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Author Topic: This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time [M LF F]  (Read 821 times)

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This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time [M LF F]
« on: September 18, 2015, 08:01:19 PM »
Hey there. I'm Ataraxes and it's a pleasure to meet you. Here are some arbitrary things about me:

- I sometimes spontaneously break out in song and dance. Given the medium of our relationship, I doubt this will become an issue.
- There is a painting of a man in a lighthouse waited to be consumed by a huge tidal wave above my fireplace, which is where I looked to think of something to write a moment ago.
- Birds live in my chimney part of the year; I have named them Hunin, Munin and Honk-honk the Unknown.
- I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are sometimes quite surprising.
- Found out "gruntled" has been recognized as a word since the 30's yesterday. Feeling pretty good about that.

In a change of pace, here are arbitrary things that have to do with my RP habits:

- I work ~60 hours a week and due to this I may drop out of sight for up to two weeks at a time. I don't hate you, and I do value you. I will sketch out for you what happens over the course of that time: I work from eight AM to eight PM for five days in a row, then I manage to hang out with some friends on Saturday, then I spend Sunday sleeping off the preceding six days in a general sense of exhaustion. Then it's Monday, and I work eight to eight until Friday.
- Occasionally things will slack at work and I will post frequently. Again, I really value my career and my friends, and while I value you, too, I must keep my eye on the ball + all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
- Sometimes I will post two paragraphs. Sometimes I will post 10+. It's quite inconsistent.
- Love ensemble casts.
- While smut is fun, what draws me to Elliquiy is the writers who I can learn from and hone my skill with and create memorable stories with.
- I'm typically unenthused by slice of life and drama. Particularly straight drama. I just don't have it in me to write characters who are always in the throws of some tedious melodramatic tide that only serves to cheapen their struggle.
- I'm typically enthused by contemporary settings infused with the fictional (urban fantasy, psychics, mutants, superheroes/villains, poor cursed bastards) and future (from fifteen minutes into the future for one specific gimmick to cyberpunk to space opera (okay then, fine, bring on the drama IN SPACE) to whatever, really, blow my mind.
- While not down for historical RPs, generally down for alternate/medieval/fantasy/fuckitwhatever settings/technology levels.
- Only into MxF, only play M.
- You rock!


Another Day in Wonderland
absurd dictatorial regime; fuck the status quo; sweet mutant powers

Our characters have a problem.

They have mutant powers.

Unfortunately, the dictator has made it clear that all mutants are traitors.

While our characters may not be seditious puppets of an alien threat (that may or may not exist), they are persecuted as them. So what to do?

Topple the regime and instute a rational system?

Exploits their powers for fun and profit?


The Princess
space, the final frontier; bildungsroman

Your character is a the princess of an outback world, with its own rich histories and traditions. One of them is the Journey, in which a young person leaves home for an unspecified period of time to have own personal adventure and find themselves.

Given that your character is from the kind of wealth that an entire planet generates her Journey is a bit more expansive in scope. She's been sent off planet to learn the galaxy.

I see this as a story I would more-or-less GM. You would play the princess, there would be short adventure arcs (YC buys a bridge, YC becomes enthralled in a cult, YC is captured by pirates, etc., etc.). I'm envisioning something episodic in nature.

Sibling Rivalry
seething anger; taboo; tables turned (and turned and turned and turned); exploring a negative, violent relationship; scheming

Our characters are brother and sister. They have hated each other for as long as either can remember, and are equally at fault for harassing each other. They are both the bad guys.

After one incident (sister pushed brother down stairwell and broke brother's arm) their parents shipped them off to separate boarding schools, so they actually haven't seen each other very much in the last few years. When they do they still go at it they typically don't resort to physical violence anymore.

In a bid to humiliate the other, one purchases a rare venom off of the internet that acts as a potent aphrodisiac and disinhibitor. The stakes escalate after one successfully poisons the other and then the tables are turned in an increasingly humiliating succession of events.

Dissolution of Self
ghosts ghosting ghost things!

Unfortunately, YC has died. Even less fortunately, now she's a ghost waiting for something...

Naw, fuck that.

Stories aren't about boring people who hang out on the ghost couch. She's gonna go out and do some shit!

- attempts to find her killer
- reach out to her former lover
- haunt the family member who betrayed her
- slowly go insane under the pressures of nonexistence
- avoid supernatural predators intent on eating ghosts
- becomes trapped by an evil warlock looking for his own incorporeal play thing

As you can tell we would need to build out a bit more of a framework or see where situational improvisation takes us.

Infernal Panacaea
more in sadness than anger; second chances; demonness on a mission; what is moral authority?

Not even twenty-five and dying of cancer. Leukemia blossoming tumors across his brain, in his marrow, clustered inside of his liver until he was skin wrapped around bones. Even his vomit was pathetic, dribbling.

Abel had prayed and done what his doctor told him and did good things so he would deserve some manner of intervention and he read the Secret and used positive visualizations and went to those support groups with all the other walking corpses wailing.

Then, one day, after his legs had given out on him and he had ended up in the hospital (again) he stared at the ceiling. He counted the dots in the tiles as he had so many times before but the numbers didn't add up. It wasn't 1332, it was 666.

On a whim, he whispered his need, and his offer, and stared into the tile.

When he woke up he was whole again, in his bed at home, with a demon at the foot of his bed who was laying down the law: he continued to live at her whim, he would do as she said and he would do it right.

Abel worked for Hell now.

Your character would, of course, need her own motivation. They could be...

- spreading corruption and turmoil through the land
- redeeming herself in the eyes of god
- executing a long planned scheme to take down a rival demon/angel
- reuniting with a long lost lover
- turning John into the perfect assistant/servant

Tell me what you think her motivation would be.

She Knows
blackmail; powers; flashy public crimes

For a long time, the superhero Mr. Wonderful lived on the street. One day he got his superpowers, while still homeless, and in the time it took him to adjust and learn to control them something happened.

In the middle of winter his sleeping bag was stolen. With no good place to rest he walked through the rain for three days and nights with no sleep and no refuge. Finally, he wandered into an error where he found another homeless man and who was, specifically, sleeping in his bag.

He snapped.

Your character is a villainness who has some how gotten hold of this information. There are many different methods and reasons. Perhaps she pieced together the information from a police report about a blackened corpse, she got hold of a witness, the thief was her father/brother/childhood friend, she used her EVIL POWERS to dredge up the secret. Possibilities are endless.

Now YC has blackmail on a powerful vigilante.

She could use it to bend him to her will, intimidate and terrify him (anonymous e-mails, letters without a mailing address left at his home, telepathically forcing him to relive the moment). Imagine what you could do with a superhero at your side? What if you could force someone to don a different mask and be your sidekick?

shameless rip off; smut

Not going to pretend the two below options are not cribbing off of American Horror Story.

The Investigative Journalist

Your character has heard rumors of impropriety at an exclusive mental hospital. She has herself admitted per her investigation only to find herself in quite over her head. Her intent is quickly ferreted out by a staff member who finds her with notes or planting a recording device, following that she is declared mentally incompetent and given to the custody of the institution.

This would revolve around cruel, humiliating treatment at the hands of the staff. There is wide spread patient abuse typically involving bondage or sexual depredation.

The Heiress

Your character's parents recently died. Their vast fortune is to be split between you and your brother. He has your character drugged and dropped off at the asylum where she will be broken, with much the same delicious humiliation as above.

Many Worlds

Your character is sitting on her computer one evening, when an annoying pop-up appears on her screen. The pop-up is congratulating her for winning a one-way trip on an Interstellar Safari. There's no way to close the window so she clicks the bright green LET'S GO button only to find herself on another world.

A clock appears on the inside of her wrist, counting down. When it reaches zero she'll go on to the next place.

We could go many directions with this: attempting to understand what is happening to her, going on adventures, collecting items from place to place. She could also have been abducted to provide entertainment of a salacious nature. If you're into alien beings, monstrous creatures--could be for you.

Beauty Cream

Your character has become involved in the clinical trials of a radical new beauty product. The cream physically alters the body of the user, and the more that is used the stronger the change. This change extends from the physical and to the mental, degrading the user's willpower and perhaps intelligence. I leave that to your discretion. It could also, as a side effect, increase libido or even change sexual orientation. Again, up to you.


Your character is an interstellar explorer. She is sent to asteroids, planets, abandoned/alien stations to catalog information about what she finds. However, there is an ulterior motive behind her assignments: to collect biological samples of lifeforms. The best and most complete samples tend to be collected from their reproductive organs (i.e. sperm, eggs) that will allow clones to be created in a safe environment.

She wears a suit when she's visiting these new sites that has a panoply of effects. It enhances her strength, endurance and senses while at the same time giving her subliminal suggestions and guiding her to complete her obfuscated objective. It can also change her form to adapt her to a new environment, should the situation be called for. The longer she wears the suit the closer to grows to becoming a bimbo and the more pronounced these transformative effects become.

We could also play it without any physical transformation and have the effects be purely mental, or play it as an explorer/biologist with unique specimen collection techniques.


Your character is a serving wench working for a mad sorcerer. He has come to her intention for spilling wine across his slippers or some other similarly trivial accident. For her sin she is cursed to become increasingly lissome while also becoming increasingly noticed by men and other masculine creatures. We could throw in some other effect, such as continually shrinking her, making her addicted to cum, very open to suggestion.


YC has been chosen as an apprentice to a powerful warlock, for a variety of reasons: her intelligence, her drive, her looks, her talent, luck. This is flexible.

The warlock views her as more of an expendable resource than a protege, for the time being at least. He has this terrible habit of sending her out on adventures to deal with or capture terrible monsters, or worse yet to distract and terminate heroes.

With each little adventure your character will be given a trinket, spell or enchantment that will alter her to make her more well suited to this. This could lead down the path of bimbofication (surprise surprise), or we could go in a different direction.


Just assume they're NSFW and you'll almost certainly be correct.

Greenskin Savage
The Angel Milker
This is why you never leave a lady alone with goblins
"Doesn't protocol dictate against grouping the specimens like this? Something about the female human..."
If you know that you built your college on a monster infested cave network, don't let the biology class take field trips
... no matter how much the grad students beg you
And the theater majors? WHAT KIND OF COLLEGE IS THIS?
Um, what kind of phys ed class is this?
That marriage must work on some level
Crime and punishment
Ape kings are not what you would call "progressive"
The logical conclusion of a successful siege against a walled city with a proud lineage of female warriors
Lizard men have a unique method of welcoming guests to their lands
Deliciously humiliating
Breeding farm
Artisanal dairy
Magical experiments have been known to get a little tetchy with the "abomination" word
The toll can be paid in a variety of ways
Lurk and learn
It can be so hard to keep human form
Telepathic humiliation games, go!
The containment strategy
Backroom sauna succubus
World's most flexible gymnast
A proper facade
There is a traditional greeting among the post apocalyptic futa gangs
Oink oink oink!
The greenskin justice system
When pokemon turn the tables
Live bait
In a world where the land can no longer support cattle...
Bimbo fashion
The lube dispenser

Send me a PM, tell me what you think.
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Re: New [M LF F]
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2015, 02:07:07 AM »
Daylight Savings bump.

Added new plots as well.

Aaaaaand picture plots.
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Re: Dark vs Light; You vs Me; Eros vs Thanos [M LF F]
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2015, 11:19:36 PM »
Added three new plots.

Definitely craving RP.

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Re: Dark vs Light; You vs Me; Eros vs Thanos [M LF F]
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2015, 09:19:24 PM »
Revised, fleshed out introductory text, added Another Day in Wonderland.