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Author Topic: Ancient Artifact-F lf M-simple plot idea.  (Read 714 times)

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Offline VerasailleTopic starter

Ancient Artifact-F lf M-simple plot idea.
« on: September 25, 2015, 07:43:38 PM »

Natalya wore the spotted leopard veil, not only because it covered her face. It also hid her sensuous lips and her delicate nose. The rest of her covered in a long dark brown caftan. Even her hands covered in the thin leather gloves that hid her claws, and her feet encased in tall leather boots with soft soles. No one knew what she was, a Guardian who happened to be a shapeshifter. Currently in human form.

The people milling around in the Market square seemed oblivious to her, she was just one in the crowd of similarly clad figures. It made it easy for her to pass unnoticed and to seek out her prey. Natalya was  sent to find and kill him, the one who had stolen the Sacred Artifact. She knew only that he was a foreigner, a stranger to this land. He would not have dared to touch the Sacred Object if he had been born here. It was her duty as Guardian to seek the return of that which had been stolen.

She had followed the scent, left carelessly behind by the male who had been digging in the ruins of an Ancient Temple. He had escaped before she could capture him. Her sinuous leopard form slinking behind him until he made his getaway in some kind of roaring metal monster. But he had not gone far, the city beckoned her and led her to him by the distinctive scent. Natalya could not approach him in her natural form, she needed to fade into the crowd and stalk him.

It took her only a few hours to spot him, sitting alone at an outdoor cafe table, sipping the region's famous black coffee. She approached cautiously. At any moment he might see her and recognize his danger. The thin sacrificial dagger was hidden in her sleeve, ready to come to her fingers with a flick of her wrist. She had only to get close enough, to brush against him as if by accident, to plunge the dagger into his heart. Then to take back the artifact before it triggered. If allowed to manifest, the demon would kill them all.

The stranger had to die, for surely he would not understand the danger he posed to all, or did he? For it took a blood sacrifice to sate the demon, to keep it at bay until it could be safely stowed again in a secret place protected by Ancient powerful spells. Perhaps it was she who was walking into the trap? The artifact would whisper it's secrets to him, telling him to beware of the Guardian. Promising riches and power beyond his wildest dreams.


Intrigued? Even though I only recently saw this picture, the story is an intense one, needing a co writer with imagination and cunning. Willing to work with me to craft an epic tale. I ask that you PM me with your interest and a link to your O/O's. Please review mine and be ready to post at least several times a week.

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Re: Ancient Artifact-F lf M-simple plot idea.
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2015, 03:48:35 AM »
So many ways to play this. Let me hear your thoughts. I am willing to brainstorm to make it work.

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Re: Ancient Artifact-F lf M-simple plot idea.
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2015, 02:13:01 PM »
If you accept this rp, I would love to have this as your character pic.

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Re: Ancient Artifact-F lf M-simple plot idea.
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2015, 10:46:41 PM »
This idea can be molded to fit any kind of shapeshifter. I am not looking for smut with animals. The only smut that would happen would be with human forms. I see plenty of opportunity for seduction, chase, anticipation and passion.

We can play in my world of Tierra here:

Or an alternate history of Egypt.

Pm me with your ideas!

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Re: Ancient Artifact-F lf M-simple plot idea.
« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2015, 02:00:05 PM »
I have in mind to set this story in modern day Egypt. The time could be either now or possibly in the early 40's. Before the advent of cell phones and modern computers.

Let's make this a mystery! YC is an archaeologist, or an anthropologist, or even simply a tourist. He is exploring the ruins of a Temple in the desert and falls through a trapped door. Falling through a rough and dusty tunnel he ends up in a chamber far below the surface. In the pitch black of the chamber he hears something moving besides himself. Frantically he searches his pockets for a match or lighter, or a flashlight.

When he has light he is astounded to see an ornate altar. A bright golden torc lies on a velvet cushion. Beside it is a statue of a cat. Black and slick, it has glowing green eyes, which seem to follow him. The noise he heard was the slither and hissing of a venomous snake. He is perhaps frozen in fear when he hears the sibilant whisper. "This snake will not harm you. The torc is power. If you take it, you can control your fate. Take charge of your destiny, remake the world to what you desire. Riches and comfort await you, servants and minions to do your bidding. Go ahead, take it."

Will he take the torc and wear it? If he does, he will realize the power comes with a price. He will be forever cursed to fulfill the insatiable needs of the demon who offers it. He will have slaves and an army of hellish minions. He will be forced to kill and conquer the world he is suddenly tossed into. Not the world he came from, but an underground world of wonders. The walls around him fall and he is suddenly surrounded by his servants.

Oh, did I mention the Guardian? The black cat statue is the Guardian put there by Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess. As soon as he grabs the artifact she will come alive and attack him. She leaps at him from the altar to retrieve the artifact.

But his minions block the attack and he is able to escape. Running into the huge underground city, he takes refuge in the Palace and is hailed as the new King. The cat is forced to fight for her life. She cannot stop him now, but she will continue to hunt him and try to retrieve the torc.

Of course she is not alone. Other devout servants of Bastet will help her. The entire rp will be the story of the chase and YC's efforts to either go along with the demon and do his bidding or maybe he is fighting against it and trying to rid himself of the torc. Maybe he is torn in different directions? Is he a good man deep down and wants to do the right thing? His minions bring him slaves they have stolen from the world above. What will he do if they suddenly bring him members of his family or friends who have been searching for him?

So much we could do with this. I want someone with lots of creativity and a willingness to keep the story interesting. Send me a PM with your ideas!