Adv. Lit. Role-player for females (Craving someone with Philosophical erudition)

Started by Wander7654, September 07, 2015, 05:29:24 AM

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First of all, greetings to everyone. I personally prefer Detailed  Role-plays which are at least 250 words long. I love literary connotations, prose, poetry (I would love if you could add verses depending on context because I do the same), sexual metaphors and description of what the character is feeling more than what she is doing. There is no limit for me with respect to post size. I can give as much as you give me.

Now, the question arises, Smut or Plot? I say both. But Smut needs to be accompanied with plot and buildup. I will not do any smut unless we have built up to the moment with a good plot. I am listing out a few ideas I have with me.

I will only role-play through either PMs, or Threads.   As for writing details, I am flexible with perspectives. I can write in first person, second person, and third person depending upon what my partner is comfortable with.

For the sexual parts, I am switch, I am very dominating and equally submissive and a switch partner though preferable is not a limiting factor. I would be glad to be only dominant for someone who prefers being only submissive and only submissive for someone who enjoys dominating. Warning: I have a real life and I work as well.

I believe in Quality over Quantity. [/u] Good posts require a lot of thought, time, and effort and therefore, I request you to be patient when it comes to replies. I am very dedicated to my role-plays and shall most definitely give you one post in a week. On my free days you can expect more replies depending on the number of leisurely hours at my disposal. I am very patient with my partners when it comes to replies and I expect the same from them.

As for roles, I seek very realistic roles where two people are in real situations and circumstances. I do not enjoy fantasy or action. Role-play, for me, is a means of understanding another person, like really knowing the person I write with and conversing, getting to know them and like them in the process, just like in real life. Thus, my role-plays may no always end up in sex. Sex depends on situation, scenario, and whether i like the person i role-play with within the role-play or not. Furthermore, I enjoy conversations rooted in thought, dialectic, and discussion within role-play. Any real life scenario is all right with me. It could be friends, neighbors, teacher-student, strangers, rivals, etcetera. Thank you for taking interest in my post and reading it. If you would be interested in writing with me, I would implore you to PM me.