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August 11, 2022, 09:23:33 am

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Author Topic: Come play with me? krystal's request thread (F seeking M for MxF and MxM)  (Read 1119 times)

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Hello everyone!
 If your reading this, that means you have stumbled upon my wonderous fandom and fantasy filled request thread! Horray you!

 Well, now that that's settled, a few things you should know:
 1. I love fandom roleplay. it one of my greatest passions.
 2. My biggest kink is pregnancy.
 3. I love romance role play with lots of action.
 4. If i talk to you out of character, you'll find i sound a lot different.
 5. * and red lettering mean I really want to do this, and will always say yes to this pairing.
 6: I do now have an F-List! Its in my signature. Go look at it!

 Fandom role play wants and likes:
 *All Characters would be over 18!
 * I will probably add more fandoms as I think of them!

 NEW! Dark Hunters:
 Kyrien x Amanda
 Talon x Sunshine
 OC Female hunter x male human (Craving! I have a plot for this, so just ask!)

 Criminal minds
 Spencer Reid x my oc (Craving! I have a plot for this, and I would love you forever!)
 Hotch x JJ
 Garcia x Morgan

 Inu Yasha:
 Sessomaru X Kagome
 Sessomaru X OC (craving! gets you major brownie points!)

 Sasame X Himeno
 Sasame X Takako
 Sasame X OC
 Hayate X Himeno
 Hayate X OC

 Sailor moon:
 Serena x Darien
 Venus x Malichite
 Mars x Jedite
 Mercury x Zoicite (yes, in the manga she's a he!)
 Jupiter x Nephrite
 Extra pairings i'd love to do also:
 Nephrite x Molly
 Rini x Helios
 Helios x my oc (Craving!!! i'd also love you forever!!)
 Wicked/ Black Lady x Prince Diamond (Craving!)

 Piper X Leo
 Leo X OC
 Pheobe X Cole
 Cole X OC

 The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest: (this gives you HUGE brownie points with me if you choose it.)
 Johnny X Jessie
 Johnny X OC (i would love you forever!!)

 Yami/Atem x Yugi
 Yami/Atem x OC
 Seto x Joey
 Seto x OC

 Hey Arnold:
 Arnold x Helga
 Arnold x OC

 Harry potter:
 Harry x OC
 Draco x OC
 Draco x Harry (craving!)

 Phineus and Ferb:
 Ferb x Isabella
 Phineus x Isabella

 Code Lyoko:
 Yumi x Ulrick
 Ailita x Jeremy
 Ulrick x OC

 Final fantasy:
 Sephiroth x Cloud
 Cloud x Tifa
 Cloud x Aerith
 Marlene x Denzel

 YuYu Hakusho:
 Yusuke x Keiko
 Yusuke x Boton
 Yusuke x Kurama
 Kurama x Hiei

 Lord of the Rings:
 Arwen x Aragorn
 Aragorn x Eowyn
 Frodo x Sam
 Aragorn x Borimeir
 Aragorn x OC
 Legolas x Aragorn
 Legolas x OC (craving!)

 Kingdom Hearts:
 Riku x OC
 Sora x Kairi
 Sora x Riku
 Zexion x Demyx
 Axel x Roxas
 Xemnas x Saix
 Zexion x OC (Craving! it would earn you SUPER MAJOR brownie points!)

 Tithe:A modern fairy tale:
 Roiben x Kaye
 Roiben x OC (craving!)

 Wicked Lovely series:
 Ashlyn x Seth
 Seth x OC
 Irial x OC (craving!)

 Vampire Academy series:
 Dmitri x Rose
 Dmitri x OC (craving!)

 Teen Titans:
Robin (Jason Todd specifically) x Raven (Craving! I just started one with another rper, (he's awsome, i love him!) And now I want more! I'll love you forever!)
 Robin x Starfire
 Raven x Beast boy
Nightwing X OC (really really craving! Please do this for me! I'll love you forever, and bake you cookies!)

 The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy:
 Mandy x Grim (craving!, she would be 22)

 Ben x Gwen
 Gwen x Oc
 Gwen x Kevin

 Dragon Ball Z:
 Goku X Chichi
 Goku X Oc
 Yamcha X Oc
 Vegeta X Oc (I have an idea for this, but it requires knowlege of sailor moon)
 Radditz X Oc

 Avatar: The last Airbender
 Aang x Katara
 Aang x Oc
 Sokka x Suki
 Sokka x Azula
 Zuko X Oc

 Legend of Korra: Please stop asking for this. I've had enough at the moment.
 Korra x Amon/Noatak
 Korra x Mako
 Korra x Oc

 Sweeney Todd:
 Sweeney x Lucy
 Sweeney X Mrs. Lovett
 Sweeney x OC

 Mick St John X OC
 Mick St John X Beth

 Marvel Universe: Note: Based on movies, not comics
 Thor X Oc
 Loki x Oc
 Thor x Loki
Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x OC********* (CRAVING!!!! If you do this for me, I swear I will bake you cookies!)
Winter soldier x Steve Rogers (Craving! Who doesn't love some good stucky?!?!)
 Steve Rogers x OC
 Steve rogers x Tony Stark
 Tony Stark x OC
 Tony x Loki
 Clint Barton X Natasha Romanoff or OC (I don't claim to play a good black widow, but I do love her character. She's badass!)
 Clint x Jarvis (thanks to moon and lady's wonderful tip of my icing!)
 Jarvis x an A.I. Pepper Potts (once again, moon and lady!)
 Ice man (Bobby) x Kitty
 Ice man (Bobby) x OC
 Rouge X Wolverine
 Young Xavier x OC or Mystique
 Mystique x Magneto (Eric)

 NEW! Runaways:
 Based on comics. note: have only read compilation volumes 1-3.
 cannon or OC pairings accepted for runaways.

 NEW! Xmen: Xforce (reboot) Comic: CRAVING!!!!!!!
 All pairings accepted. Angel or wolverine preferred.

 Vampire Kisses:
 Alexander x Oc
 Claude x Oc

 Xioalin Showdown:
 Jack x Kimiko
 Jack x OC
 Raimundo x Kimiko
 Raimundo x Wuyah
 Raimundo x OC
 Dojo x Good Wuyah
 Omi x Anyone

 Star Trek: (TOS TNG and all movies)
 (New) Kirk X (New) Spock
 (New) Kirk x OC
 (New) Spock x OC
 Picard X Riker
 Picard X Dr. Crusher
 Riker x Troi

 Anne rice's vampire chronicles:
 Currently craving this! I just watched the movie, though it been awhile since I read the books, I have read them. May favorite is queen of the damned Smile
 Lestat x OC
 Lestat x Jessie

 Political Animals: This is a big craving for me right now!!!! If you say yes to this, I love you!
 TJ x Sean
TJ X OC (I can play either role, but lately, I prefer not playing TJ. My idea for my oc x TJ is an AU.)
 Doug x Annie
Doug x OC******* (really craving this, and I have 2 ideas for it, just ask.)
 Doug x TJ (twincest!)

 Bruce Wayne/Batman x Catwoman
 Bruce Wayne/Batman x OC
Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing x OC***********
 Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood x OC*************
Roy Harper x OC

 Scooby-Doo :
 Shaggy x Velma
 Fred x Daphne
**************Shaggy x OC (have a plot for this. Really craving!)
 Anthro scooby x OC or Velma (I have a plot bunny for this)

 The night circus:
 Celia x Marco
 Poppet x Bailey
 Marco X OC
 OC x OC

 Some non fandom ideas:
 Angel X Demon (I have a plot for this! just ask me about it!)
 Vampire X Hunter
 Vampire X Human (I also have a plot for this one!)
 Vampire X Vampire
 Vampire x Demon
 Succubus X Incubus
 Succubus X Human
Dark Fae queen X Human********** (Craving! I have plots for all 3 of these!)
 Dark fae queen X Vampire*********(Craving most!)
 Dark fae queen X Changeling*********

 Ones I can play:
Chris Evans
 Robert Downey Jr
 Sebastian Stan
 Steven Straitt
 My OC celebrity Krystal Kobayashi
 Scarlett Johannsen
 Kat Dennings
 Kaley Koucoa
 Anne Hathaway
 Jennifer love hewitt
 Jennifer Laurence
 Kristen Vaugness

 Celebrities I'd like you to play:
Jeremy Renner***********************
 Sebastian Stan*********************
 Indio Downey************************
 Chris Evans**************************
 Chris Hemsworth (bonus points if he comes home wearing the Thor costume)****************
 Andy Beirsack (war paint optional, bonus points if you know who he is w/o Google)**********************

 Taylor Launtner (post twilight please)
 Johnny galecki (perferably played taller than my character.)
 Matthew Grey Gublar
 Thomas Gibson
 Shemar Moore
 Joe mantegna

Well, I think that's about it for now, but if your interested, feel free to hit me up!
 So long from the blue moon senshi!