What if Pygmalion was a Mad Scientist?(M/GM or f/DM)

Started by zerowingR, September 06, 2015, 05:14:20 PM

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Hiya E long time no see, here with another attempt at finding GM as crazy as myself. Looking to play a Mad Scientist specifically a Promethean  Alchemist(from Pathfinder). For preferred setting anywhere  that can handle said concept is my favorite ,but if are looking for something a bit more discerning I Adore with all my clockwork heart Gothic horror. Give me stormy nights with mysterious strangers in every dark corner,with mysterious conspiracies and creepy ghoulish nasties around every bend and I'll cackle from the rooftops with nigh-endless glee.

Well at least until my faithful creations knock me out and put me to bed of course. Speaking of which there are a couple of themes I'd like to explore but mostly I like to just explore. Give me mystery and I'll explore it to my heart's content.  But on the other hand I'd like to look at what your setting thinks a soul is,what is the nature of life,why does magic work like it does and how many upgrades can I fit into Galatea(name up for changing). Oh and I guess a bit about what it means to slowly grow beyond what one was, this one would be primarily on your end.

To be more specific the Construct partner starts off fairly human,in fact with a bit of a deficit in it's ability to interact with humanity. I'm kinda curious to see how you the GM handle when she slowly outstrips that and beyond?

Thanks for reading! Please Message if interested!

PS: Also I'm willing to switch up details,I tried to keep the details on the light side so the concept could be customized towards wherever we put it.  I'm not even married to the idea of using a system so long as there is a sense of growth and development in the characters.