open up and train with you.

Fandom, Pairings, and Picture Inspiration Stories

For these ones, my desired role will be in bold if I have a preference.

G Gundam Pilot x Mechanic

OC x Teacher (OC or canon)
OC x Hinata

General Pairings
Anthro Beast x Tamer

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  • This is some personal text. There are many like it, but this one is mine!
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Re: The Kitten's general wants and desires! (M lf Any)
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2015, 09:37:22 AM »
Name change and a few more ideas added