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December 04, 2020, 01:35:37 AM

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Author Topic: Come Fly the Friendly Skies! ~ Chapter One: "Blondes Have More Fun" {Seeking M or F long term}  (Read 857 times)

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Offline beautifulexhaleTopic starter

~From the desk of Stephen McMiller. November 24th, 2015~

"Is this thing on? Okay good. I figured they might have changed the password on me by now. Anyway ... My name is ... Stacy "Sky Blu" Chandler. I'm a stewardess for Rarefied Air. Hang on, let me adjust this webcam so you can get a better look at me..."

"There. Can you see me now? Good. I didn't always look like this. I once was Stephen McMiller, and I used to own Rarefied Air. It was my airline I started before I turned thirty. I used to be something of a hot shot pilot back in the day too. I enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, like the empowering fit of an expensive Armani suit, say, or the sensation of a summer day's breeze buzzing through my short, tussled black hair as I drove my fire-engine red convertible just slightly-too-fast around the streets of Chicago."

"That's all changed now. You see my ego got a bit too large, and when you're at the top of the food chain it doesn't matter if you are married or not you want to sample a bit of everything. And boy did I ever! It didn't matter if it was in the cockpit, the hotel, the hotel lobby bathroom -- or sometimes just for kicks -- a stewardess and I would go at it in the cramped space of the plane's bathroom."

"Yes, I was deplorable. I won't argue that now. My wife Gretchen thought so too. She didn't take well to my womanizing ways. Not one bit. I can't say I blame here either. Little did I know that she'd been keeping tabs on every little discretion that I made. What's that old saying about a woman scorned?"

"Her and her plastic surgeon fiancé helped turn me into the buxom and curvy blonde you see before you. I used to take pride in my masculinity, but now I'm one of the most ultra-feminine women on the staff. She took everything too -- my cars, my house, all my clothes -- you name it. I'm now stuck in a little townhouse. My walk-in closet is stuffed full with high heels, purses, and the most feminine outfits on the planet -- and that's not including all the lingerie! In the driveway is the hot pink convertible she left me with the vanity plate 'Blondie.'

"That's not even the worst part either. The worst part is the uniforms -- here -- take a look."

"I'm really kicking myself for deciding on those for my airline. I'm also kicking myself that I thought it was a good idea that each stewardess should have a nickname in place of their real name on their name badge. Hence why I go by 'Sky Blu'."

"It's humiliating being forced into a subservient role of my own airline! To make matters worse I just found out today that all the Rarefied Air girls are going to be doing a calendar shoot next month for charity. I don't think I can subject myself to that, so please, if you're watching this, can you help me??"

I hope you had fun reading this. If it piqued your interest at all, let's chat, talk interests, kinks, etc and work on building up the story a bit. I'm looking for serious writers who enjoy long form stories. The more immersive the better. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Offline beautifulexhaleTopic starter

Monthly bump! Edited this a bit and reworked some of it. Still looking for partners, if you messaged me before I'm still interested in working on this. Let's talk story beats first!

Offline beautifulexhaleTopic starter