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This is a collection of story ideas that once again have something in common, this time the common ideas and themes deal with Memory and the Past. Not always the deepest exploration of those themes but those themes are always there.

Ladies, the Vintage collection. :P

A Quiet Evening

Content - NC

In 1950's Chicago, a dark secret is hiding. In a time where sexuality is a forbidden taboo, he was out there. Spoken of in whispers only as 'The Green Man', a man in usually green workman clothes is tricking his way into the homes of women and - if he likes what he sees and if she's home alone - he'll restrain her and sexually use her to his own perverse satisfaction.

It's unknown how many victims he's taken, women aren't supposed to talk about sex even when they've been raped - and he's not about to stop any time soon.

The Golden Age

Content - Light to Bon, Impreg

A demi-god from classic antiquity, an ageless son of the wild god Pan, has been wandering forward through the ages hoping to somehow rebirth the Sons of Pan from the Daughters of Eve. Making it to the 1970's, and witnessing the Golden Age of Pornography, he gets an idea the scope of which would make his brothers proud.

Passing as a mortal male porn star in just as the genre really begins taking off, he hopes to create some surprises of his own.

[Can also be done with an alien invader instead of a mythological creature.]

Time Perv

Nobody can say exactly why it happens. Sometimes it's a side effect of time ripples and travelers trying to interfere with history, other times it just sort of happens. Sometimes the threads of history just sort of unravel on their own.

Either way, in the future agents have been hired to maintain history. When it changes, they go back and change things back - maybe even make small improvements.

He's one of the best agents they've ever had, except for this one little personality flaw - he can't seem to keep it in his pants even when he's in the past...
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