Story Ideas and Insperational Pics (M for F)

Started by IrishWolf, September 09, 2015, 03:46:36 PM

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The Demigod
So, Greco-Roman style fantasy world. Small city-states, togas, hoplites, a time of heroes, nymphs, monsters, elves, ect ect ect and gods. And the gods aren’t just hanging out on top of a mountain, answering prayers, their popping down and taking mortal lovers, which sometimes produces more monsters and sometimes makes heroes.  And it’s a hero or at least someone trying to be a hero, the story shall focus on.

The son of a god but not the god you would think of, for fathering a hero. Not the king of the gods, not the god of war or some other major deity but the god of wine and wild sex. Now, he is a demigod, so he’s stronger and heartier than mortal men but he’s true strengths lie in his ability to drink and his prowess as a lover. In fact, due to his heritage, he tends to just drive women near him to a state of powerful lustful desires. In fact, because of this aroura, he can’t live in a village, town or city. He’s tried before and each time he’s driven out by angry fathers and husbands.

Instead, he wanders the land, being a hero, fighting monsters and joining the small wars that break out (and being visited by princesses and queens, driven by lust and a desire to reward a hero) or inciting drunken orgies.

I’m not sure about characters. They could either be a rotating lineup of local girls, our hero encounters or they could be a band that follow him around, maybe a mixture of both

From Ink to Flesh
One of my few modern day ideas. The main male lead, my character, is an artist. He draws a few webcomics and they do well but to pay the bills and have money to spar, he also draws porn, either commissions or he has a few smutty storylines of his own. Like many other artists, he goes to conventions, sells his art, take commissions and meet the fans. Well at one such convention, he’s given a gift from a “fan”. Its a set of pencils and pens and unknown to him, enchanted to bring whatever he draws to life.

If he just sketches with the pencils, how or whatever he draws, will leap from the page for several hours. If he takes time to ink and color, they’ll be in the real world for a few days. If its a character from his own stories, they’ll have all the memories of their life, up to the last comic drawn about them and they’ll know who and what he is.

Will they be grateful for the life he has them live or displeased over the situations he puts them in? Of course, he can always charge them but altering the reference sheets for each character....

Moral Officers
Sci-fi setting, mankind has spread out to the stars, multi-star system governments, space pirates and aliens. Life in the Navy, has always been a challenge for the men and women of the fleet. Not only are you expected to charge into battle but your always trapped for long periods of time, inside a confined space, with a bunch of other people, you're not allowed to have relationships with, according to naval regulations. This can be very taxing for a crew, especially on long patrols, when the ship doesn’t make port for months at a time, to vent those urges and desires. In fact, the Navy has a long and scandalous history of affairs between officers, enlisted and officers with enlisted. In fact, its gotten so bad, that the naval board has been meeting over either changing regulations (which would bad for discipline) or finding some other solution.

And its an interesting solution, they’ve decided to test aboard a frigate, heading out for one of those long patrols. A new addition to the crew. Along with the engineers, weapons crews, ect, there will be a new department, with no command authority. They are being called Moral Officers and officially, they have many duties but in truth, they are there simply to be a release of sexual needs, for the crew.

How this will all turn out, remains to be seen. Will the sailors keep good order? Can the captain keep from turning the new crew into his own personal harem? What happens if they run into a fight?

The Farm Hand

Sci-fi setting, out on the frontier of human expansion, a new colony has been set up, however the recruitment drive wasn’t as successful as it should have been. There is a shortage of labor in the new colony and its worse among those who joined to grow food for the colonists, to make sure the colony can support itself, should the supply runs be delayed. In order to make up for this short coming, the mining company behind the charter, has taken a unethical and possibly illegal step. Contracted with a bio-company on a so-called “free” planet, they have bought a shipment of Geno-morphes, to be handed out to the human settlers, who need unskilled workers or who can easily teach what skills they need, to unskilled labor.

Pics that tickle my fancy, NSFW

I dont have any solid storylines for this but I love to plot