1920s/30s Batman [Steampunk-ish] (M for F)

Started by Endless, September 06, 2015, 05:17:39 PM

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Hey all!

I've been out of the RP game for quite some time now and I'm just looking to ease myself back into it slowly with a couple of small-scale RPs.

For now I just wanted to post up this one small idea (to be refined in conversation) to see whether there's any takers. Information is a bit sparse but I'll edit this some more later once I have some more time to flesh other aspects of the idea out!

The very basic premise is pretty much the title really. Just imagine the Batman Universe but during the interwar period. It's a really interesting time of history and would be great fun to try out with someone who is similarly interested in either this period or the Batman mythos (or both)!

I'm leaning towards playing the Batman/Bruce Wayne character myself but have no qualms about which person you would like to play in the story. Preferably one of the female characters just to keep things interesting but I don't have too many qualms about anything really. Just say hi and we'll see where we go from there :)

As I say, I'll edit this with some more information when it's not an ungodly time but I just wanted to put the idea out there for now for those who want to really craft something unique with a barebones idea.